Friday 23 July 2010

Stelrad and Myson Towel Radiators

Myson SeineTwo of the leading decorative radiator manufacturers are Stelrad and Myson who create some of the most unique and effective radiators that are currently available. Myson in particular create some of the best visual radiators that you would be able to find anywhere.

One of the best Myson radiators is the Seine which has been created using contemporary design methods and will provide a real talking point for any room that it is in. The seine has been made to be a unique piece by sculpting metal tubes around each other.

The Seine is also quite powerful with a maximum heat output of 675 Watts (2303 BTU/h) which would be more than enough to heat the room.

Another uniquely designed Myson radiator is the Legato which is an electric alternative which consists of a granite panel available in two finishes, black or grey granite. The legato also comes with option of having a towel rail attached which wraps round the granite panel.

The legato is designed to look good in any room that it is placed and it is also practical because of the removable towel rail. The radiator also produces a powerful maximum heat output of 1000 Watts (3412 BTU/h) which will easily heat any room in which it is situated.

In my opinion the best three Myson radiators are:

  1. Myson SeineSeine because of its completely unique design that will suit any room that it is put in and will also provide a big talking point. The seine also provides a good heat output which will be enough to heat any room

  1. Myson LegatoLegato is the electric alternative and also provides a very unique design which would easily fit into any rooms designs, The Legato provides a high output of 1000 Watts as well.

  1. Myson VelinoVelino because the design is very effective using a simple curve making it suitable for the majority of rooms in the home. The Velino also has one of the highest outputs available of 1516 Watts (5173 BTU/h)

Not to be outdone Stelrad have also created some very unique and practical decorative radiators. One of the best ones that Stelrad have created is the Optia because of its unique design and practicality. The Optia’s design is two simple curves on either side with towel shelves in between to provide the practicality with the original design idea.

Stelrad OptiaStelrad have also created theExcel which provides a flat panel with a lattice effect on it. This radiator could be sued in any room and can even be used in offices as a space divider or simply as a heat supply. The Excel can also be wall or floor mounted which provides a lot of flexibility to where it can be placed.

Stelrad and Myson towel radiators are available to purchase from Fireworld


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