Wednesday 4 August 2010

Gazco Studio 2 Kelper

The Gazco Studio 2 Kelper is one of the first hole-in-the-wall gas fires of it's type, specifically designed to allow a flat-screen style TV to be mounted on the wall above the fire, this is as long as the chimney the Gazco Studio is fitted into has adequate "draw" and the tv is situated a minimum of 450mm above the fire. But it is always recommended to check with the manufacturer of the television before installing the television to ensure nothing happens to that nice shiny big screen TV!

This open fronted gas fire from Gazco is suitable for a class 1 chimney or 175mm metal prefabricated flue and develops 2.2kW of heat when running on Natural gas and 2.3kW when running on LPG. This may seem respectable on it's own but as they are open fronted fires they are only approximately 25% as a large amount of the heat will be drawn up the chimney and not radiated into the room.

Unlike almost every other fire that utilises metal and plastic to create the desired effect, this unique fire uses a solid Walnut wood fascia panel, this combined with the optional Black Granite lined interior and white pebble fuel effect create a unique and natural design statement.

The natural colours, patterns and knotting of the Walnut help almost give a warm feel even without the fire being lit. But when it is lit the darkness of the Black Granite interior contrasts with the white pebble fuel effect and really highlights the dancing flame effect and with the Solid Wooden frame projects the fire out into the room.
This stunning modern fireplace is unique among hole-in-the-wall fires with the solid Walnut front and can help create an incredibly interesting focal point in any living space, suitable for both more modern and contemporarily or for a more traditionally furnished living space with other wood furnishings in the room.

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