Friday 27 August 2010

Apex: New Devotion Electric Fire

We at Fires/Fireplaces/Stoves are proud to be among the first to publish the latest exciting release from Apex: The Devotion Electric Fire.

The Apex Devotion Electric Fire comes from one of the UK's up and coming fire suppliers Apex, and they have designed this electric fire ideally for rooms with smaller proportions as the fire itself measures 25inches in width.

Compact in dimensions but easily competing with larger fire for heat output, functionality and design. The Apex Devotion has a maximum heat output of 2kW, and a low setting whereby 1kW of heat is emitted. The Apex electric fire also has the optional setting for flame effect only, where the stunning log fuel bed effect and unique led flame effect can be displayed without expelling any heat.

Apex have taken the LED technology they have honed on previous models and applied the energy saving lighting with fantastic results, including it not only within the new log fuel bed and flame effects, but also incorporating into the side lighting that is a great feature to the Devotion.

The side lighting allows a range of lighting effects, yellow, blue and purple side/back lighting can be opted for to suit or create mood lighting as and when desired. The lighting not only sets a mood but also highlights the design quality and finesse of the curved black mirrored glass fascia that frames the unique and appealing fire itself.

Apex also supply the Devotion with a state of the art battery operated remote control, which has the option to control the electric thermostatically controlled fire and the LED Fuel effect and back lighting too.

This fire is surely set to be another top seller for Apex, and it won't be long before all of us within the fireplace industry recognize and respect the electric fire named the Devotion.

Tuesday 24 August 2010

Aga Little Wenlock

The Little Wenlock range from well-known brand Aga is a popular compact stove designed to give a high heat output while also being very fuel efficient. The Aga Little Wenlock range features the Classic Multi-Fuel, SE Wood-Burning and the Little Wenlock Solid Fuel.
Every model of the Aga Little Wenlock range utilises the latest clean-burn technology to maximise efficiency and reduce the amount of unburnt carbon being released into the atmosphere.

The elegant cast-iron panels of these Aga Stoves are individually moulded in a hand-finished cast that allows Aga to create an exquisitely detailed and quality finish that has become the trademark of Aga stoves.The Wenlock stoves come in a high-quality cast matt finish. These Aga stoves are made out of cast iron, a material renowned for its heat retention propreties. This means that even long after the embers have died away the cast iron stove will still be emitting heat out into the room.

Unlike some other multi-fuel stoves, Aga incorporate the lastest technology into these timeless heating appliances to ensure that not only do they produce the most amount of heat from the fuel, but also that the amount of harmful materials released into the atmosphere is reduced.

The Little Wenlock stoves channel air below, around and above the firebox to create the optimum combustion environment. This airflow also means that any solid combustible material or gases that have been produced by the burning fuel are ignited, creating a secondary burn that dramatically increases the efficiency of the fire while releasing less harmful materials into the environment.

What most people do not see is that Aga stoves are pieces of precision design and engineering with ducts, baffles and channels that mean the air enters, circulates and then leaves the stove in the most efficient way possible. This is a must to get the most heat out of the fuel while being up to 81% efficient. This means your Little Wenlock stove is both economical and efficient.

The Aga Little Wenlock Solid Fuel is the first in the range, this compact, solid fuel stove featues a heat output of up to 5.7kW when burning wood, this is enough to rival some of the larger and more expensive stoves on the market. The small size of this stove means it is ideal for smaller living spaces while the high heat output means this little stove packs quite a punch. The Little Wenlock also features an airwash system that helps keep the glass clean and affording uninterrupted views of the fire inside.

Next in the range is the Little Wenlock SE wood burning stove, although very similar in appearance to the Classic Multi-fuel this stove burns wood so efficiently that it meets the strict specifications of the Clean Air Act (1956) and can be used to burn wood in Smoke Control Areas such as Liverpool, Manchester or Bristol. This wood burning stove could not be more eco-friendly when burning wood, which is carbon-neutral and can be obtained from a renewable source. This means there is no longer an excuse to not have a small but very stylish wood burning stove in your living room, available in a classic cast black finish with both top and rear flue exits allowing for maximum flexibility.

Last but not least the Aga Little Wenlock Classic Multi-Fuel, this stylish stove comes with a supplementary wood grate allowing the freedom and flexibility to burn wood as well as solid mineral fuels. This well-designed stove is ideal for smaller living spaces with the 4.7kW heat output that would easily heat the smaller living room.

Aga Little Wenlock Classic Multi Fuel Stove

Aga Little Wenlock SE Wood Burning Stove

Tuesday 17 August 2010

New Matchless Hole in the Wall Gas Fires

Recently released by Matchless Fires are two superb hole in the wall fires known as the Matchless 400 and the Matchless 600.
At first glance these products display contemporary design attributes and chic finishes, and look very similar, apart from the dimensions that is.
The Matchless 600 is the larger of the two as the names figures suggest, it is squarer in appearance and comes with the beautiful log with bark and embers fuel bed effect which creates a rustic and realistic look.
The Matchless 400 being the smaller fire still delivers style and quality as the 600 model but is more landscape in appearance. The The Matchless 400 comes with the choice of black quartz, white pebble or the realistic log fuel bed effect, (the pebbles and quartz both being supplied as standard).
Matchless Fires have given the option to alter the trim these fires and they both come with infrared fully sequential remote controls which adds to the overall quality finish of these high quality, high efficiency (84%) fires.
Suitable for fitting within chimneys only, (they can be used with class 1 or class 2 chimneys) and designed for natural mains gas use only and are available from only the highest quality online retailers.

