Tuesday 9 July 2013

No chimney, no problem

We are probably all familiar with a traditional brick built chimney which would have been a requirement in every period property as we would have relied upon them to provide warmth from the open fire. But with the switch to gas and central heating chimneys soon started to dwindle in modern properties and the traditional inefficient open fire made way for the new high efficient gas fire. As fashions change and we progress through the decades, new things become old and old things become new we have seen a resurgence of the open fire.
Twin wall flue system
Stoves have been a part of many home owners lives for a number of years, in fact the first stove was invented in 1741. But the stove largely remained in the country side where there were no smoke control laws imposed. Stoves were introduced into the more mainstream market as the demand for open fires increased and with the demand for more efficiency to meet those attained from gas fires. One of the problems being though that over the last 60 years the majority of new homes were rarely built with a traditional chimney, as they were not needed for new gas fires. Fortunately though for anybody who has a modern built home without a chimney there are a number of chimney systems available to give virtually everybody the chance to enjoy the magic of a woodburning fire. The most popular of the systems being a twin wall flue system. This is stainless steel solid pipe which is enclosed within another pipe and then insulated. This can be installed just about anywhere and is either taken through the wall and up the side of the house or through the inside of the house.
For those who don’t like the stainless steel appearance on the outside of the house then it may be possible for the flue to be supplied in virtually any colour from terracota to teal, but normally just in black. If you don’t have a chimney in your home but would love to have a woodburner installed just contact your local HETAS engineer and they can arrange a survey to run through different options and the best one for you.

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