Tuesday 30 April 2013

How To Decorate a Mantel

The other day I stumbled upon this great pictorial on how to decorate a Mantel.  I’m sure you know the expression, a picture means a thousand words, and this image certainly says it all!
When starting to decorate your mantel, it’s best to remove everything and begin with a fresh palette.  It allows you to see it free and clear so your creative juices start to flow.

Simple tricks to start your mantel decor

1. Center 1 big piece: Begin in the centre and choose something that is of a substantial size, maybe a mirror or artwork that you love.  This will be the main focal point of the mantel and will “ground” the other accessories in front.
2. Movement: Choose items that “move” the eye.  Whether it be candles which move from the flickering flame or items of varying heights which make the eye move up and down, include accessories that are intriguing and add vision interest.
3. Visual Weight: A secondary focal point that isn’t as big, but still gives a punch, is a great addition to a mantel ensemble.  When pulling together a mantel, it’s best to layer one piece in front of another.  Choosing a vase with flowers or branches that will sit in front of your “big piece” starts the layering effect.
4. Layering: Whether it be art, photos, candles, or accessories, layering and staggering different sized items in front of each other is a must to create a cohesive composition.
5. Vary Heights: Along with layering, adding accessories of varying heights is more visually engaging.  It helps the eye move up and down and across.  Between layering and varying heights, you want to create a wave effect with your mantel.  It starts out low, then goes up, comes back down, then up again, and finishes low.
These 5 tricks create a Visual Triangle.  Starting at the top most point, you have your 1 big centre piece, and then each side angles down with the addition of interesting accessories, resulting in a finished triangle = a beautiful decorated mantel.

Sunday 28 April 2013

Kinder Limours Balanced Flue Gas Fire

With more and more houses built without a chimney, more and more people are restricted to which gas fire they can purchase. And with many hole in the wall gas fires requiring a false chimney breast, this often means expensive and disruptive building work. However Kinder have unveiled a fire that is perfect for those wanting a contemporary wall mounted gas fire, but without the need for a false chimney breast.

The Limours is Kinder's first dedicated wall mounted balanced flue fire. No chimney or chimney breast is required as this fire is flued directly through an outside wall. It can be simply hung on the wall, doing away for any need for extensive building work. The Limours is also available with an additional wall plate, allowing the fire to be inset into the wall, creating an even more contemporary finish. The contemporary Graphite Fascia features stainless steel detailing with an aggregate stone effect fuel bed.
Operated via thermostatic remote control, the Kinder Limours can be controlled from your arm chair. Allowign you to adjust the flame height and heat output from the 4.2kW maximum heat output down to 2.2kW for background heat. While all the while boasting up to 87% efficiency, meaning this contemporary gas fire is more than just a decorative focal point.

Friday 26 April 2013

DRU Goes Global

Netherlands based DRU fires has added a number of new models to its Global range of high efficiency gas fire. DRU Fires describes its Global range as "a collecino of gas fires that are more affordable for the average household or younger buyers. DRU Global gas fires have the distinctive DRU Flame picture, stylish designs and robust built quality, but at mid-range prices."

Joining the existing Global 40, 70 and 70XT models is the Global 60XT, 60 Corner M 2-sided, 60 Triple M 3-Sided and Global 100 letterbox fire.

All are balanced flue fires with an efficiency rating of up to 85% and have the ability to be placed practically anywhere in the house, not just on an outside wall like most other balanced flue fires on the market. "This allows installers or architects to locate gas fires in unusual or previously accessible locations."

All of the new Global fires offer a choice of log or stone fire beds with smooth black, natural stone, classic brick or mirror-effect Ceraglass interiors. They can be installed as 'hole in the wall fires' or combined with customised frames, contemporary fire surrounds and other decorative features.

