Friday 30 July 2010

How Do I Remove My Old Gas Fire?

During the summer months most people aren't thinking about their fireplace but when the summer moves into autumn then the season for buying a new fire or fireplace begins, the next question after you've decided on what you want to replace the old fire is How Do I Remove My Old Fire?
Most people would think, Do It yourself, How hard can it be? Just pull the fire out of the surround and disconnect and cap the gas pipe.
This approach is highly illegal and could jeopardise the safety and lives of you and the other people in and around the house or cause problems when trying to sell the property.

The only safe way to remove your old gas fire is to have a gas engineer that is on the Gas Safe Register.
The Gas Safe Register is the official body for gas safety in the home and workplace for the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Guernsey. Gas Safe Register replaced CORGI as the gas registration body in Great Britain and Isle of Man on 1 April 2009 and Northern Ireland and Guernsey on 1 April 2010
They are the only official list of gas engineers legally able to perform gas work on boilers, hobs, ovens, fires and all other gas appliances.
Anyone carrying out gas work must have a Gas Safe Register ID card. If not, they are breaking the law and putting you and your family at risk.

Gas safety is one of the most important factors in having a safe home and work place. The dangers that surround unsafe gas appliances are deadly serious. Poorly maintained, faulty or badly installed gas work leads to carbon monoxide poisoning, the effects of which can be fatal.
It’s not always easy to spot an illegal gas fitter for a fully qualified Gas Safe registered engineer. Always ask to see your gas engineer’s Gas Safe Register ID card to make sure they are safe and legal.

The Gas Safe register is here to make sure you don’t fall into the trap of paying for illegal gas work with your health, and possibly your life.

How Do I Find A Gas Safe Registered Engineer?

Finding an engineer that is registered on the Gas Safe Register couldn't be easier, simply by visiting the Gas Safe Register website and typing in your postcode, this will display the nearest registered fitters and businesses to you and their contact details. Or find a business by using the telephone finding service on 0800 408 5500.

Esse 525 Catalytic Flueless Gas Stove

The Esse 525 Catalytic Flueless stove brings the extraordinary benefits of catalytic technology to contemporary living spaces. This log effect gas stove does not require a flue giving you the freedom to locate it virtually anywhere. Ideal to create a stunning focal point in the room based around this ultra-modern and sleek flueless stove, while the 3.3kW heat output is ideal to complement existing heating. The Esse 525 completely breaks the stereotype of a stove featuring a large viewing window and brushed stainless steel legs to accentuate the fire and really draw attention to the flames.
By using the latest catalytic technology all burnt gas emissions are converted into clean Carbon Dioxide and Water. In addition to ease of location, catalytic technology also offers 100% efficiency. No energy is wasted, so all the heat generated warms your room which in turn lowers running costs.
A catalytic converter is not only eco-friendly, it can actually clean the air it uses. The high temperature of the catalytic process helps to remove odours in the home and neutralise airborne particles such as dust mites, creating a cleaner, healthier environment.
The Esse 525 stove stands solidly on 2” full height stainless steel legs culminating at a steel top with a high quality anthracite finish that has been laser cut to follow the curves of the the stainless steel legs. The result is a clean contemporary look with a softer edge and uncluttered view of the stunning log effect.

Laura Ashley Acacia Electric Fireplace Suite

The Laura Ashley Acacia Electric Fireplace Suite is a designer suite ideal for those looking to create that traditional fireplace look while still maintaing a contemporary feel but without the luxury of gas or a chimney. The Acacia fireplace suite includes everything you need to create the traditional look, the surround, cast iron effect back panel, hearth and matching electric fire.
The surround is available in natural oak and chestnut features column detailing each side and a stylised edge to the mantle shelf, this works very well with the straight lines of the highlighted black cast iron effect back panel and the strong vertical and horizontal lines of the fret on the front of the electric fire.

The electric fire on the Laura Ashley Acacia suite features a 3-dimensional virtual flame effect that utilises low-energy LED's projecting onto a unique transparent screen for ultimate realism, this, combined with the realistic coal effect creates a very authentic looking electric fire. A remote control comes as standard with the Acacia allowing for ultimate control from the comfort of a sofa or armchair with a flame only setting in 3 different light levels and a choice of 0.75kW or 1.5kW heat output from the electric fan heater discreetly situated in the canopy of the fire.

This designer suite would look great in a living room with more traditional elements of design while maintaining an overall contemporary feel.

Thursday 29 July 2010

Apex Clarkdale Power Flue Gas Fire with Draft Barricade

The Apex Clarkdale is designed for use in house without a chimney or flue. The Clarkdale is a Power or Fan Flue type fire which unlike conventional fires uses a high pressure extractor fan situated on the exterior wall of the house to draw the products of combustion out of the room.

The Clarkdale is 60% efficient and gives out 4.2kW of heat which is more than adequate to heat a standard living room, but unlike other power flue type fires that will experience a slight draft from outside when the fire is not in opreation the Apex Clarkdale features a Unique Draft Barricade Poweflue system, which minimises the usual draft found in standard Fan Flue systems, by closing the external vent when the fire is not on, and stopping any heat within the room from escaping from the outside wall.

