Friday 23 July 2010

Fan Assisted Electric Fires and Heaters

Apex Mirage Widescreen

Fan assisted heaters work by having a fan or blower which forces cold air over a heating element, this in turn blows warm air out of the appliance into the room.

Benefits of this system is that you can get a higher heat output from a fan heater because it does not need to wait until the heated air rises by convection out of the fire, but instead forces the air through meaning there is a quicker turnover time for the air to be warmed and then pushed into the room.

The additional benefit from certain models much like the Apex Mirage Deluxe is that the fans point downward towards the floor which means it is possible to place a TV or shelving units above the item without too much issue.

Efficiency is usually stated as 100% because all electricity that is used to create heat is turned into heat however it doesn’t include the electricity that it supplied to power the fan which would mean that the overall efficiency is reduced but by a minimal amount so the actual efficiency would be around 99.4%

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