Monday 2 August 2010

Drugasar Launches New Range For Autumn 2010

Drugasar is Europe's largest producer of contemporary glass fronted fires. Drugasar is a Dutch based manufacturer with export markets all around the world and have just launched their new range of gas and electric models for autumn 2010.
As well as the luxury fires, that Drugasar have become famous for, DRU is also launching the Global range, fires that are designed for the UK markets and available at a mid-range pricefor households on a budget.These new fires are designed for homes with or without a standard size chimney. They are glass-fronted, frameless fires that can either be installed 'hole-in-the-wall' or combined with a selection of classic fire surrounds.
There are 3 balanced flue models: Global 70, 70XT and 100. Despite the lower price range compared to other DRU fires they all have the features familiar to any Drugasar fire such as highly-authentic log or pebble fuel effects and a high, realistic flame picture and remote control.In addition they are available in either LPG or Natural gas for maximum suitability.
The new Global 100BF model has dimensoins of 580x984mm and a heat output of 6.5kW while the 70XT has a viewing window of 600x720mm and the Global 70 has viewing dimensions of 450x720mm, both of these fires have a 4.7kW heat output.
A special feature of the DRU balanced flue Global fires is the patented DRU Maxvent® system. This provides forced air ventilation inside the fire to produce 25% more convected heat from the same source of energy.
The Global 90CF is a 90cm wide conventional flue fire designed for the UK market. It can be inserted directly into a standard chimney opening without the need for flue-pipes or liners. This dramatically reduces the cost of installation.
The Global 90CF is also a frameless fire, with two optional frames, Alpha and Beta and, like it's balanced flue counterparts is available with realistic logs or pebbles, natural gas or LPG and comes with a remote as standard.

Drugasar has also launched an electric version of one of it's most popular luxury gas fires, the Metro 12o. The Metro 120-e Slim Line is for homes that want the beauty of a classic and contemporary fireplace but without the added expense of gas connections or conversion of a chimney.

The Metro 120-e features an impressive LED flame effect that replicates the warm glow of a real fire. At 1.2 metres wide it is the largest electric fire in the DRU range and is certain to attract attention. This fire is glass fronted the flame effect can be used independently of the 2kW heat to generate the required ambience during the spring and summer months.

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