The fire is available in Black, Brass or Silver trim which allows the fire to be coordinated with the existing style of the room, this flexibility allows the Clarkdale to fit well in either traditional or contemporarily furnished living rooms, available with a realistic coal fuel effect and remote control as standard allowing control of the fire from around the room.

To create a modern and contemporary focal point in the living room the Apex Clarkdale could be utilised with the silver trim and the Apex Alabama silver trim to create an eye-catching and contemporary silver fireplace. The Clarkdale could then be unitied with a Katell Farnham Wooden Surround in natural oak and black granite back and hearth to really draw attention to the fire and help project the warm glow into the room.

Esse Firewall Flueless Gas Fire

The Esse Firewall is a designer range of flueless gas wall hung fires that are available in 41 and 48 inch widescreen versions. These fires feature catalytic converter technology that allows the fire to achieve 100% efficiency, only giving out Carbon Dioxide and Water vapour. These cutting edge fires feature a 10 year catalytic converter guarentee and are not susceptible to flue blockages or downdraughts which are problems for conventional flued appliances. These problems can cause the build up of dangerous Carbon Monoxide if not checked on a regular basis.

The Esse Firewall range are available in an ultra stylish black glass finish with a realisitic dancing flame effect. The 41 inch widescreen version provides 2600w of heat and the 48 inch widescreen version has a heat output of of 3.5kW, both bring warmth and style to any wall and can be located anywhere there is a gas supply.

A must for any contemporary living space with the stylish black glass finish and optional remote control allowing for easy operation of the fire from anywhere in the room. The Firewall Widescreen is easily mounted on most internal walls allowing for use as a unique and eye-catching focal point in kitchen, study or games room.

Apex Capacious High Efficiency Gas Fire

The Apex Capacious High Efficiency Gas Fire is a more efficient version of the traditional inset gas fire featuring a glass front and an efficiency rating of 89%, a vast increase over the normal 30-40% efficiency range of an open-fronted fire. This, united with the 4.4kW heat output rating mean this fire is more than suitable to warm the typical living room.

It is commonly assumed that placing a piece of ceramic glass in front of a fire would decrease its efficiency it is the draw that causes heat to be sucked out of the room. High efficient gas fires not only have a glass front, but also a convector box. This is a channel which goes from the front base of the fire to the front top of the fire, wrapping the engine of the fire, this channel will allow cold air to enter underneath the fire and heat-up as it rises around the burner. This then leaves the fire as convected warm air through the convector grill. You also have the glass front which means that the glass holds the heat within the fire box for longer allowing it to escape into the room through the convector channel, finally the Glass although ceramic heat proof does allow the radiant heat from the fire to heat the room.

The Apex Capacious HE combines modern technology allowing for a more efficient heating of the room with a versatile range of finishes and frets to create either a traditional or contemporary finish to the fire. For a traditional finish (as displayed in the picture) a brass trim is the best choice, combined with the Indiana Antique Brass fret to create a very traditional feel. This effect would be emphasised if the fire was placed in a traditional looking fire surround such as the Bemodern Hampshire Fireplace Surround. The light or medium oak colours of the wooden surround work well with the Manila back and hearth set to harmonise with the brass finsh to highlight the deep colours of the coal fuel effect and fireback and really draw attention to the living flames.

For a more modern and contemporary finish the silver trim and the Apex Washington or Apex Alabama chrome trim can be combined to give a very modern finish with strong lines and eye-catching silver finish. This striking modern fire when combined with the Allwood Milano 4 Step Fireplace Surround with the contrasting black granite hearth and back set and natural oak finish combine to make a very modern and contemporary focal point of most living rooms.

Wednesday 28 July 2010

Drugasar Metro Tunnel 100

The Drugasar Metro Tunnel Fire makes a statement in any house. This double sided glass fronted fire can be viewed from both sides and is completely inset into the wall with minimal trim to really draw attention to the fire and create a seamless finish.

The Metro Tunnel is a simple and easy to operate, with a fully programmable thermostatic remote control that can control the temperature of the room and flame picture from the comfort of the chair. The fire also has the advantage of energy saving electronic ignition.The balanced flue style of the fire means no chimney is required, merely a balanced flue to an exterior wall, the fire puts out a maximum of 6.5kW and up to 70% efficiency, this in more than enough heat to warm a standard sized room.With the choice of Carrara pebbles or twig fuel effects and either polished black steel or rustic brick effect this fire fire can be customised to your style.

Despite its unique 2-sided display, the Metro Tunnel is only 476 mm deep, enabling it to be fitted easily into false chimneybreasts and pre-fabricated dividing walls. Because of the two-sided display the Metro Tunnel can be used as a dramatic room divider or inset into a complete wall to heat two adjactent rooms, The seamless finish creates a window through the wall and when the fire is lit, the dancing flames and realistic fuel effect come to life and create a unique focal point that certainly makes a statement.