Burley Fires

Burley Appliances produce a large range of excellent fires, they take pride in the quality of their Flueless gas fires and stoves. These fires and stoves boast 100% efficiency and at the time of this blog have saved Burley Customers 151, 882, 103.4 KWH of gas due to the high efficiency rating of the fire over more traditional fires and stoves.

Burley Fires produce a large range of gas and electric fires in both contemporary and traditional styling. The gas fires all feature a catalytic converter system that means no Burley Fire requires a chimney or flue, merely a vent in the room and a minimum room size. While the electric fires feature a realistic virtual flame effect and some fires feature a remote control as standard.

Burley introducted the fixed, flueless gas fire to Great Britain in 1999. Although these types of fires are still a relatively new concept into the UK, there are over 60 million of this type of catalytic gas fire in the US, Japan and Austrailia combined. Burley flueless gas fires offer a level of efficiency, convienience and safety which simply cannot be matched by conventionally flued fires.

We have entered an time of spiralling gas prices, gas shortages, economic instability and global warming. It would be short-sighted and unsustainable to continue wasting energy at such a rate when Burley offer an alternative product which is superior to flued fires in a number of ways.

The Burley Ambience is a great example of the quality flueless gas fires that Burley produce, this traditionally styled gas stove features a realistic log fuel effect and provides an impressive 3.5kW heat output, which is more than enough to heat the minimum room space of 40m3, as this is a flueless gas stove it does require ventilation somewhere in the room of at least 100cm2.

The Burley Ambience is available in both natural gas and LPG with a cast iron effect finish with 100% efficiency and would make a perfect focal point in a large open fireplace to give a traditional and rustic finish.

The Burley Allexton 520-R Electric fire, which is available for The Fireplace Megastore, is the ideal contemporary solution to those wishing for a hang-on-the-wall, picture frame electric fire. The Allexton 520-R is an open fronted electric fire with a pebble, shell and white stone fuel effect and realistic virtual flame effect and, as the R suggests in the name of the fire the Burley Allexton 520-R comes as standard with a remote control.

The Allexton, unlike most other electric fires which use a noisy fan than blows hot air and dust around the room, sometimes causing havoc with allergy sufferers. The Allexton features an integral ioniser that releases negative ions that actually remove dust and odours from the air, making the air fresher in the living space while The 1 or 2kW heat output also provides the ideal level of heat for a generous sized living room.

Last, but not least the Burley Weston is a free-standing, cast iron effect electric stove with a very realistic virtual flame effect and log effect that would help make the Weston a special little addition to any living room for that rustic feel. The Weston can be upgraded with a Sensa-Switch, this unique feature on certain Burley Fires means the stove can be controlled by a simple touch of a finger on the ergonomic touch pad. This eliminates the need for playing with fiddely buttons or switches.

The Burley Weston features a 1 or 2Kw electric fan heater mounted under the stove that will help circulate the heat effectively around the room and quickly take the cold edge off a room.

Friday 13 August 2010

Electric Fires

Electric fires are sometimes the only option for people who do not have a natural gas or LPG connection, but this isnt a reason for disappointment, technology in electric fires has been evolving, now you do not have to put up with a light-bulb under an orange perspex bowl if you do not want to.

The Fireplace Megastore offers a brilliant range of electric fires, either to replicate the look and feel of a traditional gas or solid fuel fire but also a range of contemporary fires such as the Bemodern Arizona.

The Bemodern Arizona is a Glass fronted hang on the wall electric fire which is available in 2 sizes either the adequately sized 36inch or in a stunning 42inch version at additional cost.
The Arizona features LED lights that are incredibly energy efficient and are able to produce a variety of colour effects in 3 stages. You can change the colour to suit your mood and create the perfect ambience with this wall mounted electric suite. The Arizona features a stunning and brand new innovative flame effect with colour changing LEDs that really grab attention. This contemporary fire also features a Thermostatically controlled Remote control as standard that allows you to change the Heat and Light settings from the comfort of your chair.

For ultimate realism Dimplex have produced the Opti-myst range of fires that use atomised water as a screen to project flame effects onto. Although impressive this fire requires a large amount of cleaning, topping up of water and care to ensure reliable operation, Opti-myst fires can only use filtered water to project the flame effect onto, this further adds to the running costs of the fire and reduces the value for money.

Electric fires aren't just confined to the inset or hang-on-the-wall, Fireplace Megastore also offer an impressive range of electric suites and stoves from well-known and high-quality manufacturers such as Burley, Gazco or Apex.

Gazco produce a high-quality range of stoves such as the Gazco Ashdon Electric Stove. The cast iron body, almost identical to the Gazco Ashdon gas stoves, and the ultra-realistic fuel effect combine to create a very realistic electric stove producing up to 2kW of heat with built in thermostatic control. The Gazco Ashdon is also available in a choice of three, high-quality, enamel finishes aswell such as Laurel Green, Ivory or Midnight Blue to help make this stove the feature of any living space.

