Sunday 17 June 2012

I is for Innovation

Last month saw the official launch of Vision Fires.  Throughout the month Vision Fires held a series of open-day events based their our purpose build showroom in Bolton where the new range of Vision Fires were showcased for the first time.  Vision Fires are available in an extensive, range of beautiful styles both classic and contemporary, to complement and enhance your own personal vision for your home.  Each Vision fire features a uniquely detailed ceramic burner to providea realistic glow with a lively, varied and balanced flame pattern.

Here at Fires | Fireplaces | Stoves we can take you in for a closer look at the Vision Fires range. " A superb new range of high quality fires in traditional and contemporary styles designed with an eye for one thing and one thing only.. Innovation'"

 Vision's uniquely detailed ceramic burner is the key to a remarkably realistic flame pattern, giving you the lively, varied and balanced glame you might expect from a traditional fire, without any of the traidional inconvenience. Every model is designed in the UK, with a focus on ease of installation and maximum durability, supported by a 3 year warranty. These high-quality gas fires are showroom exclusive, NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE, so  why not visit your local showroom and order one today.

There's more than a touch of the Victorian Gothic in the Vision Fires Equinox, the level of craftmanship recalling the heady days when the arts and crafts really were king.
The Equinox also recalls the days when everything was 'designed in Britain'. Because this elegant style is too!
The Vision Fires Providence evokces the fresh, clean air of New England with is purity of line and form. But while the design itself is cool and fresh, the fire can be as warm as you want it to be with the the ezi-slide control, available on all new Vision Gas Fires.

Also available are the Callisto and the Eos. All the Vision fires are available Chrome or Antique Brass and in four different versions; a High Efficiency Glass Fronted Convector Gas Fire with a efficiency of 80% as well as a Class 1 or Class 2 Open Fronted Convector gas fires offering heat outputs of up to 4.1kW and efficiency of 59%. All the gas models are available with Ezi-Slide control with the open fronted fires giving the choice between manual control and Exi-Slide.

For those who aren't able to have a gas fire, the Vision Fires range are also available in electric, with a 2kW heat output and remote control as standard.

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