Burley Fires Environ 4247 Flueless Gas Fire

The Burley Fires Environ 4247 Flueless Gas Fire is the perfect solution for those wishing for a contemporary inset gas fire but without the luxury of an external wall or an existing chimney or flue. The catalytic flueless technology that is becoming increasingly popular in the UK thanks to 100% efficiency and low running costs only emits Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapour, eliminating the need for a flue. Catalytic style fires are the fastest selling type in Japan and are popular all over the world and due to their high safety specifications are the only type of fire used in several US states and Austrailia.

The Burley Fires Environ 4247 puts all this modern technology into a into a modern contemporary inset style with a brushed steel frame and pebble fuel effect, A choice of either black or cream fireback and optional remote control are also available allowing the traditional fireplace with surround and mantle to still feature in the modern living room without the need for to build a costly chimney or knock through an outside wall for a balanced flue fire and the 2.5kW heat rating means that this fire is not just for decoration but also provides heat to take the cold edge off a room.

The modern contemporary brushed steel finish would look great with the Europa Washington Wooden Fireplace Surround with the black granite back and hearth contrasting with the brushed steel frame and highlighting the fire in the centre while the Natural Oak finish frames the fire nicely to create a contemporary yet traditional effect focal point in the living room.

Tuesday 27 July 2010 receives prestigious accreditation

Fireplace Supermarket started in 1997, as one of the main suppliers to Builders and Design Clients all over the UK. They wanted to provide the cheapest fires, fireplaces and stoves to the whole of the UK, so everyone can have a warm and stylish home. We beleive has their hearts in the wright place so we are now accepting them onto our database of autherised bloggers, as staff at go through vigorous training schedules in both technical aspects of fire and stone as well as design structures.

Monday 26 July 2010

Katell Alston Electric Fire Suite

The Katell Alston is a designer electric suite featuring contemporary lines and styling to give a very modern look, this is combined with the curved black glass of the inclusive Katell Hendon electric fire offering deep contrast that draws the eye in towards the realistic coal fuel effect and enviraflame technology, arguably one of the most realistic flame effects on an electric fire over the past decade that utilises LED technology and a unique transparent screen to project the flame effect onto. Three different levels of light allow maximum control of the fire via the included remote control.

Unlike many other electric fires where the fan heater is clearly visible and sometimes detracts from the visual impact of the fire the 1.5Kw fan heater is discreetly hidden under the canopy and features high-level and remote controls for ease of use.
The sandstone or neutral chiltern finish would blend harmonisiously with most modern styles of decor and create a contemporary focal point of any living room. The modern lines and stepped inset further combine to draw the eye to the realistic fire in the centre.

Acquisitions X-Fire Widescreen Catalytic Flueless Gas Fire

The Acquisitions X-Fire Widescreen Catalytic Flueless Gas Fire would be the ideal solution for someone looking for real dancing flames and stunning modern design but without the luxury of a chimney, flue or exterior wall.
The Acquisitions X-Fire provides safe, flueless technology for installation in flats, apartments or any home where a fireplace was previously not an option - or even in rooms not typically thought possible, such as home cinema or kitchen environments thanks to Acquisitions' unique catalytic combustion and RX3 Reflexion technology, Although it must be known that this fire cannot be installed in a bedroom or bathroom.

This stunning contemporary fire is 100% efficient, eco-friendly with lower running costs and emissions than traditional fires and is available running on both Natural Gas and LPG.

The Acquisitions X-Fire can feature a bold black granite, traditional limestone or futuristic mirrored frame which would look great in any modern room in the house.

The black granite provides a stark contrast to the bright dancing flames and when combined with a lighter neutral coloured wall would really frame the fire and project the heat and glow from the fire into the room.

Portway Stoves

The Portway range of stoves are some of the best on the market and as they are available in a range of sizes will be perfect for almost anyone looking for a stove.

The Portway Peldon is the gas stove of the range, smaller in size but the 4Kw heat output is more than adequate to heat the average sized living room. The unique, one-piece main body construction and 'clear view' window combine with the realistic coal and flame effect to really create the feel of a traditional cast iron stove with increased efficiency and flexibility, being suitable for almost any chimney or flue.

