Friday 29 June 2012

Gallery Easby Fireplace Surround

The Gallery Fireplaces Easby features a beautiful stone mantel with a tiered opening and shelf, and is made from micro marble in a Perla Marble or Polar white micro finish to fit in with any contemporary or traditional finish.The Gallery Easby Marble Fireplace consists of a 44" marble surround with matching back panel & hearth.

At 44" wide the Easby is narrower than most fireplaces, making it a popular choice for smaller rooms. Micro marble is an engineered stone, manufactured from crushed marble and specially developed resins, which gives a smooth polished surface and a consistent colour.

  • Finely grained, versatile and durable
  • Consistent smooth polished surface
  • Solid stone fireplace
  • Suitable for gas and electric fires
 Suitable for both most gas or electric fires, with a standard fireplace opening of 16.5 by 22.5 inches and a standard 75mm rebate, meaning that the Easby fireplace surround can accomodate most electric fires without requiring any depth in the wall behind.

Micro-marble is a uniquely versatile material, capable of resisting staining more than more porous stone such as Limestone and with the smooth polished finish and consistent colour, you can order with peace of mind, knowing exactly what colour you will recieve.

Wednesday 27 June 2012

Europa Scottsdale

The traditional woodburning stove burning away during cold winter evenings is a romantic scene, and one many of us want to recreate, but for those on a more restrictive budget, or in a property without a chimney of flue that means even a gas stove isn't an option, Europa Fireplaces have just the package, The Europa Fireplaces Scottsdale Suite

Featuring a Stunning Marfil Micro-Marble stone effect finish through the surround, back panel and hearth surrounding a traditionally designed electric stove creates a romantic electric suite that fixes onto a flat wall, meaning no major building work needs to be done. Available as either a 43 or 48 inch shelf width with an authentic looking cast iron effect stove with realistic log fuel effect that can give the warm glow of a real stove without the heat. It even comes with remote control, that's certainly something you can't have with a wood burning stove! But when that burst of heat is needed then a 2kW fan heater will take the cold edge off almost any room, 
The Europa Fireplaces Scottsdale Suite is the perfect choice for those wishing to achieve a traditional look – minus the hassle and expense of solid fuel installation.

Monday 25 June 2012

No Flues, Just Screws

Having recieved prestigous awards industry awards for their Bio-Ethanol Fires, The Naked Flame are promoting just how easy it is to install a Bio-Ethanol Fire in your home, No Flues, Just Screws. The Bio-Ethanol Fires require no flue and no gas or electricity suppy.

"What we are trying to show is how easy our fires and fireplaces are to set up and install - no need for flues, just screws! "

The range of free standing, wall mounted and portable Bio-Ethanol Fires can be used almost anywhere in, or outside the home, with citronella firegel available to help keep the insects at bay on those cooler summer evenings.
Another advantage over gas fires is no need for servicing, which means that once you have purchased the firet he only cost will be fuel, no more fitters costs, no more servicing, you can just sit back and enjoy the living flame.

Saturday 23 June 2012

Europa Fireplaces Buena Vista

For many years now Europa Fireplaces have been a symbol of high quality fireplaces, ranging from the very unique and contemporary Aquila Electric Fireplace Suite to the incredibly popular Scottsdale Suite (more to come on the Scottsdale Suite in a few days), but the lastest offerings from Europa have more of an air of luxury about them.
Such as the Europa Buena Vista, this solid Pine Fireplace Surround features elegant corbels that offer a neo-classical feel to the fireplace surround. Combined with a unique recessed beige marfil back panel and matching hearth this fire surround appears to offer a greater recess than some of the standard surrounds.
Suitable for standard gas fires and electric fires with the standard 16x22 fireplace opening and the option for a downlighting kit just inside the recessed back panel to attract more attention to this unique fireplace surround , even when the fire inside isn't on. These unqiue features mean that with the Europa Buena Vista Fireplace Surround that your fireplace can become a true focal point in the room. Offering additional heat in the darker, colder winters and offering a sytlishly lit fireplace that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Thursday 21 June 2012

Make it in Great Britain

Make it in Great Britain is a campaign aiming to transform outdated opinions of modern manufacturing and dispel the myth that Britain ‘doesn’t make anything anymore’.
It will culminate in the Make it in Great Britain exhibition of cutting-edge British manufacturing at the Science Museum, to coincide with the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The campaign will also feature the Make it in Great Britain Challenge, a national competition to find the most innovative British pre-market products, processes and concepts that will be featured as part of the Make it in Great Britain exhibition.

