Friday 23 July 2010

Global Marble

Global Marble and Granite, and mare made of high quality materials sourced worldwide, finished to a high standard.

Their materials range from natural marbles, slate, granite and something that is called micro agglomerate marble.

Micro agglomerate marble, or micro marble, is when natural stone is crushed, then reformed with approximately 4% resin to make a stone like substance. It looks very similar to real stone, yet with micro marble it is possible to make the colour, veining and texture more constant, and thus making it an ideal material to use in the fire surround industry.

For the fireplace purchaser micro marble brings the advantages of more choice, in colour, design and availability, and a more affordable price range than similar solid stone products. There is a difference between solid stone and micro marble, obviously, and if you have a large budget then go for the real marble or stone, but these are limited in colour and texture and graining are totally controlled by Mother Nature, so finding the perfect one to fit your d├ęcor may be a problem.

Some great examples of the fireplace designs available, the Vermont fireplace, truly a grand structure, large and full of statement being well structured and having a stepped hearth shows quality in design and gives a solidness to the finish.

For a more Contemporary fire surround look for the Sparta, with its crisp and clean lines it will complement most minimalistic surroundings creating a feature in itself. With a good fire it would complement any toga party!

Why not have a look at the Portland surround, Retro styling at its best, transporting you to the past, black and white pictures, or maybe a jukebox- Happy days!

One of the best selling would be the Millennium Fireplace. This surround would look at home with modern or traditional surroundings. In Napoli Beige it has a real marble look and colouring to it. The Millennium Fireplace from Global Marble is finished beautifully with a curved arch outset styling which makes it a must for modern homes.

With many different colours, styles and designs, the micro marble is quite a wonder, and should be considered when purchasing a surround. They certainly add a different aspect to the more common wooden surrounds and appear to be more affordable than the solid stone surrounds. Global Marble at Fireplace Megastore

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