The quality of the Portway stoves is unmatched, all bodies made from tough 5mm steel, the most robust on the market with cast iron grates and doors. The bodies are then shot blasted to provide the texture and can be finished in either Charcoal or Black metalised siloxane paint. This finish is more durable and of a higher quality than that of traditional stove paint.
All the Portway stoves feature an pre-heated air-wash system that passes a stream of hot air down the inside of the glass preventing flames and products of combustion from ever touching the glass and keeping it clean. All the Portway freestanding stoves can be flued from either the top or the rear and connect to a standard 6" stove flue pipe and at 80% efficiciency, Portway stoves are amongst the most efficient on the market and give out more heat while burning less fuel. The multi-fuel stoves are capable of burning a large variety of natural or man-made fuels such as peat, straw, sawdust, briquettes as well as most mineral fuels.
The windows of the Portway multi-fuel stoves can be tailored to suit with a variety of window trim options. The Portway 1,2 and Inset models can be customised with Suburst, Square, Fleur and Gothika or left plain for the maximum view of your fire. These when combined with either standard, ruby red or arctic grey enamel door help draw attention to this stove and make it the centre of attention.
The first multi-fuel stove of the Portway range is the Portway 1. This stove is the smallest of the range featuring an ultra-slim body that retains the large viewing window while allowing the stove to be fitted into a larger variety of fireplaces. The Portway 1 has a maximum heat output of 5Kw.
The contemporary design of the 5mm steel can be customised with either an artic silver or ruby enamel finish to the door and a choice of three leg heights to further draw attention to this modern stove. The viewing window can also be decorated with a choice of trims, fleur, gothika, plain, square and sunburst which would again help this stove become the centrepiece of any living room.

The Portway 2 is the mid-range Portway multi-fuel stove which as the smaller stove is made of tough 5mm steel with a cast iron door available in either Arctic Grey or Ruby Red Enamel, which, again when coupled with a stylish window trim can really add to the contemporary styling of the stove. The simple operating controls with multi-function handle allow opening of the door and movement of the controls using patented magnetic technology. The three different leg lengths can allow the space underneath to store logs and to further add a more contemporary look to this multi-fuel stove.

The largest stove in the range is the Portway 3, a double door traditionally styled stove that features two large viewing windows that allow the best view of the fire inside. The ultra-slim, extra-wide design designed specifically designed without the need for a protruding hearth.

The extra-wide design allows logs up to 21" to be easily accomodated and the cast iron grate with easy-clean and easy to carry ashpan combine to ensure ease of use while getting the most out of the Portway 3.

The final stove in the range is the Portway inset multifuel stove, for those who like the look of the contemporarily designed Portway stoves but without the open fireplace to put one in. The Portway inset is perfectly designed to fit a standard 16"x22" opening while still maintaining a generous viewing area of the fire inside. The contemporary styling allows this stove to fit in with most modern living room decor and the high output of 4.5Kw provides enough plenty of heat for a normal living room. Like the Portway 1 and Portway 2 this stove can be customised with the enamel door and detailing on the large viewing window, these features make this product even more unique and set it apart in the field of inset stoves.

Saturday 24 July 2010

Apex Mirage Deluxe Curved

With the kind of technology that we have in today’s modern world, it seems that anything is possible. Who would have thought that fire and ice can both be present in a fireplace? It may sound ridiculous at first but come to think of it, it did happen! You can now have a fire and ice fireplace in which the ice serves as the fuel.

However, the ice is not literally what it’s supposed to be. It is actually glass that is also adding shimmer to the glowing fire. Mark Georgantas is the mind behind the fire and ice fireplace. The official term or name of the product is actually Fire on Ice. The so called “ice” is a specially formulated tempered glass. The glass is a stylish option instead of the gas logs normally used in the traditional fire.

Selling Your Home?

Have you noticed FOR SALE signs popping up all over town? Now that the school year is winding down, this is a great time to get your home listed. First impressions are crucial because studies have shown that most buyers make a decision about a house within 15 seconds of walking in the door! I wanted to share a few more thoughts on home staging in a competitive market.

Caterham Fireplaces Windsor Fireplace SurroundExperienced real estate agents will give staging tips that include cleaning until your home is spotless, next declutter, followed by depersonalizing. You may have taken the photos off the refrigerator, hidden stacks of paper from your desk and freshened up with a new coat of paint. Look past your furniture, art and fireplace screen, it’s the bones of the house that must have a draw to the buyers.

Homes with strong architectural details add interest and anchor the home in a period or style. These features include crown molding, the stairwell and Fireplace Mantel. As you walk into a room the eye is drawn to the focal point, most commonly the fireplace mantel. To declutter and freshen up the mantel fireplace is one of the biggest staging tips I could give. A fireplace make-over project could include refacing the fireplace surround and installing a new mantel shelf. Fireplace mantels can be designed to overlap your existing facing material and provide a completely new custom look. Remodeling the fireplace mantel is completely adaptable keeping staging to sell and the home improvement upgrade within your budget. Think of this as an investment in your home.

Enhancing the architectural elements of the fireplace mantel, as your room’s primary focal point, will add to the overall home value, get it staged to sell and impact your showings. Staging is a short term marketing tool focused on the showing keeping the end goal in mind: SOLD!

New Promotion from Fires | Fireplaces | Stoves for your Protection

Recent to many manufacturers advising us of some unscrupulous false website. We have decided to produce a small campaign to offer our services in making certain the public is protected.

New Promotion from Fires | Fireplaces | Stoves for your Protection

Recent to many manufacturers advising us of some unscrupulous false website. We have decided to produce a small campaign to offer our services in making certain the public is protected.

