Monday 25 June 2012

No Flues, Just Screws

Having recieved prestigous awards industry awards for their Bio-Ethanol Fires, The Naked Flame are promoting just how easy it is to install a Bio-Ethanol Fire in your home, No Flues, Just Screws. The Bio-Ethanol Fires require no flue and no gas or electricity suppy.

"What we are trying to show is how easy our fires and fireplaces are to set up and install - no need for flues, just screws! "

The range of free standing, wall mounted and portable Bio-Ethanol Fires can be used almost anywhere in, or outside the home, with citronella firegel available to help keep the insects at bay on those cooler summer evenings.
Another advantage over gas fires is no need for servicing, which means that once you have purchased the firet he only cost will be fuel, no more fitters costs, no more servicing, you can just sit back and enjoy the living flame.

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