Saturday 23 June 2012

Europa Fireplaces Buena Vista

For many years now Europa Fireplaces have been a symbol of high quality fireplaces, ranging from the very unique and contemporary Aquila Electric Fireplace Suite to the incredibly popular Scottsdale Suite (more to come on the Scottsdale Suite in a few days), but the lastest offerings from Europa have more of an air of luxury about them.
Such as the Europa Buena Vista, this solid Pine Fireplace Surround features elegant corbels that offer a neo-classical feel to the fireplace surround. Combined with a unique recessed beige marfil back panel and matching hearth this fire surround appears to offer a greater recess than some of the standard surrounds.
Suitable for standard gas fires and electric fires with the standard 16x22 fireplace opening and the option for a downlighting kit just inside the recessed back panel to attract more attention to this unique fireplace surround , even when the fire inside isn't on. These unqiue features mean that with the Europa Buena Vista Fireplace Surround that your fireplace can become a true focal point in the room. Offering additional heat in the darker, colder winters and offering a sytlishly lit fireplace that you can enjoy for many years to come.

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