The new Global 60XT BF fire has a depth of 295mm, whilst the Corner and Triple models are 330mm deep, with just a 1cm gap required at the back. DRU commented: "The new fires take up less floor space in smaller living rooms and, for the first time, the new Global fires can be rear vented using a 90 degree bend off of the top of the fire housing. This involves less flue materials, less building renovation and, for instance, saves space in rooms with low ceilings"

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Flamerite's New Catalogues are a Hit

Flamerite Fires has announced that its new catalogues, which show its product portfolio split into ranges that will suit different homes, is proving popular with both customers and retailers.
It is a move which the company says has been designed "to help retailers cater for different consumer tastes and has been well received by customers"
Managing Director of Flamerite Fires, David Watts commented: "We are pleased that the new look catalogues have proved to be so popular. In the year ahead we will be looking at how we can further categorise our product range to enable people to look only at the type of fire and surround that really interests them and not be distracted, or put off electric fires, by products which don't suit their style."
The Gentle Heritage catalogue features Flamerite's new cast fires and Little Atom stove alongside a choice of suites and inset fires.
The Modern Living catalogue features the more cutting edge and unusual designs in the Flamerite Fires' collection and includes hang-on-the-wall, hole-in-the-wall and inset fires along with wall mounted and freestanding suites.
In total Flamerite now offers over 50 electric fires and suites many of which are available exclusively to retailers under its Essence label.
David added: "It has been a difficult few years for the industry but we are optimistic about the long term future. We believe that electric fires will always have their place in a contemporary home and are committed to providing high quality, innovative, products to meet consumer and retailer demand"
The latest Flamerite brochures can be found HERE

Monday 22 April 2013

Manufacturer Focus: Carron

Lincolnshire-based stove manufacturer Carron Stoves has a history dating back to 1760. In those days, the company was based in Stirlingshire, Scotland, but was engineering and designing stoves and fireplaces even then.

With that proud heritage under their belt, Carron is now producing some outstanding contemporary wood-burning stoves. We’ll explore some of those stoves in this Meet The Manufacturer article..

The Carron range is easily identifiable as one of the most colourful one the market. As well as the traditional black, you can also get Carron stoves in blue, red, green, grey, cream and white. Despite the considerable variations in colours and finishes, the range of stove models is actually fairly small, numbering just three at the moment.

So, let’s have a look at those stoves.

Carron 4.7kw Matt Black DEFRA Multifuel Stove

The Carron 4.7kW is the smallest stove in the range. We’re showing you the matt black finish, although it does come in an assortment of different colours.

It is a minimal yet classic design. The stove is light on the detailing that we associate with traditional appliance, but its legs and silhouette hint at the Carron brand’s heritage.

Carron Dante 5kw Red Enamel DEFRA Multifuel Stove

Next up is the Dante 5kW. Slightly bigger in heat output, and also bigger in dimensions. It’s a fraction wider than the Carron 4.7kW but significantly deeper.

Those dimensions, assisted by a wonderful curved design, create a distinctive tubular appearance to the Dante.

Carron 7kw Red Enamel DEFRA Multifuel Stove

As you may have guessed, the Carron 7kW is big sister to the Carron 4.7kW. It is an identical stove in design and appearance, except that everything is on a bigger scale. The dimensions of the stove, the heat output and, as a consequence, the asking price all increase.

As with all the stoves in the Carron range, the Carron 7kW is DEFRA-approved. This means that all the stoves featured are suitable to be used in Smoke Control Areas.

Sunday 21 April 2013

Drugasar Scenic

Chapman Sands is an exclusive development of 8 modern apartments on the seafront at
fashionable Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex. Built by local company, Elmore Contractors, the
apartments offer a comfortable lifestyle with luxurious kitchens, bathrooms and the very latest
audio-visual appliances.
It was not possible to construct chimneys in the property due to sound restrictions, but the
solution came in the form of balanced flue gas fires from Drugasar fires. The DRU Scenic Slimline fire has
been chosen in order to create the illusion of a real fire, complete with replica chimney and
realistic log fire.
Like all Drugasar fires, Scenic Slimline is glass-fronted and operated by remote control. It has a
heat output of 5 kW, enough to heat a larger than average living room. The 3 sided log fire
display fills the room with a warm and comfortable glow. And because the fire is room sealed,
drawing air from outside the building for combustion, it is both healthy and efficient.
 DRU Fires produces a range of over 30 different fires. As well as balanced flue models, there are
conventional flue gas fires that can be fitted to a standard chimney, electric fires, fireplace suites
and traditional wood and coal burning stoves. They are available from a national network of
exclusive fireplace retailers.
Commenting on the choice of Drugasar Fires, Elmore’s technical director, Nick Elmore said:
All of the appliances fitted in these apartments are of a luxury standard and the DRU Scenic fires
are no exception. We chose them because they perfectly complimented the design of the
accommodation and, because of the balanced flue system, made the installation technically

Saturday 20 April 2013

Celsi Electriflame Camber Electric Fire

The Celsi Electriflame Camber electric fire uses advanced 3D technology to create one of the most realistic flame pictures found in any electric fire today.