Consumer Warning - Fires Galore

We have been updated by several manufacturers including Bemodern, Burley, Broseley, Drugasar, Esse, Flavel, Gazco, Matchelss, Paragon, Verine, Vermont to advise that they DO NOT supply any of their products to Firesgalore. They have infomed us that they are currently persuing action, regarding Copyright infringment. They break several consumers laws on their website by not providing any address so no customer can ever find the owner for recompense as well as having a restocking charge against current Distance Selling Regulations. There is also evidence of abuse towards customers. If you have had any issues with Firesgalore, then please contact Consumer Direct on 08454 040506.

Friday 23 July 2010

Bemodern Panoramic Cast Iron Fascia

The Bemodern Panoramic Classic Deluxe is unique among cast iron insets, many have a very traditional design with very few modern elements or styles. But this is different with the Bemodern Panoramic Classic Deluxe Cast Iron Fascia.

Suitable for class 1 or 2 chimney or flue this gas fire utilises a very contemporary and cubist design featuring strong lines and contrast between light and dark of polished and cast iron, the Panoramic also features an extra wide frame that gives the illusion of a 22" fire while only using a 16" opening. The pilot light and rotary flame controls are concelead behind the drop down fret cover to maintain the appearance of the fire at all times when not being lit of adjusted.

This wider frame, contrast between cast and polished iron and the strong straight lines combined with the 180mm depth fuel bed creates a very contemporary natural gas fire that would look great combined with a neutral coloured surround and create a focal point in almost any modern or traditional living room.

Gazco Studio 22 Bauhaus

The Glass Fronted Studio 22 balanced flue gas fire is unlike most hole in the wall gas fires that utilise the popular "letterbox" format, the Gazco Studio 22 Bauhaus is a vertical fire and creates a focal point for any modern contemporary interior.

Set behind an almost invisible glass window, it features a highly realistic, log-effect fuel bed with a heat-retaining lining which adds to the fire's overall performance of 5.85Kw. All functions are controlled by the Sequential remote control, allowing you to operate everything from ignition to heat output at the push of a button. There is also a Touch Control panel which can be located up to 2500mm away from the fire, this can either be full inset into the wall or surface mounted.

The Gazco Studio 22 Bauhaus features a classic tapered frame in either antracite or polished stainless steel depending on where the fire is going to be situated.
If the fire was giong to be situated inset into a light or neutral coloured wall then the antracite finish would contrast and draw attention to the fire and highlight the log fuel effect and dancing flames against a light back that projects the warmth and glow out into the room.
To situate the fire on a darker wall, e.g. a highlighted false chimney breast or focal wall then the polished stainless steel would add a definate frame to the fire and draw all the attention to the fire.

"Adding vertical definition to contemporary styling"

Apex Fires Influence HE Contemporary Gas Fire

The Apex Fires Influence HE Contemporary gas fire would be a great addition to any modern living room. The contemporary and modern glass fronted finish with bronze accented trim that would really draw the eye in to the realistic coal fuel effect and gas flames.
The maximum heat output of 3.8Kw would be plenty to heat the average living room with a class 1 or 2 chimney or flue, while the 83% efficiency means very little energy is wasted. The 195mm inset depth provides a deep fuel bed and a more authentic looking fire.
This contemporary fireplace would look best on a slightly lighter backplate and surround that would realy accentuate the bronze trim which frames and draws the eye towards the dancing gas flames.

Benefits Gas and Electric Heating through Fires and Radiators

Gas and Electric heating in homes is always presumed to be less efficiency than the Central Combi Boiler heating systems, this is incorrect, dependant on your own home lifestyle. Take for example a standard 3 bedroom house with the usual Husband, Wife and 2.4 Children, the homes upstairs is used for only 34% of the day as most are in work/school or other activities outside of the upstairs of the house. Now narrowing this down, over 60% of home usage is the Kitchen and Living room, because of this it is not very efficient to burn gas to heat every room on the home if the Living room and Kitchen are the most used during those periods.

Myson Melody SeineThe most efficient way of heating your home it to use the Combi central heating to produce a back ground heating source to provide a minimal temperature in the home (Usually around 16 degrees Celsius). As you go into each of these rooms, you should rely on another heating source to boost the heat to the required temperature as needed. This system has been promoted massively recently by British Gas and the UK Energy Saving Trust in Advertising lowering your combi by just 1 degree. Reducing your room temperature by 1°C could cut your heating bills by up to 10 percent and typically saves around £55 per year. If you have a programmer, set your heating and hot water to come on only when required rather than all the time.

This is also much better in providing quicker heating to the room in need of it, if you up the temperature of the boiler it will take upto an hour for the overall temperature in the whole house to rise to the requested degree. While instead of heating and wasting the heat in the whole home, you just turned on the fire in the living room, this would heat up within around 15mins in the average sized home and not waste heat in other rooms which weren’t being used.

What is the efficiency of an Electric Fire?

