Friday 26 April 2013

DRU Goes Global

Netherlands based DRU fires has added a number of new models to its Global range of high efficiency gas fire. DRU Fires describes its Global range as "a collecino of gas fires that are more affordable for the average household or younger buyers. DRU Global gas fires have the distinctive DRU Flame picture, stylish designs and robust built quality, but at mid-range prices."

Joining the existing Global 40, 70 and 70XT models is the Global 60XT, 60 Corner M 2-sided, 60 Triple M 3-Sided and Global 100 letterbox fire.

All are balanced flue fires with an efficiency rating of up to 85% and have the ability to be placed practically anywhere in the house, not just on an outside wall like most other balanced flue fires on the market. "This allows installers or architects to locate gas fires in unusual or previously accessible locations."

All of the new Global fires offer a choice of log or stone fire beds with smooth black, natural stone, classic brick or mirror-effect Ceraglass interiors. They can be installed as 'hole in the wall fires' or combined with customised frames, contemporary fire surrounds and other decorative features.

The new Global 60XT BF fire has a depth of 295mm, whilst the Corner and Triple models are 330mm deep, with just a 1cm gap required at the back. DRU commented: "The new fires take up less floor space in smaller living rooms and, for the first time, the new Global fires can be rear vented using a 90 degree bend off of the top of the fire housing. This involves less flue materials, less building renovation and, for instance, saves space in rooms with low ceilings"

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