Friday 23 July 2010


Paragon offer a wide range of quality products with innovative technology and design ideas, Paragon also aim to allow the customer to choose how they want their fire to look and how they want it to run. Paragon have created several different types of fire such as open fronted gas fires, electric fires, hole in the wall gas fires and also high efficiency fires.

Paragon OneSome of Paragon’s open fronted gas fires such as the Paragon One and the 2000 Plus come with a range of different trims so that you can customise the fire to suit the surroundings, along with the trim you can also choose the fret from a lot of different styles and finishes. Both the Paragon Oneand the 2000 Plus have a high maximum heat output of 4.2kW and an efficiency of 60% making them one of the most powerful Paragon fires available. The 2000 Plus is also available with the ‘Turbo’ option that is a powerflue for the Paragon range, the powerflue fire is designed for anyone who doesn’t have a chimney or flue as the fumes are removed horizontally through the external wall.

The Paragon Symphony and the Paragon Quartet are two of the best examples of high efficiency fire that Paragon has available. They have both been contemporary styled and are hole in the wall gas fires so they will look good in any surrounding. These glass fronted high efficiency fires produce a maximum heat output of 4.2kW (Symphony) and an efficiency of 84%!!

Paragon AmaraParagon have created a range of electric fires that have some of the innovative flame effects on the market, combined with contemporary designs and a range of options make them some of the best electric fires available. The Paragon Medi andAmara are the two best electric fires that Paragon currently have available because of their simple contemporary style with unique backlight function. These fires produce a maximum heat output of 1.5kW and would look good in any home and surrounding.

Paragon fires are only available as showroom exclusives and would not be able to be purchased online; a recommended showroom would be the Fireplace Megastore who have a number of Paragon fires on display.

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