Friday 23 July 2010

New Apex Infinity and Desitiny Fires Cause Storms

If you are someone looking for a designer hole in the wall natural gas fire and you have a class 1 chimney or class 2 prefabricated flue with an inset depth of 320mm then let me recommend the Apex Destiny.

The Apex Destiny hole in the wall gas fire, like many others, has a choice of fuel beds, however the Destiny fire comes with a choice of 5. These are all realistic, none of the fake/plastic looking stones here, they have traditional logs, that look more like log chippings, lava rocks which look good and unusual as a fuel bed, classic realistic coal effect, stylish homely driftwood and clean fresh pebbles. As hole in the wall gas fires go, the Apex Destiny gives off lots of heat, it is open fronted and has a choice of interior. A classic black interior gives a feeling of depth and allows the flame and frame to stand out as they contrast. The modern brushed steel interior gives more of a stylish feel, reflecting light and heat back into the room.

If your looking to buy a hole in the wall fire or hang on the wall fire it is noticeable that many of the designs are similar, this Destiny fire seems to have taken the landscape designed fire and move it on for the next generation, for this Apex and the Destiny hole in the wall gas fire should be commended.

Apex have released somewhat of a special hole in the wall gas fire coined the Infinity, the Infinity gas fire is a truly a designer fire in every aspect, being aphetically pleasing and made with quality in mind, offering a multitude in finishes and fuel bed effects which will appease more affluent of tastes without leaving you financially destitute.

Looking at the Apex Infinity in more depth it has an impressive output of nearly four kilowatts, manual control is standard however a remote control can be purchased to add to the luxury of the piece. This stunning open fronted hole in the wall gas fire has a choice of style to frame the fire.

The Infinity arena frame is an oval frame, available in brushed steel or chrome, creates a statement in itself and draws the eye towards the fire, realistic fuel bed, and natural gas flame. For a more clean line style the Infinity minimalistic frame would be recommended, available in chrome, brushed steel and classic black, it lets the fire itself show off the quality and design and realistic fuel bed effect. The Infinity’s final frame design option is the traditional frame, which gives a bevelled outline to a modern look, picture framing the fire like a piece of art.

Apex have out done themselves by also offering an array of realistic fuel bed effects, these include coal, driftwood, lava rocks, logs and pebbles and a choice of back to the fire of either a curved back, with style and simplicity or an illusion back which adds to the focal point with warmth and depth.

To conclude the Apex Infinity gas fire is a natural gas fire that will create a focal piece displaying style and quality and will surely be must have fire for 2010 and subsequent years there after.

Whilst looking for a quality fire, or fireplace or suite, then why not look Apex range. This brand is one that has a vast array of products of good quality that are competitively priced.

When looking through the Apex range, it seems that they are more focused on the contemporary to modern, this assumingly is the area to be in, but surely a few products with more of a traditional feel would increase their sales and notoriety. Surely it couldn’t hurt to branch into this area rather than ostracize this proportion of the market?

Having said this Apex has a selection of stoves, and stoves themselves have somewhat of a traditional feel, and Apex also have a number of inset fires, however it seems that Apex focuses more on the hole in the wall fires, or hang on the wall fires. The difference between the two may not be apparent, but hole in the wall fires need a hole for them to be fitted into, usually a chimney breast, and hang on the wall fires, although needing to be fixed securely to a wall, have more flexibility in their positioning, some don’t even need external ventilation.

There are a multitude of choice of these generally landscape modern wall fires in the Apex range, if these type of fires, being modern and contemporary in design, are what you are looking for than look no further, but please look at the detail.

Many of these modern wall fire designs look similar to each other, at a glance it might look like three or four designs with altering sizes, or displayed at differing angles. These fires do have plenty of differences, like curved or straight fascias, alternative fuel beds of coal or wood or fashionably pebbles, (pebbles don’t generally combust… personal experience that is, but they do create a lovely effect).

Many of these hang on the wall fires, or hole in the wall fires come with remote controls which adds to their appeal, also many are recommended not to have televisions mounted above them, which could detract from their appeal, depending on your needs. When buying an Apex fire, or any fire, make sure you know what requirements a fire should have. For example if you wish to use the fire solely as a feature in a room then you shouldn’t have too much trouble, but if you need a fire as a main source of heat, or wish to have a TV mounted above a fire, or a fire as part of your central heating, then this may alter the amount of fire choice you have.

The best way to avoid disappointment is to ask someone with experience or good knowledge of the fire market. This could be a gas safe registered installer or a qualified electrician (depending on the type of fire being purchased) or even the vendor selling the product, or manufacturers of the fire themselves should offer advice or support on their product, it might be slightly biased advice, but advice all the same.

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