Wednesday 11 August 2010

How To Light A Wood Burning Stove

When lighting a stove for the first time it is important to allow time for the materials of the stove to adapt to the increased temperatures. For this reason it is normally recommended that a small fire be lit in the stove without excessive stoking for a period of 12 hours to allow the stove to adjust to the higher temperature and allowing the paint to fully cure. Failure to do so may result in the stove craking and no longer being fit for purpose.

These four simple steps should allow you to light your wood burning stove and operate the stove for maximum efficiency.

Step 1

Open all air controls fully

Step 2

Scrunch and roll up some newspaper and place it at the back of the stove, then carefully place a small amount of tinder or kindling over the newspaper and then cover this with some slightly larger pieces of wood. Then light the fire and close the door.

This stage is conventionally the smokiest stage of lighting a fire. This is because the stove is cold, the wood is cold, this draws all the heat out of the fire. All air controls are open to allow more air to the fire and produce a hot flame. This hot flame primes the chimney and helps produce the strong draft and drive the moisture out of the firewood, both required for an efficient fire.

Step 3
Allow this small starter fire to burn until all the wood is burning well. After this is possible to slowly add more pieces of wood.

It is essential, for the burning of an efficient fire, not to add too much fuel at once or make large changes to the air controls. Adding too much fuel can dramatically reduce the temperature of the fire and stove and release more smoke, which is wasted combustion materials and allow them to simply escape up the chimney. Gradual changes will help the fire burn more smoothly and efficiently.

Step 4
Once the fire is well established then the bottom air controls can be closed, allowing all the air to controlled from the top, this will help burn the wood more efficiently while also affording better control of the burn rate. The bottom air controls should remain closed once the stove is up and running but if the fire is left to burn and burns down to a low level then the bottom air controls may be reopened in an attempt to relight the fire. This is because wood burns more efficiently when air is supplied from above the firebed rather than beneath it, this allows the volatile gases from the wood to adequately mix with the oxygen to produce and efficient burn.

Other Information
Small, fiercly burning fires are hotter than a large smoldering fire as a wood fire releases more heat when the fire has a bright flame. The agitated state of the flames of a bright fire allows a more efficient mixing of combustible gases that are released from the wood and the fresh air, producing a more efficient burn.
The slow smoldering burn of a large fire releases large amounts of thick, dense smoke, this potential heat energy then either escapes up the chimney to pollute the outside air or clings to the side of the chimney. A wood burning fire should be bright with an agitated flame throughout the burn cycle until reduced to ask.
A wood burning fire works most efficiently between approximately 150°C and 350°C which provides the most efficient burn rate compared to hea output while also being the most economical and safest temperature operating range. Too low and the volatile combustion gases may condense on the cool chimney walls forming tar like deposits, these deposits can then quickly build up and ignite, starting a dangerous chimney fire. While over 300° a large amount of heat will be lost up the chimney and the excessive temperatures may cause damage to the stove resulting in cracking or ignite an existing build up of tar like deposits in the chimney.

Firebelly FB1 Wood Stove

The modern and contemporary wood burning stove is the Firebelly FB1 Wood Burning Stove from Firebelly. Designed and hand-built in the UK this modern take on the wood burning stove breaks from convention.

People who have owned previous generations of wood-burning stove will know the stereotypical look of a wood burning stove, small squat cast iron block sitting in the fireplace with a small viewing window offering limited if not poor visibility of the impressive wood fire inside.

The Firebelly FB1 is unlike traditional stoves with an impressively large viewing window and modern design featuring an unique airwash system that helps keep the large viewing window clean. The well propotioned stove available in a range of colours, Charcoal, Pewter, Matt Black and Metallic Black which provides maximum flexibility to fit in with most living spaces.

The heat reflective brick lining of the FB1 keeps the firebed at an optimum temperature and allowing the wood to burn more efficiently with a maximum heat rating of 6kW and efficiency of up to 78%. A solid fuel kit is also available for this fire, allowing the flexibility of burning coal or charcoal briquettes while convection channels either side of the fire allow more heat to be evenly distributed throughout the roon. Intuitive controls and a stay cool handle also mean this stove is simple and easy to operate.

The clean unbroken vertical lines of the legs add vertical definition to a stove which sterotypically is a squat little thing, while the large viewing window dominates the front of the stove, affording the maximum possible view of the fire inside. The clean and uncluttered design of the fire also breaks from traditional cast iron fires that may feature decorative details cast into the side of the fire, the convection channels either side of the fire box circulate warm air are discreetly hidden either side of the fire so as not to distract from the crisp lines and clean design of the stove, and with 18 different colours to choose from, you can truly make the FB1 match your home or make it a true focal point by using a colour such as Shimmering Rose (Right)
The Firebelly FB1 is also available with a logbox which raises the height of the stove by 300mm to create a convientient and safe storage location for logs. The design of the logbox is in keeping with the clean and efficient design of the fire and simply bolts onto the bottom of the stove.
The Firebelly FB1 and rest of the Firebelly range is now available from The Stove Megastore

Carron Surrounds

Carron offer a brilliant range of fireplace surrounds in a variety of contemporary and traditional styles and finishes to make sure that there is one that is perfect for your home. Carron have made sure that each fireplace is unique with its original detailing and stylish features to complement the fire that has been chosen.

