Friday 23 July 2010

Worcester Boilers

Worcester has created a wide range of boilers so that there is one for every home if you are looking to upgrade your current boiler. They offer 3 main types of boiler which are Combi, Regular or System. They all have their benefits and some will be more suited to your home than others.


The combi boilers are the most common and the easiest to use because the heating and the water can be controlled via the boiler which will save on energy and keep the bills low! No separate water cylinder is needed in the house and therefore will be a great space saver. With the combi boiler being so simple the installation is easier and will again save money by installation being quick and easy.

If a household is using a combi boiler then they have the potential to runWorcester CDi more than one to control different areas of the house (e.g. upstairs and downstairs boilers) so that the performance is improved by allowing more hot water around the household and greater control of the temperatures, also in case one boiler breaks down the other can take over.

Worcester’s combi boilers are all high efficiency boilers and are officially grade A rated by SEDBUK and have an efficiency of 90.4% maximum. The combi boilers on offer are all available in natural gas and LPG versions and come in a range of sizes so that you can choose the one that is perfect for your home. One of the most powerful combi boilers that Worcester offers is the Greenstar 42CDi which provides a maximum heat output of 30kW to the central heating and also has a ‘keep hot’ facility which allows for instantly hot water throughout the household.

Worcester CDiThe Greenstar Highflow 550CDi is an equally powerful combi boiler but is unique in the fact that is a floor mounted boiler so that you can easily slide it into place using the wheels and also keeps installations costs down by not having to buy wall fixing plates or any extra piping. Worcester have made their boilers flexible when they are being sited so that you can really choose where you want it! Combi boilers account for over half of the UK’s boilers and are still growing in popularity, Worcester’s boilers can be purchased at low prices from Fireplace Megastore.

Regular & System

Regular and system boilers are very similar in the way that they control the heating and the water temperature. They both provide heat for the central heating of the household and they also produce hot water to be stored in a cylinder unlike the combi boilers which supply hot water directly to the taps in the house.

With the regular and system boilers Worcester has made each product capable of working with Greenskies solar heating panels which makes it better for the environment and will also keep heating bills low.

Worcester CDi RegularThe advantages of a system boiler over a regular boiler are that a system boiler already has the majority of components built in which will save on installation time and costs. A system boiler also pumps the hot water through the system to the radiators and to the cylinder which results in a faster response and more economical running costs.

Some of the best regular and system boilers available from Worcester are the Greenstar FS 30CDi Regular which has an efficiency of 90.5%, the highest natural gas efficiency from Worcester. Another good boiler is the Greenstar 24i System because of its compact design it provides more flexibility when being cited as well as having a high efficiency and maximum heat output.

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