Monday 26 July 2010

Acquisitions X-Fire Widescreen Catalytic Flueless Gas Fire

The Acquisitions X-Fire Widescreen Catalytic Flueless Gas Fire would be the ideal solution for someone looking for real dancing flames and stunning modern design but without the luxury of a chimney, flue or exterior wall.
The Acquisitions X-Fire provides safe, flueless technology for installation in flats, apartments or any home where a fireplace was previously not an option - or even in rooms not typically thought possible, such as home cinema or kitchen environments thanks to Acquisitions' unique catalytic combustion and RX3 Reflexion technology, Although it must be known that this fire cannot be installed in a bedroom or bathroom.

This stunning contemporary fire is 100% efficient, eco-friendly with lower running costs and emissions than traditional fires and is available running on both Natural Gas and LPG.

The Acquisitions X-Fire can feature a bold black granite, traditional limestone or futuristic mirrored frame which would look great in any modern room in the house.

The black granite provides a stark contrast to the bright dancing flames and when combined with a lighter neutral coloured wall would really frame the fire and project the heat and glow from the fire into the room.

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