Sunday 3 June 2012

The Fireplace Is The Least Expensive Feature Of Your Home

Interior designers are realising the importance of a good focal point in a room, the fireplace is that focal point and even being extravagant with its design, it won’t dent your home improvement budget. With The average kitchen costs from £6,000,The average bathroom costs from £3,000 and a more luxury item, the average hot tub costs from £4,00. But the fireplace bucks the trend of these home improvements costing significant sums of money with the average fireplace, such as the Europa Glynn Electric Suite, that includes the fire for just £459 including delivery!

The fireplace can provide a stunning focal point in the room, that can add that traditional or contemporary feel to the room and help break up the appearance of a large wall. The trend over recent years has been to mount a flat screen TV onto the wall, but this large black rectangle, particularly when the television isn't on can look very intimidating.

If a fire surround isn't for you, then a Hang or Hole In The Wall Electric Fire can work brilliantly below a television. Shown Left is the Flamerite Corello 2 Mirror which can be either fitted as a hole in the wall or hung on the wall electric fire. And as the 2kW maximum heat output is blown down from the front of the fire, away from the tv, you can enjoy a warm living room, without having to worry about the television.

While the flame effect can add a warm feel to any living room, ambient backlights on fires such as the Apex Havana, Celsi Puraflame can really ambience to the room, whether it be a warm glow or an air of modern chic.
 Of course, if your budget allows, a full fireplace balanced flue, high efficient room feature can cost £4,000 but a high budget kitchen is £50,000 +

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