Friday 23 July 2010

Bemodern Panoramic Cast Iron Fascia

The Bemodern Panoramic Classic Deluxe is unique among cast iron insets, many have a very traditional design with very few modern elements or styles. But this is different with the Bemodern Panoramic Classic Deluxe Cast Iron Fascia.

Suitable for class 1 or 2 chimney or flue this gas fire utilises a very contemporary and cubist design featuring strong lines and contrast between light and dark of polished and cast iron, the Panoramic also features an extra wide frame that gives the illusion of a 22" fire while only using a 16" opening. The pilot light and rotary flame controls are concelead behind the drop down fret cover to maintain the appearance of the fire at all times when not being lit of adjusted.

This wider frame, contrast between cast and polished iron and the strong straight lines combined with the 180mm depth fuel bed creates a very contemporary natural gas fire that would look great combined with a neutral coloured surround and create a focal point in almost any modern or traditional living room.

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