Friday 23 July 2010

Firebelly Woodstoves

Designer Two Sided StovesHaving had a firebelly (FB1) wood burning stone installed, there are a few things that should be considered about a firebelly stove.

To begin with, firebelly have a tremendous array of colours, or finishes to select from, this is a fantastic bonus, yet choosing something neutral or timeless is recommended. Blacks and greys are always a safe bet, dark greens or dark reds at a push, but a gold wood burning or multi fuel stove is definitely not the way to go.

Firebelly stoves will create a statement and a focal point by themselves. When considering having one of these firebelly stoves installed into your existing fireplace think carefully about the positioning and colour of the flue pipe, colours can often look different in a darkened place, so if unsure, opt for a black flue. Unfortunately a stove can become a focal point when it juts out from a fireplace, this will show off a beautiful new wood burner, with custom finishes for all the wrong reasons, (it might look as if it has just been haphazardly plonked into the fireplace). Insure you are aware of the depth of the cavity, and find out if using the rear flue vent will affects the size of the depth.

If buying a FB1 stove, and more than likely all of their wood burning stoves, heat up to become very hot with prolonged use. This is not such an issue with stoves positioned in a fireplace, but surely must be a concern with the double sided stoves, which seem to be positioned in the middle of rooms, (in the firebelly woodstoves brochure). Although extremely stylish, finding a fire guard if you have children or pets for a double sided stove must be of great difficulty.

It is advisable to get the firebelly multi fuel kit if opting for one of these stoves. These multi fuel kits allow the burner to burn briquettes and coal apposed to just logs. This will alter the amount of heat and amount of flame that is achieved. Be warned, these alter in price, an FB1 Multi fuel kit is specifically for the FB1 stove, and subsequently cheaper than the FB2 Multi fuel kit as it is smaller in size, like the stove itself. This also applies to the log box option. This is not just a storage place for logs; it raises the stove, which may help if pets are in the household, or if someone in the household finds it difficult to bend to ground level. It is noticeable that no images of a firebelly stove with the log box is seen in the firebelly brochure, from this it can therefore be assumed that fireplaces big enough to house the dimensions of a stove with the log box is rare.

If in the market for a stove, then firebelly stoves are a superb choice, with all the features of more traditional looking stoves, but contemporary in design, and an abundance of finishing affects making the firebelly stove purchased really feel unique, not just a mass produced product. Once you have selected the type of stove, the FB being the smallest, to the FB3, with extremely large dimensions, (which ever suit your needs best), and having the selection with a log box, or multi fuel kit, and which finishing colour it comes in, it will feel like creating the perfect stove for individuals requirements. Having a plethora of options like this will surely set a trend for other stove making companies to follow.

Firebelly Stoves

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