Tuesday 3 August 2010

Verine Midas HE Gas Fire

The Verine Midas HE is an incredibly efficient and versatile slimline inset fire. It is suitable for virtually any chimney or flue allowing people to experience the glow and aura of sitting in front of a living flame gas fire.

The Verine Midas HE is a glass-fronted, inset gas fire that boasts an incredible 89% efficiency rating and includes safety features such as an oxygen depletion sensor and a flame supervision device, both of which increase the safety of the fire considerably.

This Verine fire boasts a 3.2kW maximum heat output, this is both convected and radiated heat. The radiated heat comes directly from the fire, much like a radiator. While the convected heat is provided via an air channel around the back of the fire, this allows air to travel behind the fire and heated before exiting at the top, this natural air circulation helps move the warm air around the room.

This trim on this fire is available in five different styles, Profile, Slimline, Designer, Curved and Essence and these are available in brass, silver and black with the designer trim available in a variety of combinations. The trim is not the only part of this fire that comes with a choice of finishes, the front fret detail is also available in five different styles, Blenheim, Bauhaus, Edwardian, Media and Elegance. Again, much like the trim these can be ordered in Black, Polished Steel or Brass with the Blenheim trim available in an additional antique finish.

This wide range of finishes and trims provides the ultimate flexibility to allow the fire to order the fire to coordinate with the existing decor of the house, meaning this fire would work well in either a traditionally furnished or the most avante-garde and up-to-date of living rooms.

The fire illustrated above would look great in a more modern living room with lighter coloured walls and a marble or limestone surround, The Midas HE is fitted with the Designer Stainless Steel Black trim and the Polished Elegance Fret. The darkness of the black painted areas contrasts and highlights the polished stainless steel sections areas, this creates a very modernist finish, draw attention to the dancing flames and the realistic coal fuel effect. This helps the fire become the focal point of the living room and when lit allows the heat and warmth project out into the room and fill the living room with the warm glow so eagerly sought after during the cold winter months.

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