Beating competition from hundreds of UK companies, A J Wells & Sons, manufacturer's of Charnwood Stoves, will feature in the Government's Make It In Great Britain exhibition at the Science Museum during the Olympic and Paralymic Games and will appear alongside brands such as Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Land Rover and the Royal Mint.
The company's display of woodburning stoves and signage will showcase its latest manufacturing products and educate visitors about the value of manufacturing to UK businesses. The exhibition is the culmination of the Make It In Great Britain campaign - an initiative launched last year by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills which aims to challenge outdated opinions and transform the image of modern manufacturing.

Charnwood Stoves are highly efficient and clean burning wood stoves which use the very latest combustion technology. Features include a patented single air control for ease of use, which allows users to operate the stove at its most efficient and clean settings, and a multifuel grate which allows the user to burn a wide choice of fuels.

John Wells commented: "We are delighted that we are giong to be a part of the Make It in Great Britain exhibition, and feel very proud to representing the manufacturing industry.This summer will be one of the most exciting that Briain has seen in a long time and so to be involved in the exhibition when all eyes will be on the UK is a wonderful thing. We are looking foward to helping show the general public what the manufacturing industry is really all about, and we hope that lots of people will come to the exhibition to support us."

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Percy Doughty Celebrates 60 Years

2012 marks the 60th Anniversary of Percy Doughty & Co, one of the biggest suppliers of fires, fireplaces and stoves in the UK, distributing such widely renowned brands such as Gallery Fireplaces, Tiger Stoves and Firefox Stoves. At a time when just a decade in business is a cause for celebration, a diamond anniversary in the industry is certainly something to celebrate.

Percy Doughty have already celebrated the anniversary with the unveiling of the new showroom exclusive Vision Fires. Designed specifically with the independent retailer in mind, featuring four fire frames and fourinset fire variations in Antique Brass or Chrome.
"This is about setting out our stall for the next 60 years. We wanted to use the anniversary to showcase everything we have to offer to customers and launch a new and innovative range that brings something new to the market and creates a buzz."
All the new Vision fires will feaute the conpany's patented Ezi-Slide control and they can confirm that the glass fronted operate at 80% efficiency.

The new range of Vision fires and complemented by the already well established Gallery Fireplaces range that feature a wide vairety of finishes from wood venner to solid oak and pine and including Cotswold JuraStone effect as well as natural stone such as Agean Limestone or Carrera Marble. With Percy Doughty you can create the perfect fire and fireplace in your living room, whether it be a traditional limestone surround with woodburning or gas stove. Or a more contemporary gas or electric suite, then you can't really go wrong with ordering Gallery, Vision, Tiger or Firefox products from Percy Doughty.

Sunday 17 June 2012

I is for Innovation

Last month saw the official launch of Vision Fires.  Throughout the month Vision Fires held a series of open-day events based their our purpose build showroom in Bolton where the new range of Vision Fires were showcased for the first time.  Vision Fires are available in an extensive, range of beautiful styles both classic and contemporary, to complement and enhance your own personal vision for your home.  Each Vision fire features a uniquely detailed ceramic burner to providea realistic glow with a lively, varied and balanced flame pattern.

Here at Fires | Fireplaces | Stoves we can take you in for a closer look at the Vision Fires range. " A superb new range of high quality fires in traditional and contemporary styles designed with an eye for one thing and one thing only.. Innovation'"

 Vision's uniquely detailed ceramic burner is the key to a remarkably realistic flame pattern, giving you the lively, varied and balanced glame you might expect from a traditional fire, without any of the traidional inconvenience. Every model is designed in the UK, with a focus on ease of installation and maximum durability, supported by a 3 year warranty. These high-quality gas fires are showroom exclusive, NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE, so  why not visit your local showroom and order one today.

There's more than a touch of the Victorian Gothic in the Vision Fires Equinox, the level of craftmanship recalling the heady days when the arts and crafts really were king.
The Equinox also recalls the days when everything was 'designed in Britain'. Because this elegant style is too!
The Vision Fires Providence evokces the fresh, clean air of New England with is purity of line and form. But while the design itself is cool and fresh, the fire can be as warm as you want it to be with the the ezi-slide control, available on all new Vision Gas Fires.

