Thursday 29 July 2010

Apex Clarkdale Power Flue Gas Fire with Draft Barricade

The Apex Clarkdale is designed for use in house without a chimney or flue. The Clarkdale is a Power or Fan Flue type fire which unlike conventional fires uses a high pressure extractor fan situated on the exterior wall of the house to draw the products of combustion out of the room.

The Clarkdale is 60% efficient and gives out 4.2kW of heat which is more than adequate to heat a standard living room, but unlike other power flue type fires that will experience a slight draft from outside when the fire is not in opreation the Apex Clarkdale features a Unique Draft Barricade Poweflue system, which minimises the usual draft found in standard Fan Flue systems, by closing the external vent when the fire is not on, and stopping any heat within the room from escaping from the outside wall.

The fire is available in Black, Brass or Silver trim which allows the fire to be coordinated with the existing style of the room, this flexibility allows the Clarkdale to fit well in either traditional or contemporarily furnished living rooms, available with a realistic coal fuel effect and remote control as standard allowing control of the fire from around the room.

To create a modern and contemporary focal point in the living room the Apex Clarkdale could be utilised with the silver trim and the Apex Alabama silver trim to create an eye-catching and contemporary silver fireplace. The Clarkdale could then be unitied with a Katell Farnham Wooden Surround in natural oak and black granite back and hearth to really draw attention to the fire and help project the warm glow into the room.

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