Friday 13 August 2010

Electric Fires

Electric fires are sometimes the only option for people who do not have a natural gas or LPG connection, but this isnt a reason for disappointment, technology in electric fires has been evolving, now you do not have to put up with a light-bulb under an orange perspex bowl if you do not want to.

The Fireplace Megastore offers a brilliant range of electric fires, either to replicate the look and feel of a traditional gas or solid fuel fire but also a range of contemporary fires such as the Bemodern Arizona.

The Bemodern Arizona is a Glass fronted hang on the wall electric fire which is available in 2 sizes either the adequately sized 36inch or in a stunning 42inch version at additional cost.
The Arizona features LED lights that are incredibly energy efficient and are able to produce a variety of colour effects in 3 stages. You can change the colour to suit your mood and create the perfect ambience with this wall mounted electric suite. The Arizona features a stunning and brand new innovative flame effect with colour changing LEDs that really grab attention. This contemporary fire also features a Thermostatically controlled Remote control as standard that allows you to change the Heat and Light settings from the comfort of your chair.

For ultimate realism Dimplex have produced the Opti-myst range of fires that use atomised water as a screen to project flame effects onto. Although impressive this fire requires a large amount of cleaning, topping up of water and care to ensure reliable operation, Opti-myst fires can only use filtered water to project the flame effect onto, this further adds to the running costs of the fire and reduces the value for money.

Electric fires aren't just confined to the inset or hang-on-the-wall, Fireplace Megastore also offer an impressive range of electric suites and stoves from well-known and high-quality manufacturers such as Burley, Gazco or Apex.

Gazco produce a high-quality range of stoves such as the Gazco Ashdon Electric Stove. The cast iron body, almost identical to the Gazco Ashdon gas stoves, and the ultra-realistic fuel effect combine to create a very realistic electric stove producing up to 2kW of heat with built in thermostatic control. The Gazco Ashdon is also available in a choice of three, high-quality, enamel finishes aswell such as Laurel Green, Ivory or Midnight Blue to help make this stove the feature of any living space.

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