Relax and enjoy the smoky, soothing flames and be amazed by the depth of the fuel effect. What's more, the high efficiency LED lights used to create the flame picture means that you benefit from low running costs too.

Every hearth mounted Electriflame fire includes a space and deep trim to allow the fire to fit easily in to a standard 3" rebated surround.
The Electriflame Camber comes complete with decorative lights and is available in brushed steel, champagne (shown above) and black.

Celsi are so confident you are getting a product that’s built to last we give you a 2 year comprehensive guarantee with every electric fire. With the 2 Year Comprehensive Guarantee for Celsi electric fires BFM Europe Limited guarantees your electric fire for two years, from the date of purchase, against manufacturing and material defects, including parts and labour, subject to the conditions of guarantee. 

Friday 19 April 2013

Karma Fires

 The Karma Athena Hole in the wass electric fire is a Modern Electric fire designed for use either wall-mounted or recessed. You can Select from a Black, Silver, Black with Silver or optional extra Glass Fascias in Mirror Or Black (shown in picture opposite) for an extra cost . On this Karma fire the Flame effect can be used independently of heat. The Fan heater comes a with choice of 1kW and 2kW heat settings. You can also choose from Pebbles, Driftwood As in the picture opposite or Limestone chipping Fuel effect. this fire has a Depth of 171mm projection off the face of the wall if not recessed and Semi inset spacer allowing 75mm to be inset into the wall or a Fully outset version with 125mm Spacer to hang the product on the wall.

 The Karma Exhibit is another fantactic hole in the wall electric fire made by Karma Fires. this hole in the wall fire has a flame effect setting so you have have a display without any heat also has a 1kw setting and the maximum setting of 2kw. Comes with manual control as standard and you can upgrade to a remote control. The picture oppisite is the Beige Marfil Stone effect Modern fire bowl on a matching shelf with the Driftwood and Pebble fuel effect and can also come in a stylish white colour.

More Karma Fires can been seen at www.fireworld.co.uk

Thursday 18 April 2013

Opti-Myst, How Does It Work?

The Opti-myst effect is created by using ultrasonic technology and is achieved by a super fine water mist which is lit via Dichronic Xenon bulbs to create the dancing flames and smoke, this together with the Optiglo glowing logs and shimmering ash bed produces the most realistic looking electric fire on the market today. The water needed to create the Opty-myst effect is held in a small 1, 1.3 or 2 litre concealed tank within the fire and should be topped up using filtered water to prevent limescale build up, (such as the kind you get from your kitchen water jug) a typical 1.3 litre tank will give 25 hours use. The Opti-myst feature a concealed 2 kw heater which has two settings and are 100% effecient at point of use so none of the heat is wasted, also the flame and mist effect can be used independently of the fan heater which uses only 212 watts of energy similar that used by a lightbulb, dependent on the model.

Get flickering flames, random swirling smoke and the cosy feel of a real flame picture without the mess or inconvenience of an open fire with the Dimplex Opti-myst range!

There are currently 9 models to choose from, a fire basket, stove, wall mounted, suites and inset electric fires (some models can be used as flat to wall models with the purchase of a spacer). In heat outputs of 2 kw in styles ranging from the traditional to the modern.

Dimplex Westbrook Electric Basket Fire WBK20

Dimplex Danville Antique Brass Inset 2 kw Electric Fire DNV20

Dimplex Sacramento Chrome Inset 2 kw Inset Electric Fire SCR20

Dimplex Piermont 2kw Electric Stove

Dimplex Whitmore Chrome Inset 2 kw Inset Electric Fire WMR20

Dimplex Oakhurst Electric 2 kw Stove OKT20

Dimplex Tahoe Modern 2 kw Wall Mounted Electric Fire TAH20

Dimplex Redway Modern 2 kw Wall Mounted Electric Fire RDY20

Dimplex Burbank Modern 2 kw Wall Mounted Electric Fire BBK20

Dimplex Moorefield 2 kw Electric Suite MFD20

The Display and Demonstrate range has been created to help drive sales directly through the independent retailer channel. All models are available at a competitive price for outlets committing to in-store displays, rather than internet sales. The range also comes with an extended guarantee, allowing retailers to offer their customers an extra edge of exclusivity. Now with an additional 2 years free warranty when purchased in store, further setting the Dimplex Display and Demonstrate fires apart from the rest.