One of the finest surrounds that Carron offers is the Buckingham cast iron surround which features intricate detailing throughout the header and the legs that show the true quality of the material and the work that has gone into it. The Buckingham is one of the largest surrounds that Carron has to offer with a top shelf of 1730 mm which makes it more suitable for a large room.

Carron have some of the finest materials available with their surrounds such as solid oak, solid pine, cast iron, sheesham and solid acacia. These materials ensure that the surrounds supplied by Carron are amongst the best currently available in the UK.

Some of the more contemporary designs are mainly available in hardwood and come with simple clean designs that would suit any room. One of the best contemporary hard wood surrounds is the Vermont which is made from natural solid sheesham which provides a traditional feel to a contemporary styled surround.

One of the most unique surrounds that Carron has to offer is the Somerset Cast Iron because it is capable of adjusting the legs to change its opening width from anywhere between 940 mm -1020 mm. This feature is extremely useful when selecting a fire because it provides a lot more freedom of choice and also helps when installing the fire so that it fits perfectly into the surround.

All of the surrounds that Carron supply are available with a black granite hearth in a variety of different sizes and also with the options of a tongue and also a slabbed hearth which is required with a solid fuel fire.

Tuesday 10 August 2010

Carron Cast Iron Inserts

Carron are one of the leading British manufacturers by using traditional methods to create some of the finest cast iron products currently available in the UK. The cast iron inserts that Carron produce are available in a wide variety of traditional designs and finishes to complement the quality of the product.

One of the best cast iron inserts that is available from Carron is the Celtic Arch which is available in 4 different polished finishes and comes in a traditional Victorian arched design to suit any home. The Celtic Arch is also available with a choice between a natural gas or an LPG fire as well as a solid fuel option all of which are suitable for a class 1 & 2 chimney.

Each of the cast iron surrounds available from Carron are provided with a black granite hearth available in a variety of sizes and also available with options of a tongue and a slabbed hearth for solid fuel fires.

Carron have created some of the most unique fireplaces available with intricate detailing throughout the insert. The best example of this would be the Carron Rococo Cast Iron insert which features rococo styling in the arch with precise detailing. The styles that Carron have incorporated into their fireplaces range from Georgian designs circa 1840 to late Victorian design circa 1905 which truly shows the tradition of Carron.

A lot of Carron cast iron inserts are available with tile options so that you can customise the look of the fireplace to how you want it. There is a large variety of tiles that have been made available by Carron to make sure that you can choose exactly the one you want. A number of these tiles can also be purchased so that they can be changed to suit your room if you redecorate or simply fancy a change.

Carron cast iron inserts are a quality product and some of the finest cast iron inserts available, they are currently available from the Fireplace Megastore.

Creating A Quality Contemporary Fireplace For Under £800

For those looking to create a stylish, voguish and original fireplace but without the large budget to spend thousands of pounds on a fireplace and fire then for those with the luxury of a natural gas connection should read on for a very contemporary and modern fire surround but without creating a fireplace with a cold aesthetic.

The first thing you see when you look at a fireplace is the surround. To create a modern and contemporary feel without sucking the warmth out of the room and without breaking the bank, I would suggest the Bemodern Kansas in American Walnut. The rich dark colours of the Oak add a warmth to the surround not found in a beech, limestone or marble surround. The crisp straight lines and stepped finish frame the fire and draw attention in towards the surround and fire in the centre.

This rich and warm dark colours of the American Walnut would be prefectly complimented with the Black Granite Hearth and back panel. The deep black colour of the granite brings out the almost red colourings of the American Walnut and highlights the natural wood grain patterns.
For an even more contemporary touch this fire is available with optional downlights with a 25mm rebate, these would really add a contemporary touch with the downlights illuminating the back panel, hearth and fire and further drawing the eye to this stunning focal point.

The Bemodern Kansas is also available in a slightly lighter natural oak finish which retains the suggest of warmth unlike some lighter wood finishes and adds a degree of subtlety. It is also available with White Marble, Pearl stone or Marfil hearth and back panel sets which help frame the surround between the back panel and a pale coloured wall, this drains a little bit of colour out of the wood, making the American Walnut appear slightly less dark.

The perfect complimentary fire for this contemporary surround would be the Flavel Windsor Contemporary HE, this high efficiency glass fronted gas fire features a minimalist and post-modern design in stunning silver finish. The 89% net efficiency of this fire provides both convected warm air and radiated heat. This means thatonly 11% of the heat is wasted up the chimney for ultimate value for money, while the 3.2kW efficiency means that more than enough heat is generated to warm the definitive living room.

The minimalist silver finish design features a ultra-realistic coal or pebble fuel effect with a realistic core glow for added realism and quality details such as the ribbed fireback.The strong horizontal lines of the fret detail work well with the crisp lines of the wooden surround and help turn the fire and surround into a stunning fireplace, while the stylish stainless steel trim contrasts against the dark colours to really draw attention to the fire and frame the glowing flames in the centre in front of a black ribbed fireback.

