Saturday 24 July 2010

Selling Your Home?

Have you noticed FOR SALE signs popping up all over town? Now that the school year is winding down, this is a great time to get your home listed. First impressions are crucial because studies have shown that most buyers make a decision about a house within 15 seconds of walking in the door! I wanted to share a few more thoughts on home staging in a competitive market.

Caterham Fireplaces Windsor Fireplace SurroundExperienced real estate agents will give staging tips that include cleaning until your home is spotless, next declutter, followed by depersonalizing. You may have taken the photos off the refrigerator, hidden stacks of paper from your desk and freshened up with a new coat of paint. Look past your furniture, art and fireplace screen, it’s the bones of the house that must have a draw to the buyers.

Homes with strong architectural details add interest and anchor the home in a period or style. These features include crown molding, the stairwell and Fireplace Mantel. As you walk into a room the eye is drawn to the focal point, most commonly the fireplace mantel. To declutter and freshen up the mantel fireplace is one of the biggest staging tips I could give. A fireplace make-over project could include refacing the fireplace surround and installing a new mantel shelf. Fireplace mantels can be designed to overlap your existing facing material and provide a completely new custom look. Remodeling the fireplace mantel is completely adaptable keeping staging to sell and the home improvement upgrade within your budget. Think of this as an investment in your home.

Enhancing the architectural elements of the fireplace mantel, as your room’s primary focal point, will add to the overall home value, get it staged to sell and impact your showings. Staging is a short term marketing tool focused on the showing keeping the end goal in mind: SOLD!

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