Tuesday 3 August 2010

Katell Strata Hang On The Wall Electric Fire

The Katell Strata Hang On The Wall Electric Fire is a unique and chic hang on the wall electric fire that is a must for any modern and contemporary living space.

The Katell Strata featues coal and log fuel effects which are easily interchangable for that added flexibility and a remote control for maximum control over this glass fronted electric fire.
The slimline outset depth of 130mm means minimum intrusion into the room from the face of the wall and when not in use allows the fire to step back into the background and not detract from other decorative features in the room. While the 750 watt convection heater means that unlike many other electric fires that rely on a fan to circulate the hot air around the room which can be noisy and prone to faults, The Katell Strata utilises the natural movement of hot air to circulate the heat around the room, this ensures that atmosphere in the room is not ruined when the heater is turned on.
The modern finish is available in American Black Walnut, Natural Oak or Ebony Stained Oak and features horizontal brushed steel inlays to break up the wood and add horizontal definition. The contrast between the brushed steel and the Black American Walnut shown in the picture above help draw attention to ribbon flame effect in the centre, which can be used independently of the 750w convected heat output for maximum atmosphere and ambience.

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