Wednesday 17 April 2013

Beaufort Fires

Beaufort Fires Ashbury Electric Fire is a Stylish Hang on the Wall electric fire in Black with Vertical Stainless Steel panels included with the fire, whic is a Open fronted electric fire with a with modern moulded red fuel base as standsrd and a New Virtual Flame effect this Beaufort fire has a 1.2kW heat output which has a Thermostat control as standard that is Silenty convected heat output, which vents off the top of the appliance allowing heat to rise up naturally in to the room, rather than fan heater for quiet operation. also come with options with light effect only setting, so that the flame effect can be used independently of heat source

The Beaufort Fires Morestead 6637 Electric Fire has a maximum heat output of upto 2KW. Comes with a Modern Styling with a brushed steel finish trim. With Pebble fuel effect as standard and a Virtual flame effect. This Beaufort Fire can be freestanding or inset using the spacer provided the full depth of this fire is only 145mm

Tuesday 16 April 2013

Garland Loxton Fireplace Suite

Garland Loxton Gas Fireplace SuiteThe latest offering from Garland is the Loxton fireplace suite, unlike most other suites that are purely gas or purely electric, the Loxton is available in both Gas AND electric, meaning this suite is suitable for practically any home.

The Loxton fireplace surround features a modern white surround and contrasting black granite hearth and back panel, the clean and crisp lines frame the fire inside while offering a timeless, classic design.

The gas fireplace suite boasts a maximum heat output of 4kW and 57% efficiency from an open fronted gas fire inside, while the chrome trim and fret frame the fire inside perfectly. The Loxton Gas Suite is suitable for homes with a Class 1 chimney or class 2 prefabricated flue.
Garland Loxton Electric Fireplace Suite
For houses without a chimney, the Loxton Electric fireplace suite is the perfect choice. Featuring a low energy LED electric fire, you can enjoy the ambience of sitting in front of the fire without the heat and easy to reach top controls to turn on the 2kW of heat to quickly take the cold edge off a room.

Monday 15 April 2013

Kinder Eden And Kinder Carmelo

The Kinder Eden is a modern hole in the wall gas fire and has a Maximum heat output of 5.2kW. the Eden comes with a Hand held battery operated remote control as standard, Dancing flame effect on a Traditional Log bed or Contemporary White Stone fuel bed. The Eden is a Glass fronted gas fire with a efficiency rating of 83%. Safety features include a Flame Supervision Device (FSD), that cuts the supply of gas if the flame goes out or becomes unstable. Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) that detects the oxygen levels in the room fall below a specified level and cuts the gas supply. The Kinder Eden has been Designed to be a contemporary minimalistic fire, however the option to fit with either a Slimline or Deluxe frame is available. Picture opposite is the Eden Trimless fire with Log effect fuel bed. Designed for homes with a class 1 chimney or class 2 prefabricated flue. Natural gas or Liquid Propane Gas (LPG). Depth of 325mm fully inset. Complete with 7 year 
manufacturers guarantee.
The Kinder Carmelo is another modern hole in the wall gas fire with a Maximum Heat Output of 6.5kW and with 75% Efficiency. the Carmelo comes with a Fully sequential mains electric supply operated remote control, Dancing flame effect on a bed of White Stones or Realistic Log Fuel Bed effect (both supplied with the fire). The Kinder Carmelo comes standard with a Plain Black Back. Also is Supplied with Horizontal configuration balanced flue kit as standard. Chimney Conversion kits are available as an optional extra. Available in Natural or Liquid propane gas versions. A Depth of 369mm fully inset. the Kinder Carmelo is shown opposite with Realistic Log fuel bed effect. Again comes with a 7 year manufacturers guarantee

Sunday 14 April 2013

New Fireplace Surrounds From Nexis

Nexis fi re surrounds are manufactured from a mixture of 65% real stone or marble blended with resin. This means that unlike natural stone materials, you can be sure that the finish shown is the finish you will receive. We take a look at some of the latest fireplace surrounds from Nexis and the options available.
The first surround we take a look at is the Nexis Ashby, this traditionally styled fireplace surround is finished in a stunning Onyx marble effect to give a stunning finish with intricate detailing, reminiscent of significantly more upmarket fireplaces.
The top shelf width of 56inch provides the perfect presence in the room without being dominating, while the stepped hearth and back panel are subtle details, not normally seen on a fireplace.
Suitable for electric fires only, the Nexis Ashby is a stunning addition to any traditional living space. 

