Tuesday 17 August 2010

New Matchless Hole in the Wall Gas Fires

Recently released by Matchless Fires are two superb hole in the wall fires known as the Matchless 400 and the Matchless 600.
At first glance these products display contemporary design attributes and chic finishes, and look very similar, apart from the dimensions that is.
The Matchless 600 is the larger of the two as the names figures suggest, it is squarer in appearance and comes with the beautiful log with bark and embers fuel bed effect which creates a rustic and realistic look.
The Matchless 400 being the smaller fire still delivers style and quality as the 600 model but is more landscape in appearance. The The Matchless 400 comes with the choice of black quartz, white pebble or the realistic log fuel bed effect, (the pebbles and quartz both being supplied as standard).
Matchless Fires have given the option to alter the trim these fires and they both come with infrared fully sequential remote controls which adds to the overall quality finish of these high quality, high efficiency (84%) fires.
Suitable for fitting within chimneys only, (they can be used with class 1 or class 2 chimneys) and designed for natural mains gas use only and are available from only the highest quality online retailers.

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