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Fire, Fireplace and Stoves is a free Blog site for the Fire, fireplace and Stove industry, all you need to do is contact us with your info and we'll post the details within 3 working days.

So this site is intended to inform you of:

  • New Products
  • Updates from all the Largest manufactuers
  • Where to buy your next Fire and Fireplace From
  • What to look out for in your next purchase

Recent Updates

Celsi Fires Now in the UK

Celsi fires have now been released in the UK, with great reviews all over, the new technology is virtually a computer pretening to be a fire, with clean looks and great prices they are bound to be a hit.

Legend Fires Evora HE Gas Fire

Legend Fires Evora HE Contemporary Gas Fire new in the UK, with choice of fuel effect , manual control, choice of finish, suitable for class 1, 2 flues with a maximum heat output of 3.8kW

Laura Ashley Fireplaces

Laura Ashley Fireplaces have released several new Fireplaces onto the Market, all manufactured by the High Quality Katell Fireplaces, These surrounds are going into shops all over the UK, one of the Largest is Fireplace Megastore in Chester

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