 Next in the range is the Nexis Cawdor fireplace surround. Unlike the Ashby, the Cawdor is available in a choice of colours, available either in a striking black finish or grey vein finish, the Nexis Cawdor features clean vertical and horizontal lines with simply designed corbels that mean this fire surround would make the perfect focal point in most living spaces, traditional or contemporary.
 The Cawdor has a top shelf of 54inch and the choice of 30mm or 75mm to accommodate most electric fires.

Saturday 13 April 2013

Apex Electric Fires

The Apex Culture Hang on the wall electric fire is a Modern Hang on the Wall Electric Fire. Comes with 2Kw High and 1Kw low heat settings with the option to use the flame effect independently and a Realistic Log fuel effect with silent flame effect.On this Apex fire the Heat exits from the base to allow flat wall TV installation above. This is a Open fronted fire designed to fit flat to the wall. Slimline landscape design with only a 78mm projection into the room. Comes in a White Stone effect finish as standard, also available in a Cream Stone effect finish (as shown in Picture Opposite) at an additional cost. Manual Control and standard, located next to the heater at the base of the fire.
The Apex Rio Grande is a Modern and very realistic LED flame pattern and effect. Come with a Maximum Heat Output of 1.5kW which is delivered from the bottom of the fire. Also come with a Kettle style connector allows for easier installation and lead concealment. this Apex fire is Available in Travertine, Basalt Black Granite and Piano Black finishes the piano black finish is a stylish finish created with a black lacquer which is mounted on an MDF frame. The Frame simply and securely clips onto the fire engine that has a slimline depth of 100mm Also available in a smaller size as the Apex Rio. Remote Control as standard with easy to reach manual override controls.

Friday 12 April 2013


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Following recent media attention regarding faulty Flavel branded cookers we would like to confirm that BFM Europe Ltd/ Flavel Gas Fires have no affiliation, whatsoever, with BEKO PLC or FLAVEL COOKERS.

These appliances are designed for cooking purposes only and must NOT be used as a space heater, or for any other purpose.

Beko Leisure Flavel

CM101NRKP Flavel Milano ML5NDS



When the grill burner is on, the grill door must always be in the open position. If the grill is operated with the grill door closed, the air supply to the grill burner is restricted which can cause extremely dangerous levels of carbon monoxide to be produced which can pose a very serious risk to health.


If you own or use any of the models shown above, please call Beko on:
  • UK Free phone 0800 917 2018
  • Ireland Free phone 1800 25 29 25
Beko customer care centre is open from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday, and 10am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday.
We will then arrange to carry out a free modification to your product to remove any risk
When calling please have your full model number and serial number to hand - these can be found on the rating plate at the bottom front edge of the appliance (see diagram on right).

Thursday 11 April 2013

Firebelly Stoves

The Firebelly Stoves FB T1 Wood Burner is A Modern Wood burner with a maximum heat output of 4kW and a Depth of 318 mm.Comes with 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty. Subtle and stylish in its design and a 5" top or rear flue outlet. UK designed and Hand built with a choice of finishes available. this Firebelly stove has a Unique 'air shield' system helps clean glass and keeps convection channels clear. Primary and Secondary air inlet controls make fuel usage and the fire itself more controllable, effective and efficient. A choice of finishes are available such as Charcoal, Matt Black, Pewter and shown in a Metallic Black finish in picture)

