Thursday 29 July 2010

Esse Firewall Flueless Gas Fire

The Esse Firewall is a designer range of flueless gas wall hung fires that are available in 41 and 48 inch widescreen versions. These fires feature catalytic converter technology that allows the fire to achieve 100% efficiency, only giving out Carbon Dioxide and Water vapour. These cutting edge fires feature a 10 year catalytic converter guarentee and are not susceptible to flue blockages or downdraughts which are problems for conventional flued appliances. These problems can cause the build up of dangerous Carbon Monoxide if not checked on a regular basis.

The Esse Firewall range are available in an ultra stylish black glass finish with a realisitic dancing flame effect. The 41 inch widescreen version provides 2600w of heat and the 48 inch widescreen version has a heat output of of 3.5kW, both bring warmth and style to any wall and can be located anywhere there is a gas supply.

A must for any contemporary living space with the stylish black glass finish and optional remote control allowing for easy operation of the fire from anywhere in the room. The Firewall Widescreen is easily mounted on most internal walls allowing for use as a unique and eye-catching focal point in kitchen, study or games room.

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