Also available are the Callisto and the Eos. All the Vision fires are available Chrome or Antique Brass and in four different versions; a High Efficiency Glass Fronted Convector Gas Fire with a efficiency of 80% as well as a Class 1 or Class 2 Open Fronted Convector gas fires offering heat outputs of up to 4.1kW and efficiency of 59%. All the gas models are available with Ezi-Slide control with the open fronted fires giving the choice between manual control and Exi-Slide.

For those who aren't able to have a gas fire, the Vision Fires range are also available in electric, with a 2kW heat output and remote control as standard.

Friday 15 June 2012

OER Belgravia & Chamber Package

With more and more people turning to wood burning stoves for their source of heating a number of companies are starting to produce stunning fireplace surround and chamber packages to go around that perfect stove.

None are moredeserving of housing your stove for years to come than the OER Belgravia Solid Oak Surround & Chamber package, available as a 58inch or 52inch.

Featuring a stunningly detailed solid Light Oak fireplace surround that would not look out of place in even the the most traditional of settings, while nothing feels better than the warmth of natural wood. Other fireplace surrounds tend to be of cold natural stone but the warmth of the light oak suggests a warm and cosy living room, even before you have lit the stove inside!

The package is completed with a lovely greystone hearth and chamber hearth, slabbed for solid fuel, ready for your stove to take pride of place in the inglenook. Highlighted using the built in lighting kit, that means that even when the stove isn't lit, it can still be an elegant focal point of the room.

But unlike many fireplace surrounds for stoves that merely provide a matching limestone chamber or simply a fireboard chamber that doesnt add anything to the overall appearance of the fireplace, the OER Belgravia package features a tiled Graystone Chamber that really helps give that authentic open fireplace chamber appearance. And when combined with the lighting kit the textured surface of the tiles helps create a truly unique and authentic appearance.

Shown above with the showroom exclusive Meg 4.5kW freestanding stove, the OER Belgravia Solid Oak Surround & Chamber package is a truly special fireplace surround and package that combines a contemporary style stove with a traditional surround and hearth to create a fireplace that would look perfect in almost any home.
With over 33 years knowledge in the fireplace industry you can rest assured that the OER Belgravia Fireplace
& Chamber has been made with pride, ensuring the best quality, exclusivity and reliability.

Now available from  Fireplace Megastore, Fireplace Supermarket and Fireworld, get your hands on one of these packages now, ready to light it up and show it off as the cooler weather returns.

Wednesday 13 June 2012

Summer is the Best Time To Buy Your Dream Fireplace

The sun may finally have been out for a prolonged period, after what feels like endless grey weeks of rain, and the evenings are at last warm enough not to need to light the fire or stove - but if you've been thinking that maybe you'd like a new fireplace or stove at some point in the future, this is the ideal time to visit a showroom or browse online.
We always find that our colleagues in the industry have a sudden mad rush of customers the moment the weather gets chilly in the autumn and it means that manufacturers tend to start building up longer lead times for delivery, and fitters get booked up too. By the end of October, if not earlier, fitters may not be able to fit you in before Christmas! If you are able to think ahead and plan what sort of fire or stove you want over the summer months, you'll have plenty of time to have a fitter visit to do a survey, discuss with your fitter what may or may not be possible and then browse to really find the fire of your dreams. During the summer months you may also benefit from reduced lead times from manufacturer's as they may be able to build your fire sooner rather than later. Shortly after you'll have your fireplace or stove ready, installed and waiting for you to use it on that very first chilly autumn night.

Monday 11 June 2012

The cost of energy bills soar by 140pc in eight years

The cost of household energy has risen seven times faster than household income since 2004, according to a study.

The average household's annual energy bill of £1,252 now accounts for 11pc of a couple's basic state pension of £11,175 a year, the study by price comparison website found.
The cost of energy is now the top household worry for Britons (90pc), ahead of the rising cost of food (77pc) and mortgage payments (42pc).
Almost a third of consumers (32pc) say that household energy is unaffordable in the UK, the poll found.
While the average UK household income has increased by 20pc from £32,812 in 2004 to £39,468 today, the average energy bill has risen by 140pc, according to uSwitch figures.
Households were spending an average of £522 a year for their energy in 2004, but now pay £1,252 a year - 3.2pc of income or double the 1.6pc of eight years ago.