Together the Bemodern Kansas fireplace surround in American Walnut and the Flavel Windsor Contemporary HE combine to create a vogue and contemporary fireplace while maintaining the warmth and natural feel of a traditional fireplace. The glow from the living flame effect combined with the warming colours of the American Walnut really create an ambience best saved for cold, dark winter nights with the fire projecting the warming glow into the room and creating that warm ambience that only a fire can provide on a cold and dark wintery night.

This creative fireplace that would become an amazing focal point in most living spaces with contemporary furnishings and even more-so during the dark winter months when the 3.2kW of convected and radiated heat count just as much as the warm, contemporary aesthetic.

The Bemodern Kansas and Flavel Windsor Contemporary HE are available from the Fireplace Megastore for just £781, this amazing deal saves £185 on the RRP and means that for well under £1000 you can own a stunning modern fireplace that will be the focal point of your living room for years to come.

Everything that has been described above is now available from The Fireplace Megastore

Please note the above image features the Bemodern Sensation and not the Flavel Windsor Contemporary HE,

Image displays surround in American Walnut with Black Granite Heath & Back Panel

Monday 9 August 2010

What Is The Difference Betwen Normal And High Efficiency Fires?

With everyone feeling the pinch in this fragile economy, the tough recession of last year and rising energy prices efficiency of your gas fire is a big concern.
When purchasing a gas fire you will see a number of fires with HE or High Effiency in the title, but what is the difference between these and the normal ones? and how does a fire get HE or High Efficiency in the title?

In all honesty any manufacturer could stick HE or High Efficiency in the name of a fire if it was above their average efficiency rating, this could be done as a marketing ploy or as a reason to raise the price a little bit. This, while under-handed is not a commonplace tactic however, most manufacturers apply HE or High Efficiency to a fire that is above approximately 70% efficient.
But what is the difference between a normal and a HE fire?

The most noticable and most commonplace difference would be a glass-front. Common Sense would suggest that putting a glass front on a fire would prevent the heat entering the room and push it all up the chimney, but this common assumption is actually the opposite of what happens and actually dramatically reduces the draw of the fire so less heat is drawn up and out through the chimney. It also means that when the fire is not in use there is less of a draft running through the house. Although heat-proof, the ceramic glass will also radiate heat, this is the same infra-red, this is the same type of heat that is given off by glowing embers or logs.

The second is a convector box, this is a channel that goes around the back of the firebox, allowing cold air to be drawn in at the bottom of the fire, warmed as it travels around the back of the fire and then allowed to leave at the top of the fire. This utilises the natural convection of air to circulate the heat around the room. The glass front also holds the hot air from the fire for longer allowing more of the heat to be transferred to the air circulating around the back and increasing the efficiency further.

One of the more efficient HE gas fires on the market is the Apex Capacious which has an efficient rating of 89% this means that only 11% of the energy is wasted up the chimney and when compared to something like the Valor Seattle at 51% efficiency then it is a saving of 38% which is quite considerable, especially in this economic climate and rising energy prices. This could equate to saving 10p every three hours the fires are lit at the average gas price of 2.2p per kW/h which would quickly add up and start saving pounds instead of pennies.