Firebelly Stoves FB2 Double Sided Wood Burner  isA Modern double sided Wood burner with a maximum heat output of 12kW and 78% efficient. Comes with 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty. Has a Depth of 422 mm. Subtle and stylish in its design and a 6" top flue. UK designed and Hand built with an option for a log box underneath the stove.This Firebelly stove has a Unique 'air shield' system helps clean glass and keeps convection channels clear. Comes with A choice of finishes such as charcoal, Matt black, metallic black and pewter are available. The fire box is lined with heat reflective bricks to aid optimum temperatures. Shown in Pewter finish with optional extra Log Box. An option for 2 Opening Doors and Stainless Steel Legs

These firebelly stoves and many more can been can been seen at www.fireworld.co.uk 

Wednesday 10 April 2013

Fireplace Surrounds from Elgin & Hall

A warm welcome to the latest Elgin & Hall collection. Elgin & Hall surrounds have an elegance and simplicity that complement your tastes in furnishing, fabric and decor - even if the balance between traditional and contemporary changes with time.

This ageless quality is what has distinguished Elgin & Hall since they began hand-crafting fireplaces in a Wensleydale workshop nearly 50 years ago. We take a look at some of their most popular fire surrounds.

The Elissa fireplace surround is simplicity with curvaceous appeal. The delicately arching frame turns inwards on all sides to a full 90 degrees to endow the Elissa fireplace with a subtle line unique to Elgin & Hall.

Seen here (below) with the Smartsense lighting to dramatise its concave recess, Evita's chunky styling, fine-tuned detailing and cleanly lined outer edges  are some of the features that make this beauty a popular star and the perfect complement to a more traditional home.

To make sure your fire surround and your room are in perfect agreement, you can choose from four finishes, each with its distinctive tone - Manila, Italica, Pearl Stone and sumptuous White. Smartsense lighting and a choice of hearth shapes from the standard lipped to five sided and bullnose mean that the Elissa and Evita can be configured in more than 20 possibilities.
Imagine brushing your hand across the surround and suddenly your fireplace and hearth is bathed in light. Every detail of the marble is brought to life and your whole room gains soft background illumination. You've just triggered the sensor that turns on the Smartsense lighting concealed in the top recess. This aesthetically pleasing yet energy efficient feature is becoming more and more popular.

Tuesday 9 April 2013

More Europa Products

Europa Alberta Fireplace Micro Marble fireplace comes with a Choice of finishes that  include Cavern Beige (shown in picture opposite), Dover White and Mexicana marble effect finishes. This Europa surround also Comes with unique and stylish sandblasted header, corbels and uprights creating a contrast of smooth and texture to the finish. Available with matching back panel and hearth or contrasting Black Granite back panel and hearth. Suitable for use with most gas & electric fires with a standard fire opening of 22.5inchs high by 16.5inchs wide. Available in 1 size only with optional hearth depth of 15inch or 18inch and rebate options of 1 inch or 4inch to choose from that will be suitable for your home.
Europa Harrison Fireplace is a Micro Marble fireplace. You can Choose of finishes that includes Cavern Beige, Dover White (shown in picture opposite) and Mexicana marble effect finishes. Optional Floral motif detail available on the uprights. Matching back panel and hearth. this Europa fireplace is Suitable for use with most gas & electric fires with a standard fire opening of 22.5inch high by 16.5inch wide. Available in 1 size only with optional hearth depth of 15inch or 18inch and rebate of 1inch (25mm).

These fireplaces and many more can been seen on www.fireplacemegastore.co.uk

Monday 8 April 2013

Legend Mirage & Sintra Gas Fires

Legend Fires policy is one of constant development and improvement and we take a look at two of the more contemporary fires in the Legend range, the Mirage and Sintra.

With a stylish two-tone grey, landscape design the new Mirage represents the ultimate in elegantly understated hole in the wall style. Neat lines and discreet controls ensure a minimal exterior fascade and with a modular fuel bed there is no requirement for a traditional hearth. With a heat output of 3.9kW and the option to upgrade to upgrade to remote control, allowing effortless control of the fire at the touch of a button. The Legend Mirage is suitable for for class 1 or 2 chimneys and flues and is the perfect focal point for a larger living space.

The Sintra's unique compact design is perfectly suited to the smaller size room and the uncomplicated styling, as per the Mirage, with a modular fuel bed there is no requirement for a traditional hearth. Much like the Legend Mirage, the Sintra is available with manual or remote control and is suitable for class 1 or 2 chimneys and flues. However the Sintra is available in the two-tone grey as well as a stylish piano black finish.

