Friday 23 July 2010

Apex Athena and Select Electric Fires

Apex Athena and Select Electric Fires

Apex Select SceneThe Select electric fire from Apex is a stunning example of a hang on the wall electric fire. The select only protrudes from the wall by minimal 110mm and has a stunning flame effect that may be accompanied by a realistic log fuel bed or traditional coal fuel effect. The Apex Select electric fire is available in three trims, the Apex Select Blue, Apex Select Scene and the Apex Grand. The Apex Select Blue has a screen printed trim in light blue, the Apex Select Scene comes with the choice of a black gloss frame or white gloss frame that incorporate a soft mood setting back light. The final Select trim is the Apex Select Grand and as the name suggests it is the largest of the Apex Select trims and is available in a plain black or stylish mirrored black trim. All three of the Apex Select electric fires range is manually or remote controlled and simply plug into an existing electricity supply upon installation.

The Apex Athena hole in the wall (HIW) electric fire is the result of a well thought out product. Being an electric fire the Apex Athena has fantastic efficiency and produces a maximum heat output of 2kW.Apex Athena HIWThe flame effect is complemented by a selection of fuel bed effect options, and comes in manual control with the option to upgrade to a remote control. The Apex Athena hole in the wall electric fire also has a number of unique, high quality trims to choose from including the black glass, silver or mirrored frame to name a few. A hole in the wall fire is recessed into a wall and the Apex Athena is designed for this purpose, however, with the Athena fire there is the option to use additional spacers. These spacers make the Apex Athena HIW fire protrude from the wall, resulting in less of a recess into the wall to be needed or so that the Apex Athena can be totally outset like a hang on the wall electric fire. This makes the Apex Athena extremely versatile and adaptable for most circumstance.

The Athena inset electric fire is available in a choice of either a 3 sided or hearth based model or a 4 sided or hole in the wall model.Apex Athena Essentially the 3 sided and 4 sided models are the same product that has been designed with optimum versatility. The Apex Athena inset electric fire comes with a large selection of fascia trim choice and whether hearth based or wall mounted the Apex Athena electric fire comes with a choice of fuel bed effects ranging form traditional coal, to rustic driftwood and contemporary pebbles. Additional spacers can be attached to the 3 sided hearth based Apex Athena that allow the inset depth to be shallower or to even use the electric fire as a freestanding fire. The beauty of having such a versatile electric fire with easy installation properties and high efficiency is that no additional ventilation is usually required and they are suitable to be used in most homes with an electricity supply.

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