Friday 6 August 2010

New Kinder Fires Range

The Kinder Fires range features a wide variety of modern and traditionally designed fires, from the Kinder Fires Concept Hole-In-The-Wall to the Kinder Fires Dakota Inset Fire. There is a Kinder Fire that would look stunning in most living rooms.
Passion HE
The Kinder Fires Passion HE Hole-In-The-Wall gas fire is a highly contemporary gas fire, available in Champagne or Polished Silver, The Passion is suitable for class 1 or 2 chimney or flue has a high 87% efficiency rating and develops 4.3kW of heat energy from the dancing flame effects on either coal or pebbles. The Kinder Passion is a glass fronted, natural gas fire that comes as standard with a Flame Supervision Device that will turn the gas supply off if the fire goes out or becomes unstable and a fully automatic remote control. This fire is semi-inset into the wall and has a protrusion of 110mm into the room, with an inset depth of 70mm. The frame takes influence from the Bauhaus and Cusit movements, using strong lines and sharp contrast to draw the eye into the fire in the center and become a focal point of the living space.
The Revolution is a Glass-fronted, high-efficiency fully inset gas fire from Kinder Fires. It is incredibly efficient with an efficiency rating worth boasting about at 93% and producing 4.3kW of both radiant and convected heat to to help take that wintry edge off and create an warming ambiance in most sized living rooms. The Kinder Fires Revolution comes with a plain effect black fire back and features a full-depth, realistic coal fuel effect. The Revolution is available in Brass, Silver, Brushed Steel or Black, in either standard, Chamfered or Cast Iron finishes, these finishes compliment the variety of frets available with the fire, also available in Silver, Brass or Black. This highly efficient fire is only available running on natural gas with either manual control or a fully automatic remote control. The Kinder Fires Revolution is a balanced flue fire, designed for homes without a chimney or flue but have access to an external wall, the fire also comes with the Flame Supervision Device as standard to cut the gas supply if the fire goes out or becomes unstable. With the large variety of trim and frets this fire is ideal for any living room as it can have either a more traditional or contemporary look depending on the finish and fret detail.
The Kinder Fires Concept is an open-fronted, hole-in-the-wall style fire which is also available to go onto a hearth, suitable for a class 1 or 2 chimney or flue. This modernist fire features a dancing flame natural gas flame on a realistic log fuel effect in front of a contemporary reflective curved black interior, this helps emphasis the flame effect in the center and adds to the quality feel of the fire. The Kinder Fires Concept Gas Fire comes standard with a sequential, battery operated remote control and is available with either Black sides and silver fret edgings or with silver sides and edgings. The adjacent image displays the Kinder Fires Concept fire with Silver sides and Fret edgings, this creates a very modernist fire with the two vertical silver pieces framing the fire and making the flames and realistic log fuel effect the focal point of the fire.
Proclaim Hole-In-The-Wall
Another stunning Hole-In-The-Wall style fire from Kinder Fires is the Proclaim Hole-In-The-Wall fire running on natural gas. This stylish and contemporary gas fire is suitable for class 1 chimney or 400mm, 4” lined or twin wall flue, The Proclaim is also available in a balance flue version for households who do not have a chimney or flue. Both the High-Efficiency, conventional flue and the balanced flue versions are glass fronted with the HE version giving out 4.3kW of heat and the balanced flue version emitting 5.5kW of heat. Both these fires have the benefit of emitting both radiant and convected heat which helps the warm air circulate around the room and create the sought after effect of sitting in front of a warm fire. The fires are both available in either Black & Stainless Steel or Bronze & Champagne with the balanced flue fire also available in All Black, The Proclaim can either feature a Cream or Black fire back with a realistic log fuel effect and comes standard with a fully automatic remote control.
Kinder Fires also produce the Kinder Fires Camber, this inset gas fire runs on natural gas and is suitable for class 1 or 2 chimneys and flues, both precast and prefabricated. The Kinder Fires Camber is available in Champagne trim with a Cream ribbed back or in Silver with either a Black or Cream ribbed fire back with a pebble fuel effect. This fire features a stainless steel burner for exceptional reliability and performance, generating 3.3kW of radiant heat and can be upgraded with a fully automatic remote control. This contemporary inset fire combines simple and effective design with impressive performance and reliability to ensure maximum value for money.
The Cameo is another quality fire that is produced by Kinder Fires, The stunning Hole-In-The-Wall, High-Efficiency, Balanced Flue fire running on natural gas comes with a ultra-realistic log fuel effect that showcases the dancing flame effect. Much like the Kinder Fires Caesar, the Cameo features a Flame Supervision device to shut off the gas supply if the fire becomes unstable or goes out. The Kinder Fires Cameo is available in Black & Black, Black & Silver or Bronze & Champagne with each of these available with either a Black or Cream ribbed fire back and features a hand held remote control as standard. This High Efficiency gas fire develops 4.2kW of maximum heat output. The stylish two-colour designer frame helps draw attention to the realistic dancing flames in the center and help make this Hole-In-The-Wall gas fire the focal point it deserves to be and ideal for any modern living space, particularly in a property where there isn't the space for a traditional fireplace and surround.
A great example of a balanced flue gas fire from Kinder Fires is the Kinder Fires Limours Balanced Flue Gas Fire. The Kinder Limours is Kinder's first example of a dedicated balanced flue gas fire. This fire can be run on LPG or natural gas and features a balanced flue system, this makes the fire suitable for properties without a chimney or flue but do have an exterior wall for the fire to be flued through. This glass fronted fire is 79% efficient and gives out 4.2kW of heat while featuring a stylish rock aggregate fuel effect with safety features such as the Flame Supervision Device and Oxygen Depletion Sensor.The advantage of this fire is it can be hung on the wall to minimise building work or can be fully inset with an additional frame. The Limours is finished in a modern and contemporary graphite finish with minmalist Stainless Steel Frame to break up the solid graphite finish and add to the modernist feel.
Oasis High Efficiency
The Oasis HE is a high-efficiency, glass-fronted fire from Kinder Fires. The Oasis HE is 89% efficient and develops 4kW of both convected and radiated heat, this fire runs on natural gas and is suitable class 1,2 and prefabricated flues and chimneys. Featuring a realistic coal fuel effect and with ten different trims to choose from and sixteen frets, there are 160 total ways to style this fire and even more choice with the optional slide or automatic remote control. The Kinder Fires Oasis, with the 160 different ways to design this fire could be styled to suit most living spaces with traditional or contemporary furnishing.

This stunning piece of fireplace design is the my favourite of the Kinder range and it is the Kinder Fires Eden HE Hole-In-The-Wall Gas fire. This fire features a dancing flame effect on either contemporary white stones or traditional log fuel effect behind a glass front. Designed to be a contemporary and minimalist fire, The Kinder Fires Eden comes as standard without a trim, preserving the minimalist design although Slimline and Deluxe metal trims are available, with the slimline trim offering a simple polished metal frame or the deluxe trim using four separate pieces of polished metal to frame the fire and create a mode cubist feel. The Eden develops 5.2kW of heat energy running on Natural Gas or LPG and is suitable for a class 1 or 2 chimney or flue. Much like other fires in the Kinder range such as the Passion HE or the Caesar the Eden features a Flame Supervision Device and an Oxygen Depletion Sensor.
The Kinder Fires Range one of the most attractive and wide range of fires on the market with something for almost every living space, whether post-modern, contemporary or traditionally furnished. The range offers everything from a traditional gas fire such as the Kinder or a flexible fire suited to almost any decor style like the Kinder Fires Oasis HE and fires that make a design statement such as the Kinder Fires Eden.

