Thursday 29 July 2010

Apex Capacious High Efficiency Gas Fire

The Apex Capacious High Efficiency Gas Fire is a more efficient version of the traditional inset gas fire featuring a glass front and an efficiency rating of 89%, a vast increase over the normal 30-40% efficiency range of an open-fronted fire. This, united with the 4.4kW heat output rating mean this fire is more than suitable to warm the typical living room.

It is commonly assumed that placing a piece of ceramic glass in front of a fire would decrease its efficiency it is the draw that causes heat to be sucked out of the room. High efficient gas fires not only have a glass front, but also a convector box. This is a channel which goes from the front base of the fire to the front top of the fire, wrapping the engine of the fire, this channel will allow cold air to enter underneath the fire and heat-up as it rises around the burner. This then leaves the fire as convected warm air through the convector grill. You also have the glass front which means that the glass holds the heat within the fire box for longer allowing it to escape into the room through the convector channel, finally the Glass although ceramic heat proof does allow the radiant heat from the fire to heat the room.

The Apex Capacious HE combines modern technology allowing for a more efficient heating of the room with a versatile range of finishes and frets to create either a traditional or contemporary finish to the fire. For a traditional finish (as displayed in the picture) a brass trim is the best choice, combined with the Indiana Antique Brass fret to create a very traditional feel. This effect would be emphasised if the fire was placed in a traditional looking fire surround such as the Bemodern Hampshire Fireplace Surround. The light or medium oak colours of the wooden surround work well with the Manila back and hearth set to harmonise with the brass finsh to highlight the deep colours of the coal fuel effect and fireback and really draw attention to the living flames.

For a more modern and contemporary finish the silver trim and the Apex Washington or Apex Alabama chrome trim can be combined to give a very modern finish with strong lines and eye-catching silver finish. This striking modern fire when combined with the Allwood Milano 4 Step Fireplace Surround with the contrasting black granite hearth and back set and natural oak finish combine to make a very modern and contemporary focal point of most living rooms.

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