Monday 22 April 2013

Manufacturer Focus: Carron

Lincolnshire-based stove manufacturer Carron Stoves has a history dating back to 1760. In those days, the company was based in Stirlingshire, Scotland, but was engineering and designing stoves and fireplaces even then.

With that proud heritage under their belt, Carron is now producing some outstanding contemporary wood-burning stoves. We’ll explore some of those stoves in this Meet The Manufacturer article..

The Carron range is easily identifiable as one of the most colourful one the market. As well as the traditional black, you can also get Carron stoves in blue, red, green, grey, cream and white. Despite the considerable variations in colours and finishes, the range of stove models is actually fairly small, numbering just three at the moment.

So, let’s have a look at those stoves.

Carron 4.7kw Matt Black DEFRA Multifuel Stove

The Carron 4.7kW is the smallest stove in the range. We’re showing you the matt black finish, although it does come in an assortment of different colours.

It is a minimal yet classic design. The stove is light on the detailing that we associate with traditional appliance, but its legs and silhouette hint at the Carron brand’s heritage.

Carron Dante 5kw Red Enamel DEFRA Multifuel Stove

Next up is the Dante 5kW. Slightly bigger in heat output, and also bigger in dimensions. It’s a fraction wider than the Carron 4.7kW but significantly deeper.

Those dimensions, assisted by a wonderful curved design, create a distinctive tubular appearance to the Dante.

Carron 7kw Red Enamel DEFRA Multifuel Stove

As you may have guessed, the Carron 7kW is big sister to the Carron 4.7kW. It is an identical stove in design and appearance, except that everything is on a bigger scale. The dimensions of the stove, the heat output and, as a consequence, the asking price all increase.

As with all the stoves in the Carron range, the Carron 7kW is DEFRA-approved. This means that all the stoves featured are suitable to be used in Smoke Control Areas.

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