Thursday 18 April 2013

Opti-Myst, How Does It Work?

The Opti-myst effect is created by using ultrasonic technology and is achieved by a super fine water mist which is lit via Dichronic Xenon bulbs to create the dancing flames and smoke, this together with the Optiglo glowing logs and shimmering ash bed produces the most realistic looking electric fire on the market today. The water needed to create the Opty-myst effect is held in a small 1, 1.3 or 2 litre concealed tank within the fire and should be topped up using filtered water to prevent limescale build up, (such as the kind you get from your kitchen water jug) a typical 1.3 litre tank will give 25 hours use. The Opti-myst feature a concealed 2 kw heater which has two settings and are 100% effecient at point of use so none of the heat is wasted, also the flame and mist effect can be used independently of the fan heater which uses only 212 watts of energy similar that used by a lightbulb, dependent on the model.

Get flickering flames, random swirling smoke and the cosy feel of a real flame picture without the mess or inconvenience of an open fire with the Dimplex Opti-myst range!

There are currently 9 models to choose from, a fire basket, stove, wall mounted, suites and inset electric fires (some models can be used as flat to wall models with the purchase of a spacer). In heat outputs of 2 kw in styles ranging from the traditional to the modern.

Dimplex Westbrook Electric Basket Fire WBK20

Dimplex Danville Antique Brass Inset 2 kw Electric Fire DNV20

Dimplex Sacramento Chrome Inset 2 kw Inset Electric Fire SCR20

Dimplex Piermont 2kw Electric Stove

Dimplex Whitmore Chrome Inset 2 kw Inset Electric Fire WMR20

Dimplex Oakhurst Electric 2 kw Stove OKT20

Dimplex Tahoe Modern 2 kw Wall Mounted Electric Fire TAH20

Dimplex Redway Modern 2 kw Wall Mounted Electric Fire RDY20

Dimplex Burbank Modern 2 kw Wall Mounted Electric Fire BBK20

Dimplex Moorefield 2 kw Electric Suite MFD20

The Display and Demonstrate range has been created to help drive sales directly through the independent retailer channel. All models are available at a competitive price for outlets committing to in-store displays, rather than internet sales. The range also comes with an extended guarantee, allowing retailers to offer their customers an extra edge of exclusivity. Now with an additional 2 years free warranty when purchased in store, further setting the Dimplex Display and Demonstrate fires apart from the rest.

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