Friday 23 July 2010

Crystal Fires

Crystal Fires mainly deals with gas fires and have a wide range of different designs available so that they will look good in any home. The majority of Crystal Fires are hole in the wall or inset fires which means they will fit in any room without taking up much space. Some of the Crystal fires that are available come with a variety of different options such as having either wood, pebbles or driftwood on the fire. Also there is a choice between natural gas and LPG; some of the fires on offer also come with the option of having a remote to control the fire which makes everything a lot easier.

The designs that are used by Crystal Fires are all very modern using innovative and creative ideas to create a fire that looks good in any surrounding.

The majority of Crystal Fires that are available have a maximum heat output of 3.9Kw which is perfectly suitable to heat any room and not waste a lot of energy, they can also be used in standard brick chimneys and Pre fabricated flues, some also have the option of using a precast flue depending on what is currently used in the building.

At the same time as creating beautiful looking fires, Crystal Fires offer the customer very competitive prices which makes them a brilliant option for anyone looking for a new fire.

Crystal Fires have a fire to suit everybody’s different tastes in fires because of the vast range of design ideas and the flexibility that is available because of the different options that come with each fire.

My personally recommended Crystal Fires would be:

  • Crystal Fires Sunrise Deco Gas FireCrystal Fires Sunrise Deco Gas Fire – The sleek design of this fire makes it look good in any home and the option of having four different fuel effects, coals, logs, lava pebbles and driftwood, makes this fire ideal for anyone looking for a new contemporary style fire.

  • Crystal Fires Jewel Horizon Gas FireCrystal Fires Jewel Horizon Gas Fire – This fire has been chosen because of the sheer amount of different options that are available so that you can add your own personal touch to the fire, for example, the fire comes with the option of having a remote to control the fire with from the comfort of your own chair.

  • Crystal Fires Ruby ContemporaryCrystal Fires Ruby Contemporary Gas Fire – I chose this fire because it is very contemporary and would suit the majority of households, it is also very good value for money with its manufacturer’s five year guarantee.

  • Crystal Fires Sunrise Petit Horizon Frame Gas FireCrystal Fires Sunrise Petit Horizon Frame Gas Fire – This fire also has a five year guarantee but it costs a little more than the previous fire. The design of this is very modern and the inner and outer parts of the fire can be adjusted to suit the owners own tastes. It also comes with the usual options of fuel effects.

  • Crystal Fires Saphire Mk2 Black GasCrystal Fires Saphire Mk2 Black Gas Fire – The Mk2 gas fire that Crystal Fires have available is a modern fire that only has a depth of 100mm so will be able to fit into most houses without being an inconvenience.

I would recommend a Crystal Fires to anyone that wanted to add a well designed and efficient fireplace to their home, people who buy a Crystal Fire will also get the promise that it is a quality product with additional features to change the fires colour and features to suite the user.

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