Friday 6 August 2010

New Kinder Fires Range

The Kinder Fires range features a wide variety of modern and traditionally designed fires, from the Kinder Fires Concept Hole-In-The-Wall to the Kinder Fires Dakota Inset Fire. There is a Kinder Fire that would look stunning in most living rooms.
Passion HE
The Kinder Fires Passion HE Hole-In-The-Wall gas fire is a highly contemporary gas fire, available in Champagne or Polished Silver, The Passion is suitable for class 1 or 2 chimney or flue has a high 87% efficiency rating and develops 4.3kW of heat energy from the dancing flame effects on either coal or pebbles. The Kinder Passion is a glass fronted, natural gas fire that comes as standard with a Flame Supervision Device that will turn the gas supply off if the fire goes out or becomes unstable and a fully automatic remote control. This fire is semi-inset into the wall and has a protrusion of 110mm into the room, with an inset depth of 70mm. The frame takes influence from the Bauhaus and Cusit movements, using strong lines and sharp contrast to draw the eye into the fire in the center and become a focal point of the living space.
The Revolution is a Glass-fronted, high-efficiency fully inset gas fire from Kinder Fires. It is incredibly efficient with an efficiency rating worth boasting about at 93% and producing 4.3kW of both radiant and convected heat to to help take that wintry edge off and create an warming ambiance in most sized living rooms. The Kinder Fires Revolution comes with a plain effect black fire back and features a full-depth, realistic coal fuel effect. The Revolution is available in Brass, Silver, Brushed Steel or Black, in either standard, Chamfered or Cast Iron finishes, these finishes compliment the variety of frets available with the fire, also available in Silver, Brass or Black. This highly efficient fire is only available running on natural gas with either manual control or a fully automatic remote control. The Kinder Fires Revolution is a balanced flue fire, designed for homes without a chimney or flue but have access to an external wall, the fire also comes with the Flame Supervision Device as standard to cut the gas supply if the fire goes out or becomes unstable. With the large variety of trim and frets this fire is ideal for any living room as it can have either a more traditional or contemporary look depending on the finish and fret detail.
The Kinder Fires Concept is an open-fronted, hole-in-the-wall style fire which is also available to go onto a hearth, suitable for a class 1 or 2 chimney or flue. This modernist fire features a dancing flame natural gas flame on a realistic log fuel effect in front of a contemporary reflective curved black interior, this helps emphasis the flame effect in the center and adds to the quality feel of the fire. The Kinder Fires Concept Gas Fire comes standard with a sequential, battery operated remote control and is available with either Black sides and silver fret edgings or with silver sides and edgings. The adjacent image displays the Kinder Fires Concept fire with Silver sides and Fret edgings, this creates a very modernist fire with the two vertical silver pieces framing the fire and making the flames and realistic log fuel effect the focal point of the fire.
Proclaim Hole-In-The-Wall
Another stunning Hole-In-The-Wall style fire from Kinder Fires is the Proclaim Hole-In-The-Wall fire running on natural gas. This stylish and contemporary gas fire is suitable for class 1 chimney or 400mm, 4” lined or twin wall flue, The Proclaim is also available in a balance flue version for households who do not have a chimney or flue. Both the High-Efficiency, conventional flue and the balanced flue versions are glass fronted with the HE version giving out 4.3kW of heat and the balanced flue version emitting 5.5kW of heat. Both these fires have the benefit of emitting both radiant and convected heat which helps the warm air circulate around the room and create the sought after effect of sitting in front of a warm fire. The fires are both available in either Black & Stainless Steel or Bronze & Champagne with the balanced flue fire also available in All Black, The Proclaim can either feature a Cream or Black fire back with a realistic log fuel effect and comes standard with a fully automatic remote control.
Kinder Fires also produce the Kinder Fires Camber, this inset gas fire runs on natural gas and is suitable for class 1 or 2 chimneys and flues, both precast and prefabricated. The Kinder Fires Camber is available in Champagne trim with a Cream ribbed back or in Silver with either a Black or Cream ribbed fire back with a pebble fuel effect. This fire features a stainless steel burner for exceptional reliability and performance, generating 3.3kW of radiant heat and can be upgraded with a fully automatic remote control. This contemporary inset fire combines simple and effective design with impressive performance and reliability to ensure maximum value for money.
The Cameo is another quality fire that is produced by Kinder Fires, The stunning Hole-In-The-Wall, High-Efficiency, Balanced Flue fire running on natural gas comes with a ultra-realistic log fuel effect that showcases the dancing flame effect. Much like the Kinder Fires Caesar, the Cameo features a Flame Supervision device to shut off the gas supply if the fire becomes unstable or goes out. The Kinder Fires Cameo is available in Black & Black, Black & Silver or Bronze & Champagne with each of these available with either a Black or Cream ribbed fire back and features a hand held remote control as standard. This High Efficiency gas fire develops 4.2kW of maximum heat output. The stylish two-colour designer frame helps draw attention to the realistic dancing flames in the center and help make this Hole-In-The-Wall gas fire the focal point it deserves to be and ideal for any modern living space, particularly in a property where there isn't the space for a traditional fireplace and surround.
A great example of a balanced flue gas fire from Kinder Fires is the Kinder Fires Limours Balanced Flue Gas Fire. The Kinder Limours is Kinder's first example of a dedicated balanced flue gas fire. This fire can be run on LPG or natural gas and features a balanced flue system, this makes the fire suitable for properties without a chimney or flue but do have an exterior wall for the fire to be flued through. This glass fronted fire is 79% efficient and gives out 4.2kW of heat while featuring a stylish rock aggregate fuel effect with safety features such as the Flame Supervision Device and Oxygen Depletion Sensor.The advantage of this fire is it can be hung on the wall to minimise building work or can be fully inset with an additional frame. The Limours is finished in a modern and contemporary graphite finish with minmalist Stainless Steel Frame to break up the solid graphite finish and add to the modernist feel.
Oasis High Efficiency
The Oasis HE is a high-efficiency, glass-fronted fire from Kinder Fires. The Oasis HE is 89% efficient and develops 4kW of both convected and radiated heat, this fire runs on natural gas and is suitable class 1,2 and prefabricated flues and chimneys. Featuring a realistic coal fuel effect and with ten different trims to choose from and sixteen frets, there are 160 total ways to style this fire and even more choice with the optional slide or automatic remote control. The Kinder Fires Oasis, with the 160 different ways to design this fire could be styled to suit most living spaces with traditional or contemporary furnishing.

This stunning piece of fireplace design is the my favourite of the Kinder range and it is the Kinder Fires Eden HE Hole-In-The-Wall Gas fire. This fire features a dancing flame effect on either contemporary white stones or traditional log fuel effect behind a glass front. Designed to be a contemporary and minimalist fire, The Kinder Fires Eden comes as standard without a trim, preserving the minimalist design although Slimline and Deluxe metal trims are available, with the slimline trim offering a simple polished metal frame or the deluxe trim using four separate pieces of polished metal to frame the fire and create a mode cubist feel. The Eden develops 5.2kW of heat energy running on Natural Gas or LPG and is suitable for a class 1 or 2 chimney or flue. Much like other fires in the Kinder range such as the Passion HE or the Caesar the Eden features a Flame Supervision Device and an Oxygen Depletion Sensor.
The Kinder Fires Range one of the most attractive and wide range of fires on the market with something for almost every living space, whether post-modern, contemporary or traditionally furnished. The range offers everything from a traditional gas fire such as the Kinder or a flexible fire suited to almost any decor style like the Kinder Fires Oasis HE and fires that make a design statement such as the Kinder Fires Eden.

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