Friday 23 July 2010

Electric Fires & Heaters - Convector Heaters and Fires

There are several methods to provide heat from an electric source; they are Convector heaters, Fan Heaters and Oil Filled Radiators.

Tesy Wall HeaterThese items provide heat into the room up to a maximum of 2.4kW (2400watts). They work by having a heating element, which is a piece of metal wire which heats up due to electrical current, this in turn heats up a proportion of air within the product. As this air heats up and expands it rises through the product and creates a draw (suction) in through the grills at the base, allowing cold air to be pulled up through the heating element and into the cavity of the fire to be heated. This then starts a cycle which will eventually provide a circle of air around the room until the fire cuts of as the air temperature within the room has hit the limit on the thermostat (Not available on all Products just look for Thermostatically controlled) These items are 100% Efficient, much like the Tesy Wall Mounted Panel Convector Heater CN01 240 shown opposite.

Bemodern Dante Curved Black Glass Electric FireAs well as convector radiators the are also many Hang on the Wall Electric fires which are also Convector fires, they work in the same way but have a more aesthetic look to the design so they appear to be a wall fireplace instead of a very clinical panel heater. Much like theBemodern Dante Hang on the Wall Curved Glass Fire.

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