Tuesday 17 August 2010

Burley Fires

Burley Appliances produce a large range of excellent fires, they take pride in the quality of their Flueless gas fires and stoves. These fires and stoves boast 100% efficiency and at the time of this blog have saved Burley Customers 151, 882, 103.4 KWH of gas due to the high efficiency rating of the fire over more traditional fires and stoves.

Burley Fires produce a large range of gas and electric fires in both contemporary and traditional styling. The gas fires all feature a catalytic converter system that means no Burley Fire requires a chimney or flue, merely a vent in the room and a minimum room size. While the electric fires feature a realistic virtual flame effect and some fires feature a remote control as standard.

Burley introducted the fixed, flueless gas fire to Great Britain in 1999. Although these types of fires are still a relatively new concept into the UK, there are over 60 million of this type of catalytic gas fire in the US, Japan and Austrailia combined. Burley flueless gas fires offer a level of efficiency, convienience and safety which simply cannot be matched by conventionally flued fires.

We have entered an time of spiralling gas prices, gas shortages, economic instability and global warming. It would be short-sighted and unsustainable to continue wasting energy at such a rate when Burley offer an alternative product which is superior to flued fires in a number of ways.

The Burley Ambience is a great example of the quality flueless gas fires that Burley produce, this traditionally styled gas stove features a realistic log fuel effect and provides an impressive 3.5kW heat output, which is more than enough to heat the minimum room space of 40m3, as this is a flueless gas stove it does require ventilation somewhere in the room of at least 100cm2.

The Burley Ambience is available in both natural gas and LPG with a cast iron effect finish with 100% efficiency and would make a perfect focal point in a large open fireplace to give a traditional and rustic finish.

The Burley Allexton 520-R Electric fire, which is available for The Fireplace Megastore, is the ideal contemporary solution to those wishing for a hang-on-the-wall, picture frame electric fire. The Allexton 520-R is an open fronted electric fire with a pebble, shell and white stone fuel effect and realistic virtual flame effect and, as the R suggests in the name of the fire the Burley Allexton 520-R comes as standard with a remote control.

The Allexton, unlike most other electric fires which use a noisy fan than blows hot air and dust around the room, sometimes causing havoc with allergy sufferers. The Allexton features an integral ioniser that releases negative ions that actually remove dust and odours from the air, making the air fresher in the living space while The 1 or 2kW heat output also provides the ideal level of heat for a generous sized living room.

Last, but not least the Burley Weston is a free-standing, cast iron effect electric stove with a very realistic virtual flame effect and log effect that would help make the Weston a special little addition to any living room for that rustic feel. The Weston can be upgraded with a Sensa-Switch, this unique feature on certain Burley Fires means the stove can be controlled by a simple touch of a finger on the ergonomic touch pad. This eliminates the need for playing with fiddely buttons or switches.

The Burley Weston features a 1 or 2Kw electric fan heater mounted under the stove that will help circulate the heat effectively around the room and quickly take the cold edge off a room.

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