Tuesday 16 April 2013

Garland Loxton Fireplace Suite

Garland Loxton Gas Fireplace SuiteThe latest offering from Garland is the Loxton fireplace suite, unlike most other suites that are purely gas or purely electric, the Loxton is available in both Gas AND electric, meaning this suite is suitable for practically any home.

The Loxton fireplace surround features a modern white surround and contrasting black granite hearth and back panel, the clean and crisp lines frame the fire inside while offering a timeless, classic design.

The gas fireplace suite boasts a maximum heat output of 4kW and 57% efficiency from an open fronted gas fire inside, while the chrome trim and fret frame the fire inside perfectly. The Loxton Gas Suite is suitable for homes with a Class 1 chimney or class 2 prefabricated flue.
Garland Loxton Electric Fireplace Suite
For houses without a chimney, the Loxton Electric fireplace suite is the perfect choice. Featuring a low energy LED electric fire, you can enjoy the ambience of sitting in front of the fire without the heat and easy to reach top controls to turn on the 2kW of heat to quickly take the cold edge off a room.

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