Tuesday 24 August 2010

Aga Little Wenlock

The Little Wenlock range from well-known brand Aga is a popular compact stove designed to give a high heat output while also being very fuel efficient. The Aga Little Wenlock range features the Classic Multi-Fuel, SE Wood-Burning and the Little Wenlock Solid Fuel.
Every model of the Aga Little Wenlock range utilises the latest clean-burn technology to maximise efficiency and reduce the amount of unburnt carbon being released into the atmosphere.

The elegant cast-iron panels of these Aga Stoves are individually moulded in a hand-finished cast that allows Aga to create an exquisitely detailed and quality finish that has become the trademark of Aga stoves.The Wenlock stoves come in a high-quality cast matt finish. These Aga stoves are made out of cast iron, a material renowned for its heat retention propreties. This means that even long after the embers have died away the cast iron stove will still be emitting heat out into the room.

Unlike some other multi-fuel stoves, Aga incorporate the lastest technology into these timeless heating appliances to ensure that not only do they produce the most amount of heat from the fuel, but also that the amount of harmful materials released into the atmosphere is reduced.

The Little Wenlock stoves channel air below, around and above the firebox to create the optimum combustion environment. This airflow also means that any solid combustible material or gases that have been produced by the burning fuel are ignited, creating a secondary burn that dramatically increases the efficiency of the fire while releasing less harmful materials into the environment.

What most people do not see is that Aga stoves are pieces of precision design and engineering with ducts, baffles and channels that mean the air enters, circulates and then leaves the stove in the most efficient way possible. This is a must to get the most heat out of the fuel while being up to 81% efficient. This means your Little Wenlock stove is both economical and efficient.

The Aga Little Wenlock Solid Fuel is the first in the range, this compact, solid fuel stove featues a heat output of up to 5.7kW when burning wood, this is enough to rival some of the larger and more expensive stoves on the market. The small size of this stove means it is ideal for smaller living spaces while the high heat output means this little stove packs quite a punch. The Little Wenlock also features an airwash system that helps keep the glass clean and affording uninterrupted views of the fire inside.

Next in the range is the Little Wenlock SE wood burning stove, although very similar in appearance to the Classic Multi-fuel this stove burns wood so efficiently that it meets the strict specifications of the Clean Air Act (1956) and can be used to burn wood in Smoke Control Areas such as Liverpool, Manchester or Bristol. This wood burning stove could not be more eco-friendly when burning wood, which is carbon-neutral and can be obtained from a renewable source. This means there is no longer an excuse to not have a small but very stylish wood burning stove in your living room, available in a classic cast black finish with both top and rear flue exits allowing for maximum flexibility.

Last but not least the Aga Little Wenlock Classic Multi-Fuel, this stylish stove comes with a supplementary wood grate allowing the freedom and flexibility to burn wood as well as solid mineral fuels. This well-designed stove is ideal for smaller living spaces with the 4.7kW heat output that would easily heat the smaller living room.

Aga Little Wenlock Classic Multi Fuel Stove

Aga Little Wenlock SE Wood Burning Stove

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