Thursday 5 August 2010

My Gas Fire Won't Light - Oxygen Depletion Sensor (OSD)

Broseley Fires New Cast Iron Stoves

Broseley fires have expanded their range of cast iron stoves. Broseley Fires Limited are a well established company, renowned for high quality and safety. Broseley have learned to move with times and have the ability to partner modern technological advancements with the traditional skills required in the cast iron stove manufacturing process.

Broseley have all the tools necessary to research, develop and construct high quality stoves time and time again and never fail to deliver the best product possible time and time again.

Most recently Broseley Fires have released 3 stunning additions to their comprehensive range, 2 of which are balanced flue versions of already highly successful stoves, the Canterbury stove and the Lincoln stove.

Broseley fires have also introduced an electric version of the supremely desirable Serrano 3 cast iron stove.

The appearance of these stoves alters only slightly to the multi fuel and or conventional flue models, the main reason for expanding the already successful range of stoves is so that homes without a class 1 chimney or class 2 prefabricated flue can have access to such outstanding cast iron products.

My Gas Fire Won't Light - Thermocouple

The thermocouple is the pilot's, well, co-pilot! It is the electronic device that senses if the pilot flame is hot enough to sustain burning the gas fuel from the burner of the fire. If the thermocouple thinks it's safe, then it keeps open the main gas valve located in the pilot assembly. If the thermocouple does not sense enough heat from the pilot flame (such as when the pilot is out), then the thermocouple shuts off the gas valve to the burners.

How the Thermocouple Works
So what is this thing and how does it work? Well the thermocouple (technically called a thermocouple junction) is a device that contains two metal wires welded at the ends and placed inside a protective metal case. The thermocouple sensor is found at the business end of the pilot flame and is designed to be placed in the hottest part of the flame. The other end is connected to the pilot valve body. As the thermocouple heats up, it produces a small amount of electricity and when it gets hot enough from the pilot, send a signal to open the gas valve by using a solenoid operated by a 24 volt transformer. The thermocouple calls the shots, and by converting heat to an electrical signal, it allows the gas valve to open or close.

Once the gas valve is open, gas is then constantly supplied to the pilot and as required for the gas burners (as called for by the thermostat). If the pilot goes out, then the thermocouple gets cold and produces no electric signal to open the gas valve's solenoid and the gas valve shuts off the gas supply to the pilot and burners. All very clever stuff!

Problems with Thermocouple
Thermocouple problems on Gas Fires

My Gas Fire Won't Light - Pilot Assembly

Gas fires can occasionally go wrong, but luckily there are only a few main causes. The most common one....the dreaded pilot assembly.

This is a simple bit of a fire, which is the main connection between flame and also quite important. If you hear your fire click several times, and the gas is turned on but no flames, then its probably to do with this small section of burner.

How does a Gas Fire Pilot light Work?
The pilot assembly main job is to light the gas. When you turn your gas knob (or push the button on your remote if your fancy) this firstly turns on a small bit of gas to the pilot pipe [small side pipe from main gas supply], you can see the top of the gas pipe on the bottom left (the brass pipe). As you continue to turn the knob you feel a click, this is the peizio ignition, basically a small bit of electronics that turns kinetic energy into electricity, so when this part clicks an electric voltage is sent up through the blue electric wire you see on the right, and this jumps from the wire at the top and creates a spark. Because the gas is leaking out then it will light it.

Problems with Pilot lights
Pilot lights can have a couple of main issues, the main issue is that the sparking wire is placed too close into the top of the flame (the yellow bit) the reason this causes a problem is that the yellow flame produces carbon, as its not fully combusted. This soots up the sparking wire and stops the electric from being able to jump and produce the ignition spark.

The second problem is quite a simple one, the wire that is position in the gas to spark it, is metal, and metal can move in heat, so if you see a spark but it takes while to light, then the reason is because the spark wire has moved away from the gas, so it will not light until more gas has entered the fire and makes it easier to spark. This is quite a dangerous thing, as with open fronted fires, this can mean you have to risk allowing a big build up of gas before sparking.
Basic hint...if you can smell gas its not good!
If you do not feel any pressure from your control knob or do not hear the fire clicking, then it possible there is an issue with your peizio ignition / Battery pack. On some fancy fires if you turn your TV off and put the cat outside you will always hear a clicking noise which in some cases will continue until the main fire lights. Normally this is only for ones with remote controls. This is the pilot continually trying to light the burner and will try about 10 times until the thermocouple heats up. If this doesn't heat up, it is a safety device that will not allow the main gas burner to leak. If you try the control knob and there is no click then its time for another Peizio ignition system. Normally a battery should last around 2000 lightnings dependent upon power consumption and size, but this is a good guide.

