Friday 23 July 2010

What is the efficiency of an Electric Fire?

Dru Metro 120eElectric Fires and Heaters are all 100% Heat Efficient, while the ligting will depend upon the bulbs being used, if you go for a standard bulb it will be around 60% while LED fires like the Drugasar Metro 120e, will be around 90%. Over all LED electric Fires are around 95% efficient while standard Electric fires will be 80% efficient on average, but there is one major factor which no one but the most successful hippies are aware of, most of northern Europe are not able to use Electric as a source of heat, because regardless of how efficient the product is the efficiency of creating the electricity in the first instance is around 40%. This means that although from getting the electric in your home, to the product there has been no wastage, the initial wastage to produce the electricity is 60% so the overall productivity is reduced by a large volume. In most of Europe coal is still a large source of energy but the heat produced from this is very rarely used to it full capacity, because of this the governments have decided that burning the fuel itself in your own home means that you will take full advantage of the potential energy supply from the fuel. This all make sense to most people in the UK however the UK government do not advertise this nor take it into consideration with any of their efficiency calculations.

Apex Fires Eternal Electric FireLed versions again have an advantage. A single kilowatt-hour of electricity will generate 1.34 pounds (610 g) of CO2 emissions. Assuming the average light bulb is on for 10 hours a day, a single 40-watt incandescent bulb will generate 196 pounds (89 kg) of CO2 every year. The 13-watt LED equivalent will only be responsible for 63 pounds (29 kg) of CO2 over the same time span For those who have a very loud jiminy cricket on their shoulder then Electric models should be avoided. Unless Purchasing the New Apex Eternal High Efficienct Electric fire which uses only 4 watts to create its flame effect!

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