Friday 15 June 2012

OER Belgravia & Chamber Package

With more and more people turning to wood burning stoves for their source of heating a number of companies are starting to produce stunning fireplace surround and chamber packages to go around that perfect stove.

None are moredeserving of housing your stove for years to come than the OER Belgravia Solid Oak Surround & Chamber package, available as a 58inch or 52inch.

Featuring a stunningly detailed solid Light Oak fireplace surround that would not look out of place in even the the most traditional of settings, while nothing feels better than the warmth of natural wood. Other fireplace surrounds tend to be of cold natural stone but the warmth of the light oak suggests a warm and cosy living room, even before you have lit the stove inside!

The package is completed with a lovely greystone hearth and chamber hearth, slabbed for solid fuel, ready for your stove to take pride of place in the inglenook. Highlighted using the built in lighting kit, that means that even when the stove isn't lit, it can still be an elegant focal point of the room.

But unlike many fireplace surrounds for stoves that merely provide a matching limestone chamber or simply a fireboard chamber that doesnt add anything to the overall appearance of the fireplace, the OER Belgravia package features a tiled Graystone Chamber that really helps give that authentic open fireplace chamber appearance. And when combined with the lighting kit the textured surface of the tiles helps create a truly unique and authentic appearance.

Shown above with the showroom exclusive Meg 4.5kW freestanding stove, the OER Belgravia Solid Oak Surround & Chamber package is a truly special fireplace surround and package that combines a contemporary style stove with a traditional surround and hearth to create a fireplace that would look perfect in almost any home.
With over 33 years knowledge in the fireplace industry you can rest assured that the OER Belgravia Fireplace
& Chamber has been made with pride, ensuring the best quality, exclusivity and reliability.

Now available from  Fireplace Megastore, Fireplace Supermarket and Fireworld, get your hands on one of these packages now, ready to light it up and show it off as the cooler weather returns.

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