Pilot lights should be a nice blue colour, there not big, but they are quite clever. If yours is large and yellow there is something wrong and you should have a Gas Safe Registered Installer look at it. But with modern technology and prices coming down every day, I'd say it was about time to invest in a High Efficiency Gas Fire, one with a glass front. Just as Fireplace Megastore how they can benefit you.

Wednesday 4 August 2010

Gazco Studio 2 Kelper

The Gazco Studio 2 Kelper is one of the first hole-in-the-wall gas fires of it's type, specifically designed to allow a flat-screen style TV to be mounted on the wall above the fire, this is as long as the chimney the Gazco Studio is fitted into has adequate "draw" and the tv is situated a minimum of 450mm above the fire. But it is always recommended to check with the manufacturer of the television before installing the television to ensure nothing happens to that nice shiny big screen TV!

This open fronted gas fire from Gazco is suitable for a class 1 chimney or 175mm metal prefabricated flue and develops 2.2kW of heat when running on Natural gas and 2.3kW when running on LPG. This may seem respectable on it's own but as they are open fronted fires they are only approximately 25% as a large amount of the heat will be drawn up the chimney and not radiated into the room.

Unlike almost every other fire that utilises metal and plastic to create the desired effect, this unique fire uses a solid Walnut wood fascia panel, this combined with the optional Black Granite lined interior and white pebble fuel effect create a unique and natural design statement.

The natural colours, patterns and knotting of the Walnut help almost give a warm feel even without the fire being lit. But when it is lit the darkness of the Black Granite interior contrasts with the white pebble fuel effect and really highlights the dancing flame effect and with the Solid Wooden frame projects the fire out into the room.
This stunning modern fireplace is unique among hole-in-the-wall fires with the solid Walnut front and can help create an incredibly interesting focal point in any living space, suitable for both more modern and contemporarily or for a more traditionally furnished living space with other wood furnishings in the room.

What Is A Balanced Flue Fire?

Before you buy a fireplace you need to make sure that the fire is suitable for your property.
If you do not have a chimney at the property, but do have an exterior wall where the fire is to be situated then a balanced flue would more than likely be ideal for your needs.

The balanced flue gas fire system was invented in Holland during the 1930's by Drugasar engineers, and this system has since been adopted by numerous companies as it results in an energy efficient fireplace that is safer to and more reliable than traditionally flued fireplaces.

The balanced flue system is based around a fire that is sealed from the room itself, this means that unlike traditionally flued fires that use quite a large 'draw' of air from the room to fuel the fire, this hot air then rises up out of the chimney, reducing the amount of heat that enters the room and reducing the efficiency of the fire. Traditionally flued fires are typically around 40% efficient, which means a over half the heat generated from the fire and over half the gas burned is wasted up the chimney or flue.

Balanced flues operate by using two concentric flue pipes, the inner pipe is used to transport the exhaust gases out of the property while the outer pipe is used to draw in the fresh air, warming the fresh air as it travels through the pipe, allowing for much greater efficiency as the air is preheated and ready to burn. This flue system utilises natural air convection to draw the fresh air in , this typically gives an efficiency of at least 70%, meaning that at least 30% more gas is being converted into heat for the living room rather than being wasted up a chimney. This not only means that less heat is wasted but it also means that less money is wasted on gas that could merely be contributing to global warming.

These twin walled, concentric pipe system can allow a lot of flexibility regarding the location of the fire as bends and extentions can be added to the flue system, subject to requirements. This allows fires to be designed with large viewing windows as well as two or three sided fires such as the Drugasar Metro XTL Balanced Flue Gas Fire which allows the fire to be viewed from 3 sides and could serve as a dramatic room divider.

Balanced flue fires are available in a wide range of fires, they can be traditional inset fires such as the Flavel Raglan, this fire is designed to fit a standard opening in a fire surround, the traditional fret detailing at the front of the fire in either brass or silver would compliment a traditional wood surround and granite or marble hearth.

The Flavel Raglan develops 80% net efficiency, double that of a traditional open fire, this equates to a maximum heat output of 2.8kW, enough to nicely warm a standard sized living room. The fire also comes with a realistic coal fuel effect and a remote control as standard, this means that not only will this fire help warm the room during the cold winter months but will also harmonise with a more traditionally furnished house.

The Drugasar Metro 100 Slimline Balanced Flue Gas Fire is a very contemporary "Hole-In-The-Wall" style gas fire. As Drugasar engineers invented the balanced flue system in 1930's their balanced flue systems and fires are second-to-none with high-quality that is the signature of DRU fires, Only the best balanced flue gas fires are produced by Drugasar.

The Metro 100 is a masterpiece of simplistic design, the frameless design allows the fire itself to become the centre of attention in any room without overpowering surrounding decor, The popular letterbox format is designed to create the ultimate showcase for the flames within while The unique Vario Burner System produces tall, realistic flames for a stunning three-dimensional effect around the white pebble or twix fuel effect.

The stunning design of this fire doesnt detract from the basic use of a fire, to produce heat, this fire is 70% efficient and develops an impressive 6.5kW of heat, more than enough for most living spaces. The Metro 100 is also easy to operate and use thanks to the thermostatic remote control that allows you to adjust the flames and temperature of the room from the comfort of an armchair or sofa, this fire would look magnificent in a modern and contemporarily furnished living room.