Friday 23 July 2010

Baxi Bermuda High Efficiency BBU and Valor Dimension Electric Fires

Baxi BBU HE and Valor NanoBaxi have recently released a range of revolutionary high efficiency back boiler units combined with Valor’s Dimension range of electric fires. These boiler unit and electric fire combinations are called the Bermuda and are designed to replace any old back boiler unit currently installed in your home. They also provide an easy solution to getting rid of you old boiler because there is no need to re site the boiler, modify the pipe work, lose valuable kitchen space or to redecorate. The Baxi Bermuda is the only high efficiency back boiler unit available in the UK.

The back boiler units that Baxi have created will produce a maximum heat output of 15kW into the household and will adjust to heat demand so more taps can be running hot water at once!! The boiler is in the highest efficiency band according to SEDBUK who give it a grade A rating which will save you money off your heating bills and also saves energy. Baxi have supplied the boiler with easy to use controls which are located on the fireplace and allow total control of the boiler.

Along with the Baxi Bermuda back boilers a Valor dimension electric fire is provided which have been made specifically to fit with the High Efficiency back boilers. The electric fire has a unique holographic fuel effect which creates a ‘real fire effect’ and is accompanied by a range of different fire styles to choose from. The fire itself provides a 1kW & 2kW heat output to the room which is controlled by easy to access and use buttons on the top of the fire and some of the fires available come as standard with a remote control.

The Valor Dimension fires that are available are the:

  • Baxi BBU and Valor NanoNano , which has a contemporary design finished in chrome and black, modern 3 barred fret and comes with manual control only

  • Baxi BBU and Valor RegaliaRegalia, traditional Victorian arched design fire with a highlighted polished arch and features with a matt black back, remote control as standard

  • Baxi BBU and Valor InnovaInnova, elegant glass and silver design which looks good when its switched on/off and is remote control as standard and complete with realistic coal fuel bed

  • Baxi BBU and Valor LyricaLyrica, traditional design in a brass finish with matching traditionally designed fret that comes complete with manual control and coal fuel bed.

  • Baxi BBU and Valor DreamDream, available in three finishes, gold, chrome or a traditional black, solid cast iron fascia combines timeless design with Valor’s modern technology such as the standard remote control and holographic fuel effect.

  • Baxi BBU and Valor ClassicaClassica, available in a black, brass or pewter finish on a solid cast iron fascia to create a simple but effective design, fully functional remote control as standard.

These are the only high efficiency back boilers available in the UK and can be purchased at a low price from Fireplace Megastore

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