Dru Metro 120eElectric Fires and Heaters are all 100% Heat Efficient, while the ligting will depend upon the bulbs being used, if you go for a standard bulb it will be around 60% while LED fires like the Drugasar Metro 120e, will be around 90%. Over all LED electric Fires are around 95% efficient while standard Electric fires will be 80% efficient on average, but there is one major factor which no one but the most successful hippies are aware of, most of northern Europe are not able to use Electric as a source of heat, because regardless of how efficient the product is the efficiency of creating the electricity in the first instance is around 40%. This means that although from getting the electric in your home, to the product there has been no wastage, the initial wastage to produce the electricity is 60% so the overall productivity is reduced by a large volume. In most of Europe coal is still a large source of energy but the heat produced from this is very rarely used to it full capacity, because of this the governments have decided that burning the fuel itself in your own home means that you will take full advantage of the potential energy supply from the fuel. This all make sense to most people in the UK however the UK government do not advertise this nor take it into consideration with any of their efficiency calculations.

Apex Fires Eternal Electric FireLed versions again have an advantage. A single kilowatt-hour of electricity will generate 1.34 pounds (610 g) of CO2 emissions. Assuming the average light bulb is on for 10 hours a day, a single 40-watt incandescent bulb will generate 196 pounds (89 kg) of CO2 every year. The 13-watt LED equivalent will only be responsible for 63 pounds (29 kg) of CO2 over the same time span For those who have a very loud jiminy cricket on their shoulder then Electric models should be avoided. Unless Purchasing the New Apex Eternal High Efficienct Electric fire which uses only 4 watts to create its flame effect!

Fan Assisted Electric Fires and Heaters

Apex Mirage Widescreen

Fan assisted heaters work by having a fan or blower which forces cold air over a heating element, this in turn blows warm air out of the appliance into the room.

Benefits of this system is that you can get a higher heat output from a fan heater because it does not need to wait until the heated air rises by convection out of the fire, but instead forces the air through meaning there is a quicker turnover time for the air to be warmed and then pushed into the room.

The additional benefit from certain models much like the Apex Mirage Deluxe is that the fans point downward towards the floor which means it is possible to place a TV or shelving units above the item without too much issue.

Efficiency is usually stated as 100% because all electricity that is used to create heat is turned into heat however it doesn’t include the electricity that it supplied to power the fan which would mean that the overall efficiency is reduced but by a minimal amount so the actual efficiency would be around 99.4%

LED Bulbs

LED BulbsLight emitting diodes to the tech savvy, typically these bulbs are high tech while being very strong durable and with an extraordinary lifespan. White LEDs quickly matched and overtook the efficiency of standard incandescent lighting system by some distance, while standard bulbs work at around 16% efficiency, measured by its light output per unit power input, LEDs work at around 90%. Typical lifetimes are 25,000 to 100,000 hours, this is either 11 years of non-stop operation, or 22 years of 50% operation. The long operational life of a led lamp is a vast contrast to the standard life span of an incandescent bulb, which is around 5000 hours. This means less changes and more value for your money.

Dru Metro 120eA brilliant example of how LED bulbs can make a fire look realistic is theDrugasar Metro 120e which uses unique LED technology for low energy consumption using only 15 watts which is less than a average light bulb!

Oil Filled Convection Heaters & Radiators

Tesy Heat Machine Oil Filled Portable Radiator 2000wThese items work much like the convector radiators and heaters but instead of an open cavity in which air can flow through the heating element it is a sealed space filled with oil. This is heated by the element and then the warmth is convected through the metal casing to the surrounding air, the grilled exterior allows the maximum volume of air to come in contact with the metal and heat up, rising through the grills creating a draw. The one benefit of the Oil filled radiators is that the also supply a small amount of Radiant heat meaning if you stood at the side of it you would feel the warm more as you skin can sense infra red heat.

Most people presume you are able to get more heat from an oil filled radiator than a simple convected one, which is incorrect; you are able to get the same out puts from either dependant upon the size of the heating element within the model.

There are a couple of issues which are commonly mistaken, firstly the Oil within the heater has a high Specific Heat Capacity (SHC) this means that it is able to absorb a lot of heat before it starts to give heat back out into the room (much like water – the sea having a similar temperature in winter as summer because of the sea absorbing heat through summer and releasing it in winter) Because of this there is a small delay after it is turned on before any heat can be felt, this delay is relative to the volume of oil, size of heating element and pressure of the oils within. Although this delay on such a small volume is never more than a few minutes this can be a problem if the heater has been purchased for speed of heat.

Electric Fires & Heaters - Convector Heaters and Fires

There are several methods to provide heat from an electric source; they are Convector heaters, Fan Heaters and Oil Filled Radiators.

Tesy Wall HeaterThese items provide heat into the room up to a maximum of 2.4kW (2400watts). They work by having a heating element, which is a piece of metal wire which heats up due to electrical current, this in turn heats up a proportion of air within the product. As this air heats up and expands it rises through the product and creates a draw (suction) in through the grills at the base, allowing cold air to be pulled up through the heating element and into the cavity of the fire to be heated. This then starts a cycle which will eventually provide a circle of air around the room until the fire cuts of as the air temperature within the room has hit the limit on the thermostat (Not available on all Products just look for Thermostatically controlled) These items are 100% Efficient, much like the Tesy Wall Mounted Panel Convector Heater CN01 240 shown opposite.