Sunday 7 April 2013

Lumia Electric Fireplace Suites

Lumia Augustus LED Electric Fireplace Suite available in two sizes a 48 inchs and a 54 inchs. Comes in Perla Micro Marble finish with Stunning low voltage Downlights as standard.Comes with matching Perla Micro Marble back panel and hearth as standard and shown in the picture opposite. The fire is a Modern 2kW LED Electric fire and there is a large choice of trims and frets to choose from. This Lumia fire comes with a Realistic Coal and Pebble fuel bed effects which is included as standard. Comes with Infrared Remote Control. And is Suitable to be used in homes with no Chimney or Flues.
Lumia Bauer Electric Fireplace Suite again comes in two sizes 48 inches and 54 inches which comes in Natural Oak Finish with Stunning low voltage Downlighters. You can also Select from Black Granite or Beige Marfil Micro Marble Hearth and Back Panel of our choice. Also available in a number of different fires colours and frets. Maximum of 2kW heat output. Coal and Pebble Fuel effects supplied with this Lumia suite. Multifunctional Remote Control and Contemporary ribbon flame effect technology. Suitable to be used in homes with no Chimney or Flues

Saturday 6 April 2013

Manufacturer Focus: Aurora Marble

Established in 1985, Aurora Marble aim to seek out the best marble and transform it into the fire surrounds you will be proud to call your own.

"We import the very highest quality marble to be found in the finest quarries located all over the world and then transform it into fire surrounds that will make the perfect focal point in any home"

With over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing, production and warehousing facilities, containing nearly a thousand tonnes of natural marble, micro marble and granite, Aurora marble can provide a fast and efficient service to meet and exceed the demands and expectations of their customers.

July 2011 saw Aurora Marble become part of Fired Up Corporation, strengthening their offering to the UK fireplace industry. Aurora Marble brought with it 26 years of experience of marble manufacturing and a reputation for producing excellent products.

Featured in this below are a couple of Aurora Marble's best selling products ranging from Micro-marble to limestone and granite. The imaginative designs and styles ensure you will always find a beautiful Aurora Marble fireplace to complement your taste and decor.

 The majestic Taurus fireplace is reminiscent of late Victorian design with simple yet elegant corbels underneath a bevelled edge mantel shelf. This fireplace is designed to appeal to those with a love of the traditional. Finished in stunning black Granite, the Taurus can be used with any gas or electric fire to create a stunning centre-piece.

The Sorento fireplace offers a bold statement in a beautiful Beige Stone micro marble. This fireplace is again designed to be used with a gas or electric fire and will provide your home with an elegant and stylish focal point that will fit both a contemporary or traditional interior, while the downlights help highlight the fire in the centre and further grab the attention of anyone in the living room.

Friday 5 April 2013

More Products From Orial

Orial Robina Curved Hang on the Wall Electric Fire. Maximum heat output of 2Kw. Curved Glass fronted hang on the wall electric fire also avalible with flat glass fascia in 36 inches or 42 inches. Colour adjustable ambient back lighting, including orange, purple and blue effects to choose from.Energy saving LED flame effect with 3 stage flame setting from dim to bright. Thermostatically controlled, provided with a Remote control as standard allowing you to change the Heat and Light settings from your sofa. Comes with  Realistic Coal fuel effect. Also the Flame effect on this Orial fire can be used independently so you can have the display of a fire without the heat. 

Orial Austell Fireplace Surround is a Solid micro marble fireplace, Available in 1 size only with a top shelf width of 52 inches can come with a option of Standard 1inch 25mm or 3 inch 75mm rebate. Also comes with a Choice hearth types either a boxed & lipped rectangular hearth or 5 sided hearth (as shown in the picture opposite). This Orial surround is suitible for most gas fires and electric fire as the back panel come with a standard fire opening of 22.5 inches high by 16.5 inches wide.This Orial Austell fireplace come in one colour which is Pearl Stone. Also is Available with Modern underlighting which allows modern ambiance to be added to your room but is only available with the 25mm rebate option.

Thursday 4 April 2013

The Europa Houston Fireplace Surround

Marble is a wonderful material to work with, but getting the best product from it is no easy task. But Europa boast a wealth of experience in the art of marble fireplace craftmanship, using a combination of modern and traditional methods in the manufacture, enables them to coax a stunning yet subtle attractiveness our of the material.

