Friday 23 July 2010

Creda Panel Heaters

Creda’s range of panel heaters is made for all types of homes and for many different purposes so that there is one heater for everyone. Creda are a reliable and trusted manufacturer that only builds quality items so you know that there panel heaters are going to do the job!

Creda SensairOne of the best panel heaters that Creda offers is the 3400WCreda Sensair Automatic Storage Fan Heater which has a high quality design and all of the latest features. Fully automatic heater which means there is no need for user input, rapid warm up by using the boost setting and the two quiet fans. The storage heater also has excellent insulation which improves the overall performance of the heater.

Creda TPRIIIThe Creda TPRIII MT7 Mechanical Panel Heater incorporates a 7 day timer so that it can be customized to how you want it. The heater also produces a heat output of 2000W and is designed to be suitable for domestic or commercial use. Convected heat is used to make sure that the heater will rapidly warm a room.

Creda SupaslimCreda TSR Supaslim Combi Storage Heater combines a high quality stylish design a with a very practical storage heater. Fully automatic usage and will monitor the rooms temperature and will adjust its heat output without intervention. Maximum heat output of 3400W via a quiet low velocity warmflow fan.

Overall if you are looking for a powerful heater for any purpose or location then it is strongly advised to look at Creda because of their reliability and overall range of products that are available to purchase.

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