Friday 30 July 2010

Esse 525 Catalytic Flueless Gas Stove

The Esse 525 Catalytic Flueless stove brings the extraordinary benefits of catalytic technology to contemporary living spaces. This log effect gas stove does not require a flue giving you the freedom to locate it virtually anywhere. Ideal to create a stunning focal point in the room based around this ultra-modern and sleek flueless stove, while the 3.3kW heat output is ideal to complement existing heating. The Esse 525 completely breaks the stereotype of a stove featuring a large viewing window and brushed stainless steel legs to accentuate the fire and really draw attention to the flames.
By using the latest catalytic technology all burnt gas emissions are converted into clean Carbon Dioxide and Water. In addition to ease of location, catalytic technology also offers 100% efficiency. No energy is wasted, so all the heat generated warms your room which in turn lowers running costs.
A catalytic converter is not only eco-friendly, it can actually clean the air it uses. The high temperature of the catalytic process helps to remove odours in the home and neutralise airborne particles such as dust mites, creating a cleaner, healthier environment.
The Esse 525 stove stands solidly on 2” full height stainless steel legs culminating at a steel top with a high quality anthracite finish that has been laser cut to follow the curves of the the stainless steel legs. The result is a clean contemporary look with a softer edge and uncluttered view of the stunning log effect.

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