Thursday 22 July 2010

Brilliant Newdawn Electric Fire

The Brilliant Newdawn is a brand new and unique electric fire from Brilliant Fires.
This revolutionary new electric fire can be ordered in 100 different colours so it can be ordered to match or contrast almost any wall colour in any room in the house as it is designed to be hung on the wall and does not need to be inset in any way.
Design B features mock four-piece trim with right angled corners to give the illusion of the trim being made up of four separate pieces of Corian, this adds a more post-modern and classic effect to the fire, especially when finished in a darker colour such as Cocoa Brown or Black Quartz. While design A has rounded corners and no mock four-piece detailing and is a very modern and contemporary design.
The revolutionary Newdawn Electric, only projecting 75mm from the wall features either pebble or traditional driftwood fuel effect combined with LED’s to create a deceptively deep and realistic looking fire while being extremely energy efficient when used as flame effect only. The fireback comes in either traditional brick fireback to add to the illusion that the fire is set into the wall or in the modern slatted fireback to give a more modern and contemporary feel.
This fire would be perfect, with its thermostatically controlled electric fan heater generating up to 2Kw in heat for almost any room in the house and can be used purely to add to the ambience with the flame effect only setting.
Design A or B would both fit perfectly in any modern or contemporarily furnished home in a colour that would either compare or contrast to the primary colour of the room.


  1. anyone know where to get one of these - not even on the Brilliant site

  2. Utopia Wheatley Hall Road Doncaster South Yorkshire

  3. HI, I have had a good look around and it the new dawn appears to only be available in gas versions now, fingers crossed you find it somewhere though;)