Britons now have an average of £297 of disposable income left each month after all essential household bills are paid.
The study found 83pc of people believe that rising energy bills have had an impact on their disposable income, with 17pc of these reporting that they no longer have any disposable income as a result and 27pc saying energy bills have reduced their disposable income dramatically.
Director of consumer policy at Ann Robinson said: "This is the cold reality facing households today; in less than 10 years our energy bills have rocketed by 140pc. The break-neck speed at which energy prices have sprinted upwards has caught many people unawares. Consumers are still playing catch-up.
"Energy now accounts for a significant slice of household income which is why the numbers rationing their energy use have risen so steeply in recent years. But going cold or without is a short-term and potentially harmful fix and not a long-term solution.
"The fact is that consumers can control how much they spend on energy by making their homes more energy-efficient and paying less for the energy they do use by moving to a competitively-priced energy plan.
"Those who are on a low income or benefits could even benefit from free insulation from their energy supplier, so it's always worth contacting them first to see what financial help you can get."

Friday 8 June 2012

Burley Ambience Flueless Gas Stove on DIY SOS

Those of regular DIY SOS watchers will have spotted a lovely gas stove on Wednesday nights episode (A real tear jerker!) This beautiful gas stove is the Burley Ambience Flueless Gas Stove, a catalytic flueless gas stove that requires not chimney or flue and boasts 100% efficiency.

Burley introduced fixed flueless gas fires to Britain in 1999. Although the concept is relatively new in this country, fixed flueless gas fires have a long established history in Japan (where there are 40 million), the United States (approximately 20 million) and Australia. Fixed flueless gas fires give a combination of convenience, efficiency and safety which flued fires can never equal. We have entered an era of spiralling gas prices, gas shortages and global warming. It is short sighted to continue wasting energy at such a rate when there is an alternative product which is superior to flued fires in so many ways.

As Burley’s flueless gas fires do not rely on a chimney, they provide an unsurpassed level of safety to which flued fires can only aspire. Flues and chimneys can become blocked or adversely affected by down-draughts. Burley flueless gas fires are designed to burn the gas extremely cleanly without a flue. The burnt gases are then passed through a catalytic converter. Every Burley flueless gas fire has an oxygen depletion sensor which constantly monitors the air quality in the room. If the level of oxygen drops by just 1.5%, the fire automatically shuts down. Burley’s production method is unique. Every flueless gas fire we have ever made has been bench run for 30 minutes, during which time we monitor numerous combustion and safety criteria. Burley’s rigid test criteria for combustion are four times stricter than the European standards.

Thursday 7 June 2012

How do I choose the correct hearth material for my fuel type?

Choosing the correct hearth for your fireplace is not only required for the appearance but to ensure it is compatible with your fire choice. There is a variety of hearths available including – Granite, Tiled, Limestone and Slate.

Which hearth is suitable for Which Fuel?

For solid fuel we would recommend that you use either Granite or Tiled hearths. Slate and Limestone is not recommended due to these materials being softer and scratching easily and can crack with the greater heat of a solid fuel fire.
All Granite, Tiled, Slate and Limestone hearths are suited for Electric or Gas Fireplaces.

Hearth Options:


Granite for Gas & Electric use:
Made from a single slab of highly polished granite approximately 20mm think which is sat on 30mm risers. As standard they are 15inches in depth.

Granite for Solid Fuel (real fire) use:
Usually referred to as split and slabbed or cut and slabbed. These hearths are made from highly polished granite sections to allow for expansion and contraction from the heat. They are filled underneath with a lightweight cement mix which helps dissipate the heat throughout the hearth. Without this heat dissipation the hearth would be put under a great amount of pressure which ultimately causes the hearth to crack. As standard they are 15inches in depth.

Tiled Hearths for all fuel types

Tiled hearths are a very traditional form of hearth. They are made from 6 x 6/12 x 12 tiles. As with the granite hearths for solid fuel these hearths are filled underneath with a lightweight cement mix. As standard they are 15inches in depth.

Slate & Limestone

Slate These hearths are the same as the “Granite for Gas & Electric use hearths with the standard 15 depth and only suitable for gas or electric.
Limestone These hearths are the same as the “Granite for Gas & Electric use hearths with the standard 15 depth and only suitable for gas or electric.

