Friday 23 July 2010

Gazco Studio 22 Bauhaus

The Glass Fronted Studio 22 balanced flue gas fire is unlike most hole in the wall gas fires that utilise the popular "letterbox" format, the Gazco Studio 22 Bauhaus is a vertical fire and creates a focal point for any modern contemporary interior.

Set behind an almost invisible glass window, it features a highly realistic, log-effect fuel bed with a heat-retaining lining which adds to the fire's overall performance of 5.85Kw. All functions are controlled by the Sequential remote control, allowing you to operate everything from ignition to heat output at the push of a button. There is also a Touch Control panel which can be located up to 2500mm away from the fire, this can either be full inset into the wall or surface mounted.

The Gazco Studio 22 Bauhaus features a classic tapered frame in either antracite or polished stainless steel depending on where the fire is going to be situated.
If the fire was giong to be situated inset into a light or neutral coloured wall then the antracite finish would contrast and draw attention to the fire and highlight the log fuel effect and dancing flames against a light back that projects the warmth and glow out into the room.
To situate the fire on a darker wall, e.g. a highlighted false chimney breast or focal wall then the polished stainless steel would add a definate frame to the fire and draw all the attention to the fire.

"Adding vertical definition to contemporary styling"

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