Bemodern Dante Curved Black Glass Electric FireAs well as convector radiators the are also many Hang on the Wall Electric fires which are also Convector fires, they work in the same way but have a more aesthetic look to the design so they appear to be a wall fireplace instead of a very clinical panel heater. Much like theBemodern Dante Hang on the Wall Curved Glass Fire.

High Efficiency Catalytic Flueless Gas fires

Flueless Gas Fire in a Bedroom?

The main question being asked is ‘How do Catalytic Flueless gas fires work?’ This is easy to answer difficult to understand– Catalytic flueless gas fires work by having a sealed flame behind glass which forces the fumes to rise up through the fire and into a catalytic converter. The catalytic converter is a honeycomb membrane which is impregnated with a catalyst chemical put simply this is a noble metal which speeds up reactions and allows modification of molecules into others with less energy. Any harmful chemicals are turned into CO2 which is completely harmless in the proportions of a room. It can also be so effective that it will also aid in cleaning out allergens in the air from your room as well as providing heat.

A lot of people and gas fitters are still wrongly cautions about catalytic gas fires and this is all to do with a very successful internal marketing campaign by British Gas after they lost the license to produce the engine from Lexus of America who own the technology patent. British Gas completed a full campaign and disallowed all fitters to install the fires as they owned a couple of fire manufactures including Matchless Fires who also wanted to produce flueless fires, knowing their market value and long term benefits. This was a Marketing marvel which has not yet subsided, this has caused a slower take up in the UK of Flueless models, but throughout the world they are the only fire which can be used in several states in America, Australia and are the largest selling fire in Japan, due to the size of homes and lack of flues.

CK Fires Aislin HEFrom a safety point British Gas were wrong to stop their installers from fitting the products, like most gas fires, they are installed with an Oxygen depletion sensor, which measures the ratio of oxygen in the air and cuts the fire off should it fall below a safe limit (limited to a 1.5% difference from average oxygen content) they also have a Flame supervision device which shuts the gas off should the flame itself go out. They also have several safety benefits over conventional flue fires as the flues in these products can be susceptible to blockages or downdrafts which increase carbon monoxide into the home if not monitored and serviced on a yearly basis. They are so safe they have even been signed off to allow use in bedrooms and bathrooms, if you have a budget enough to create a high spec space then these are certainly the cherry on the metaphorical home cake.

All Flueless fires are designed as a supplement to your primary heating source, as burning Natural Gas produces a wet flame due to one of the products of combustion the primary heating will make certain that there is no condensation. Catalysts have been thoroughly tested and have a lifespan extending beyond 16,957 hours!!! This is equivalent to about 27 years average use (4 hours a day, 5 months of the year)!! The Catalyst also has a constant effectiveness; it is as good on day one as it is 6000 hours of use later.

House Beuatiful AwardBest Fire Daily ExpressFlueless fires over the years have won several awards most recently the House Beautiful Award in 2008 where a gold medal was awarded. Efficiency of Catalytic Flueless Gas Fires is set at a fixed 100% as these items require no flue to vent flue any gases stopping the availability draw up the flue. The only downfall of Catalytic flueless gas fires is that they require an Air vent in the room, although most home do have these, if you are not used to one.

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Note: information correct as of January 2010 information provided from Advantica Technologies Limited for the Health and Safety Executive 2004 and also the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center.

High Efficient Conventional Flue Gas Fires for Chimneys

How High Efficient Gas Fires Work?Most people presume that placing a piece of ceramic glass in front of a fire would decrease its efficiency but as we’ve seen it’s the draw that causes heat to be sucked out of the room. High efficient gas fires not only have a glass front, but also a convector box. This is a channel which goes from the front base of the fire to the front top of the fire, wrapping the engine of the fire, this channel will allow cold air to enter underneath the fire and heat-up as it rises around the burner. This then leaves the fire as convected warm air through the convector grill. You also have the glass front which means that the glass holds the heat within the fire box for longer allowing it to escape into the room through the convector channel finally the Glass although ceramic heat proof does allow the radiant heat from the Apex Capacious HE Gas Firewarmed up ceramics to heat also (This is the type of heat you get from a red glow, [infra-red heat]). From a Glass Fronted High Efficiency Gas Fire you can get efficiencies’ of up to 89% meaning wastage is cut right down to only 11% rather than the 70% seen on Open Fronted fires. A specialist in High Efficiency fires is Apex Fires google them!