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Fireline Aylesbury Stove Suite

As the saying goes, "home is where the heart is" and Fireline believes the heart of any home is the fireplace. This is why they have launched the new Aylesbury Stove Suite. Combining a stunnning solid natural limestone fireplace surround and chamber with a multifuel stoves means no more having the imagine what your stove will look like in the fireplace or hoping that they will fit together, with the Aylesbury Suite the fireplace a stove have been designed to work with each other. Traditional and contemporary, these new 5 & 8kw multi-fuel stoves look
equally harmonious in a farmhouse inglenook, as they will in a newly built
town house. Both stoves are freestanding with either a curved or square door and large flame picture. For people living in a smoke controlled area, these Fireline stoves are DEFRA approved, which means they meet the latest UK Clean Air Act, giving a greener source of heat and featuring
Fireline’s integral patented TTi airwash system, a self regulating system that provides a clean burn, reduced CO and particulate emissions, resulting in very high efficiency and an exceptionally clean glass. Fireline wood burning and multi-fuel stoves provide heating with advanced firebox and combustion technology, which results in our cleanest burning, most efficient stoves yet. This performance is the result of constant research, European design and exacting assembly standards; using cast iron, stainless steel, ceramic glass and high-grade heat resistant coatings. Fireline stoves
are designed and manufactured to comply with CE Standard 13240. Relax with the glow of a real flame. Why not pop down and visit Fireplace Megastore and see the Aylesbury Stove Suite for yourself.

Sunday 3 June 2012

The Fireplace Is The Least Expensive Feature Of Your Home

Interior designers are realising the importance of a good focal point in a room, the fireplace is that focal point and even being extravagant with its design, it won’t dent your home improvement budget. With The average kitchen costs from £6,000,The average bathroom costs from £3,000 and a more luxury item, the average hot tub costs from £4,00. But the fireplace bucks the trend of these home improvements costing significant sums of money with the average fireplace, such as the Europa Glynn Electric Suite, that includes the fire for just £459 including delivery!

The fireplace can provide a stunning focal point in the room, that can add that traditional or contemporary feel to the room and help break up the appearance of a large wall. The trend over recent years has been to mount a flat screen TV onto the wall, but this large black rectangle, particularly when the television isn't on can look very intimidating.

If a fire surround isn't for you, then a Hang or Hole In The Wall Electric Fire can work brilliantly below a television. Shown Left is the Flamerite Corello 2 Mirror which can be either fitted as a hole in the wall or hung on the wall electric fire. And as the 2kW maximum heat output is blown down from the front of the fire, away from the tv, you can enjoy a warm living room, without having to worry about the television.

While the flame effect can add a warm feel to any living room, ambient backlights on fires such as the Apex Havana, Celsi Puraflame can really ambience to the room, whether it be a warm glow or an air of modern chic.
 Of course, if your budget allows, a full fireplace balanced flue, high efficient room feature can cost £4,000 but a high budget kitchen is £50,000 +

Friday 1 June 2012

Cast Tec Stoves

The Premier Collection from Cast Tec is a comprehensive range of superior quality cast iron fireplaces and stoves. In this article we have a look at their stoves.

The Cast Tec Newark 5 is a versatile stove which allows it to suit most styles of dcor and its standard multifuel grate allows you to burn smokeless fuels, wood and peat.
The Newark 5 features a riddling grate with external controls to remove ash on the surface of the coals and boasts triple burn technology, this consists of Primary Air Burn (The control on the door) Airwash Secondary Burn (above the door) and Tertiary air (under the door). The tertiary air system mixes pre-heated air with the exhaust gases allowing the exhaust gas to re-ignite producing a cleaner and more efficient stove. Both the Newark 5, and it's larger counterpart, are approved for use in smoke control areas by DEFRA when burning wood and smokeless fuels.

The Oregon 7 is larger than it's sister, the Newark 5, and caters for those who require a larger heat output. Much like the Newark, the Oregon features a multifuel grate that allows the burning of wood, smokeless fuels and peat. This also boasts the Tertiary air system to produce a 7kW maximum heat output and efficiency of up to 81% which is incredible.

Both made of Cast-Iron these stoves will store the heat wonderfully, so even after the fire inside has gone out, the stove itself will continue to heat up the room, ideal for later in the evening, keeping the room warm before everyone heads up to bed!