Monday 2 August 2010

Gazco Steel Manhattan Gas Stove

The Gazco Steel Manhattan Gas Stove is a contemporay steel stove, specifically designed to fit in with contemporary interiors. With style and precision engineering this stove can easily become the focal point of any living room.With realistic coal or log fuel effect this stove available in either Natural Gas or LPG provides a maximum heat output of 5.15kW and a maximum efficiency of 78%. The steel body in either anthracite or brushed stainless steel finish can be top or rear flued using a 5'' flue pipe.
The Steel Manhattan is available with the choice of manual, standard or programmable remote controls. The standard remote control allow you to vary the flame height and heat output from the comfort of a chair once the pilot light has been lit.
The progammable remote control contains two extra features, one allows the temperature to be moderated in the room via a thermostat, The second additional feature allows the fire to be programmed to turn itself on and off twice a day. Combined these features can allow you to walk into the room after a long day at work to the perfect temperature and the fire already lit and projecting the warm glow into the room.

This stylish stove would look great in the brushed stainless steel finish to really attract attention, gone is the era where a stove would sit in the fireplace and blend into the background when not in use. The brushed stainless steel Gazco Steel Manhattan can become the centre-piece of the living room even when not lit and really add to the contemporary and modern feel of any room.

While the anthracite finish is a more subtle finish that wouldn't command so much attention it still provides a high-quality, modern and contemporary finish that will become the prime focus in any living room.

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