Friday 23 July 2010

Caterhams Fireplace

Caterhams fireplaces have a large selection of high quality fireplaces and surrounds. The fireplace surrounds come in three distinct categories, marble fireplaces, Portuguese limestone fireplaces and Caterham mantels.

Caterhams marble fireplaces come with a selection of finishing effects, the first is the natural marble. This is marble as nature intended and really classy, yet difficult to guarantee colouring and blemishes. The next types of marble Caterhams produce are agglomerate and micro-grained. These use crushed marble that are reformed using a minimal amount of resin, sometimes referred to as micro-marble, and this process allows the colour and texture to be more uniform. This keeps the costs down and availability high and the products finish is realistic to look at and to the touch.

Portuguese limestone fireplaces from Caterhams fireplaces are exquisite examples of pure limestone surrounds sourced from the continent and finished with skill and finesse. The only faults with these could only be natural and would probably add to the character to the piece, stylish and timeless.

Caterham fireplaces third type of surround is Caterhams mantels. These differ from the others as they come in a wooden finish rather than a stone finish, and a beautiful natural oak finish in that. There are however two types of the natural oak finishes available, the first is solid timber with a delightful natural oak finish and a more affordable Chinese MDF natural oak finish, lighter in weight and with the same design appeal as the solid wood.

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