Thursday 11 July 2013

Ekol 'Crystal' Advanced Cleanburn Technology

The Ekol 'Crystal' range has been designed by Cleanburn Technology Experts to provide the ultimate Cleanburning Smokeless Woodburning Stoves suitable for use in all of the UKs towns and cities designated smokeless zones, including the strictly controlled Central London areas.
The Clean-Burn result of a highly advanced combustion chamber means your chimney will show a clear vapour escaping instead of black smoke associated with regular stoves and fireplaces. Switching your existing fireplace or stove to the Ultra Cleanburning effects of the Ekol Crystal can reduce asthma related symptoms and other respiratory problems, both inside the house and for those in the local area.
Officially recognised by DEFRA, making it legal to burn wood in any Smoke Control Zone area of the UK, the Ekol Crystal range showed through rigorous testing that their smoke particle emissions are as little as just one third of the amount allowed to pass the stringent DEFRA approval.

Ekol Stoves have developed a technology whereby wood can now be burned so efficiently and cleanly that it can legally over-ride this legislation - Once again people in these areas are able to burn wood legally, using an Ekol Stove. Ekol stoves are officially a 'DEFRA Exempted Appliance'.
Most of the UKs population lives within Smokeless Zones so will require a DEFRA approved stove to legally burn wood.
Ekol Cleanburn Technology is not just for those in Smoke Control areas though - any one can benefit from Ekol Stoves, and here are just a few of the advantages.......
Firstly you will notice the glass on your stove is incredibly clean even compared to other modern stoves with airwash systems - this is simply because there is no longer the same amount of smoke and tar present. Also, the pre-heated Tertiary air System ensures the gases in the stove are not allowed to solidify.
Secondly, the "Dancing Flame" effect created by the Hot Air Injection System will have you mesmerised watching the fire burn.
Less Maintenance - Because the level of combustion is radically increased, much less ash is produced so the whole stove requires less cleaning. Also, the huge reduction of smoke and solid particles from the chimney mean less chimney sweeping.
Ease of use - Woodburning with Ekol Cleanburn Technology has never been easier. With three sets of Air Supply Vents giving you maximum control, the firebox Airsupply is quickly brought up to temperature allowing the stove to rapidly get to its most efficient operating temperature making it easy to get going and to maintain and refuel the fire.

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