Friday 23 July 2010

Esse Stoves

Esse stoves are some of the finest stoves available and they come with all different types of styles and different fuel options. Some of the best Esse stoves are the gas options which include the 200 and the 500 which both have a fantastic build quality and are very reliable.

Esse 200 conventional flue gas stoveThe Esse 200 provides a maximum heat output of 4.7Kw which is more than enough to heat any room. With the 200 the user also gets the opportunity to purchase the Auto Remote Control System (ARCS), which is well worth the money. This system allows the user to programme when they want the stove to turn out throughout the day so that they don’t have to fiddle about with different temperatures. The ARCS also monitors the room temperature and will adjust the stove heat to suit the preferences of the user. If you didn’t want to pay for the remote control system then the temperature of the stove can easily be adjusted manually. The Esse 200 provides a traditional design that would look good in any room and the coal fuel effect has a fantastic flame effect with glowing coals to make it look as realistic as possible.

The Esse 500 stove is a traditional stove with a cast iron construction which is very well built. The 500 provides a maximum heat output of 3.5Kw which is perfectly capable of heating any room. Esse have provided the 500 with an award winning engine which means that you know that it is going to be a quality product that will provide a brilliant heat output. For the design of the stove Esse brought in leading designer Paul Galley to help them create a stove that would look good in any home.

Esse 500 conventional flue Gas Stove for chimneysOverall if looking for a well made reliable stove then Esse would be your best choice. The Gas stoves provided are all equipped with the latest safety features and with the 200 using the ARCS they are using all the latest technology to make sure that their stoves are the best available.

Esse produce some brilliant multi fuel stoves that range in different designs and different options with the fire. All of the stoves on offer are created with high quality materials and therefore very reliable.

Esse 525 flue Stove for chimneysEsse’s traditional stoves have all traditional design features but with modern technologies such as an Afterburn and a pre heated secondary airwash system. These features make these stoves some of the best around. Esse also offer a range of contemporary design such as the 125 and the 525 which are made with a solid steel body and stainless steel body. The contemporary designs are a lot different design wise but would still look good in the majority of homes because of the brilliant design and features.

The 500 and the 525 come with the added option of increasing the size of the legs for different reasons. The 525 with the extended legs can store wood underneath which saves on storage space, and the 500 provides a more compact size when the additional legs aren’t attached.

Esse 125 flue Stove for chimneysEsse’s 125SE and 100SE both are approved to burn wood in smoke controlled areas which make them an ideal wood burner for urban households. There are also wood burning kits on a number of the Esse multi fuel stoves. Esse offer the 700-27B which is a large boiler stove which provides a carbon neutral heating option by heating up the room and also attaching to a central heating system. The 700-27B also uses all the latest technology and has unique handless doors which use springs and a latch to open using a key at the side of the stove.

Overall Esse stoves provide a reliable well made stove throughout their range, one of the best being the 525 multi fuel stove which has been designed in a contemporary design with precision detail in every feature. The 525 also provides the option of longer legs so that wood can be stored underneath.

Esse Stoves

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