The Europa Houston boasts a graceful arch and simple detailing that provide an understated elegance and will appeal to those with an eye for quality and grace. Finished in a luxurious Romans Stone and complete with stunning downlights, the Houston will give a traditional yet glamorous focal point to your living space.
Suitable for both gas and electric fires and featuring a standard 16inch fireplace opening the Houston fireplace surround would be perfectly suited to both traditional and contemporary living spaces and is available in two sizes, 54inch shelf width and 48 inch shelf width to accommodate most sizes of chimney breast or living space.

Wednesday 3 April 2013

Celsi Puraflame

The celsi puraflame range of electric fires is the ultimate in high technology and gives you the most convincing real fire effect available today.
A Celsi Puraflame electric heater is extremely versatile and creates a breathtaking feature virtually anywhere in your home. from your living room to your bedroom. Using LCD technology the puraflame gives you an astonishing look and sound of a real fire, combined with exceptional functionality at a touch of a button you can control your room temperature, flame picture, flame speed volume and brightness.
Every Celsi Puraflame electric fire has been designed to give the appearance of an outstanding depth along with an amazing 3D effect an comes with a selection of fire effect like smouldering log, blazing log, flaming coal and glowing coal. The flame speed is full adjustable from a slow calming flame or a quick and spellbinding flicker, with a choice of 5 flame speeds to choose from.
The volume of the fire can also be adjusted. There nothing more soothing than the authentic crackle of a real log or coal fire. Lower the volume for a more subtle result or crank the volume up for for a full effect. there is also a mute button to silence the sound effect when you need to.
Also there is mood lighting feature on the hang on the wall Celsi Puraflame that creates a calming ambiance around the heater. A choice of 3 colours white, amber and blue, lets you highlight the fire to suite your mood. The picture brightness is also adjustable. The fan heater can be operated in manual or automatic mode. When in manual mode you can use the heat button on the remote handset  to select low heat, high heat or heat off. To eliminate the hassle of constantly manually adjusting the heat output. Every Celsi Puraflame has a state of the art digitally controlled thermostat, use the temperature function to turn on automatic heat mode which can be used to adjust heat and to turn heat off. Also these fires have a sleep timer which can be used to automatically turn the heater to standby after some time great if you want to doze off and not worry about turning the fire off once you have fallen asleep the timer can be set for up to 4 hours in 30 minute intervals and once this time has elapsed the appliance will automatically go into standby.

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Carrier Pigeon Found Inside Chimney

David Martin tells how he discovered the skeleton of a carrier pigeon carrying a coded message in his chimney of his home near Reigate, Surrey. Martin was renovating his fireplace when he came across the bird's remains, with a red message-barrel still attached to its leg. War experts are now trying to decipher the message

Monday 1 April 2013

Beaucrest Fires

The Beaucrest Calpurnia Electric fire a Modern Hole in/Hang on the wall Picture Frame Fire. Choice of 2 finishes, either Silver mirror or Black mirror. This Beaucrest Calpurnia has a Choice of 2 sizes with either 820mm or 1000mm wide at no extra charge. Choice of 2 standard fuel effects either Coal or Pebble with optional extra Driftwood available. Heat output of either 1kW, 2kW, or light effect only setting. Open fronted electric fire. Virtual ribbon flame effect.Can be semi inset with a depth of 130mm or fully outset (utilising the fully outset spacer supplied free of charge with this fire), requiring no depth in the wall with a maximum protrusion of 190mm. Multifunctional Beaucrest Remote Control with dimmer function with easy reach manual top control facility concealed at top of fire provided as standard.
The Beaucrest Atticus Electric Fire Modern Open Fronted Electric Fire with stylish Design. Modern Hang on the Wall Electric fire with the option to recess in to the wall. Heat output of either 1kW, 2kW, or light effect only setting. Contemporary Black Glass Fascia Frame. Featuring realistic “flame animation” flame effect with Panoramic Log fuel effect. Multifunctional remote control with double dimmer function for flames & Logs as standard. Fuel & Flame fade up on activation, down on deactivation. This Beaucrest fire can Either be fully inset or fully outset requiring no depth in the wall with a maximum protrusion of 230mm with optional extra spacer kit