High Efficient Balanced Flue Gas Fires

How Do Blanced Flue fires Work?These fires work in a very similar way to Conventional flue High efficient gas fires, as they have a glass front allowing a slower movement of air, a convector box allowing convected heat to warm-up through the convector channel and heat the room, along with radiant heat from the heated ceramics. But has one main difference, it doesn’t need a chimney. Balanced Flue Gas Fires have a unique way of venting any fumes by exiting through a wall to the outside. There are several different ways of doing this, as seen on the left via two pipe one at the top venting exhaust and the lower one providing fresh air into the burner to supply oxygen to the flames, or through a twin walled system shown on the right, this uses one pipe inside of another, the internal pipe used to exhaust hot fumes, which in turn warms up the fresh air coming in through he exterior pipe allowing a higher efficiency as the air is pre heated ready to burn. How Do Balanced Flue Stoves Work?The latter flueing system of the twin wall pipe work also allows much flexibility when it comes to installation, as you can allow several bends and extensions should you be limited with the suitability in your home. This also offers several large glass windowed products along with two sided glass fronted fires which can be used as room dividers along with many other extravagant designs to choose from the best selling being Drugasar, a Dutch make who are adamant they will produce a product of high quality in a high class design (n.b there are several things which must be taken into consideration when designing your flue system always consult a Gas Safe Registered installer before purchase)

Dru Pronto Gas fireEfficiency of Balanced Flue Gas fires is usually limited to upto around 86% as the exhausting system does allow a vacuum like airflow through the item due to the fire having an open flue to the outside. The benefits of the flue flexibility and designs available I don’t think we have to care too much about a loss of 4%. As they are sealed units they will not require a vent in the room.

Standard Non Efficient Fires

How do Gas Fires Work?These work by having a slight slope to the back of the fire which causes a small build up of heat, just above the burner, while some of this heat allows a to enter and heat up the room, the vast majority is pulled up the flue. This is all to do with really sciency physics as the pressure builds up from the expanded air (Heated air) causing it to rise in the flue, due to the pressure differential from the outside to inside the warm room, this creates suction up the flue and continues to draw (suck) more gas and a lot of heat from the room. Most of these fires will be a maximum of upto 40% efficient, and the only reason certain models provide a output of upto 4.5kW is that they inject more gas in to burn. Most will stick to 6.9kW input as a vent in the room is required above this figure, but should you find a High Output Open fronted fire, you will need to place in an 100cm3 air vent as a precautionary measure to safety. This means when the fire is off, you will have an opening in the wall one side and a long open chimney to allow a very nice draft.

e.g, Standard Inset Gas fire with a 30% efficiency – 4.52p per/kWh (Swalec 26th Jan 2010 – lowest possible rating available) and a 3.5kW output means it will be inputting 11.6kW into the product meaning this will cost 52p per hour while you are only actually receiving 15.8p of heat! That’s wastage of over 36 pence per hour. Now this may not sound a lot but it does add up significantly throughout the year average household using their fire for 4 hours a day (4 x 36p = 144p/per day wastage), 6.2 days per week (144p x 6.2 = £8.93 per day wastage), 20 weeks of the year (£8.93 x 20weeks = £178.56 per year on average) This by no means is the worst it can be, this is just average for a 30% efficiency there are lower ratings still available on the market, some with NO HEAT OUPUT giving a 0% efficacy!! Decorative Gas Fires

Gallery Fireplaces CliftonThese are a small substrain of Standard Gas fires, but these items provide so little output that the manufacturers feel it is not a selling feature so do not pay Gastech to measure the efficiency. These fires usually have the heat output of a light bulb and an efficiency of around 1-2%! Usually large open fronted hole in the wall fires. But the main use for them is in gas baskets and cast iron trays. These items do not have the space available to create a higher efficiency. They have large fixed openings which usually require class one flues, they then use a small gas burner, all these added together means one big waste of cold hard cash. Watch out for them!

Power Flue or Fan Flue Gas Fires

How Does a Powerflue Gas Fire Work?These fires essentially are the same as the conventional flue standard fires, with one major difference. Instead of an opening in the top of the fire to allow the fumes to vent through up to the chimney or flue, it has a high pressure extractor positioned on the exterior of the building. This means rather than the passive draw of heat movement up the flue you have a powerful fan sucking out the fumes as well as the majority of the heat.

Most Power Flue fire (otherwise known as Fan Flue Fires) are around 10% efficient, which is a phenomenal expense for a decorative flame. These fires have a higher input than standard fires as the efficiency is so low they require the extra input to provide a similar output to the room, because of this several UK manufacturers have now stopped producing these models. It is also advised that the Government will be forcing manufacturers to cease producing the items for reasons of efficiency and carbon foot printing. The last thing to take into consideration is that all Poweflue systems require an electricity source which means not only are you using gas but also electricity to power a fan, this figure is never included in efficiency ratings. It also means that should you have no electricity for a power shortage then the fire will not turn on.

Apex Clarkedale Gas FireThere is one product on the market which has a very unique feature, not only is it 60% efficient it has a draft barricade appliance on the exterior, contained within the fan flue. TheApex Clarkdale Draft Barricade Power Flue Gas Fire, actually shuts the opening through the wall when the fire turns off, this reduces drafts, increasing the efficiency of your home, so for those whos only option is a Powerflue this is the fire to look at.